19 thoughts on “Go, go, go to all Nano-ers

  1. oooo. Mentakab. I come from those parts (Temerloh, to be exact), and yes, that area has the BEST RIVER PATIN FISH in MALAYSIA. šŸ™‚

  2. Sorry hor. That’s the best thing I can introduce to you. Others, not much, because Mentakab is still a small town. Hope you’ll satisfy šŸ™‚

  3. Mentakab……lots of good food if u know ur way. Been there 3 times and my car dealer / agent brought me around. Me? Lost like a kiasi kiasu kiaboh guy

  4. Lilian ar, think you at least need another person for you to type it out on a keyboard when’s finished or someone to help you count all of the words. Counting till 50K one by one can make you siao one you know? šŸ˜›

  5. Enjoy your holidays! Stop by Jerantut for ‘big head prawns’ if you can. Yummy!! Don’t remember the name of the restaurant but it’s in the lorong one.

  6. Eileen – Oh, I missed that! But Jerantut is a bit out of the way. I had been there, went to Taman Negara once.

    Eliar – You are giving me cold sweats. 0 and not moving.

    Andy – In the end, I tak jadi write ‘cos I injured one of my finger. It got caught in my son’s swings. (roll eyes) Good excuse?

    foodcrazee – I tasted the pan mee and even sembang with the taukeh. He told me Jackie Chan stayed at the hotel I stayed. Wuah….Also first time I ate patin fish ‘ching cheng’. No earthly smell at all. So nice.

    ah pek – Sure, just give me a few days. I bet you sure addicted to it. (must have self confidence and self motivation mah)

    romantic – It was fun!

    JoeC – I even dream about the Nano. Woke up with so much ideas! But errr…it hasn’t materialise online yet.

    kiasi – We had a good time checking out every street!

    nerdook – Congrats! Last I read, you had gone to Chapter 4.

    plink – Yum yum patin.

    eyeris – I stayed in Temerloh before when I went to Taman Negara last time. Wow, things have changed a lot these few years. Mentakab got Watson, pizza hut and lots of bird shits!

    wuching – TQ!

    Chewyx – I will catch up.

    cyber-red – I can’t write! My finger pain-pain. Will type it later. It is all written in my brain!

    soohk – You bet!

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