The unchartered journey

We hopped on the car on Sunday morning and didn’t decide where we are putting up for the night.

The kids couldn’t care less either and just dozed off cosily, wrapped in their blankets and hugging their bolsters.

We drove right up to Pahang and went searching for the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. The sky had turned dark and lightning streaks could be seen in the distance. Our family car took the role of a 4WD, braving the deep rainforest, muddy paths and an impending monsoon storm.

I wished we have a tough 4WD, some tents and life wil be complete. An Orang Asli settlement was in the midst of the jungle and we were wondering if they are willing to take us in for the night.

Both husband and wife were expecting a landslide to happen or some trees fall, blocking our exit. It was too late to turn back so we kept going and going. Kids were sleeping soundly after a meal of hot lemang and Whooper burgers from Burger King bought at Karak Highway.

(No, this is not part of my Nano nor my imagination. My Nano is rated 18-SX.)

This is how we ended up in Mentakab. We arrived at Kuala Gandah at 4.30 pm. The centre was closing. So, we went to Mentakab town and stayed for two nights. Small towns have their charms.

During these five days, we had been to :
Mentakab (nice Patin and cosy Bukit Bendara resort)

Temerloh (skateboarding park)

Bukit Tinggi (look see, yawwwnnn)

Batu Lima (oh my, the jinjang side of KL! but great skateboarding park)

Jalan Ipoh (cheap food)

Desa Sri Hartamas (orang kaya and lots of SPGs)

Teluk Intan (chee cheong fun, leaning tower. The hospital reminded me of some very hilarous blog entries.)


Kampar (CB kai chai peng, curry chicken in bread)

Now, did I miss out any action on the blogsphere? Who wants to feed me the latest gossips? But frankly, for once, I did not miss blogging at all. Somehow, blogging seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth. What’s happening, huh? Is this part of ‘growing up’?

11 thoughts on “The unchartered journey

  1. Haha… hope you enjoy your trip.

    BTW, thanks for saying that the Bukit Bendera Resort is cozy (psstt… my uncle is the GM) šŸ˜›

  2. Kiasi – Yakah? Should tell me earlier, I ask for room upgrade. But at RM98++ for a family room with swimming pool, breakfast and all that, it sure is much nicer than Temerloh Hotel Seri Malaysia.

    Ah Pek – Wuah, that means my blog no more laku ah? Hahaha, no la, everyone got life, go open house. Only I kesian stay at home.

  3. From what you wrote, your family must had a great time!! Your hubby and you are brave to go into the unknown without prior planning…. lol

    Waaaa, you really had all those food ar?? BTW, the blogosphere is quiet and not happening!! Could the reason be 5xmom on vacation??

  4. aiyah lilian so glad u come’s been so quiet in the blogosphere, summore there’s no hari raya here in melbourne & i was so bored! now ur back & hope it’ll get exciting now(i have very boring life) šŸ™‚

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