It is not nice being shitted on the head

I don’t know how the townsfolk of Mentakab, Pahang and Teluk Intan, Perak feel. But if I stay in one of those towns, I think I will probably turn Dexter and go to my lab and research for some funny noise that turns birds away.


This is a shot of Mentakab town. It is really a nice place with no traffic jam ‘cos there are only like four roads. But the airspace is jammed at 7.20 pm every evening. The swiftlets turn the sky black. It is like a scene from the horror movie, The Birds (I never watch it before, though).

We saw the same thing in Teluk Intan, Perak. In Teluk Intan, the bird’s nest entrepreneurs placed speakers of birds singing on their roofs. The sound will attract more birds to build their nests with saliva.

I admit that I do take a lot of bird’s nests. I never give much thought to where it comes from. The packaging usually says something like ‘Niah’s cave’. But I can’t afford the expensive stuffs all the time so I do take some cheaper brands.

Now? I am going to give up this luxury. It just doesn’t seem right for businessmen to get rich quick at the expense of the whole town’s health. I cannot imagine having kids grow up in an environment where birds rule.

I wonder why the local municipal allows the rearing of the swiflets? It is downright unhealthy. What with the bird’s flu epidemic looming? And is there any study whether children (especially) suffers healthwise? What about pregnant women? Is there an increase in birth disorders, miscarriages and other problems faced by women staying in close vicinity with these birds?

Do you know that kids had died of leukemia because of pigeons droppings? Last time, one of my boss’s twin died because the 3 yrs old boy contracted some viruses from the bird’s droppings. The virus was too strong, his body produced too much white blood cells and eventually, the white blood cells ‘ate’ up his body system. No amount of money, bone marrow transplant, best medical help can save the boy. Sad.

So, think twice about taking bird’s nest. Firstly, it is NOT good for pregnant women to take it. Go read what Immunologist, Dr Yadav said in my parenting website. Secondly, it is real expensive. With those amount of money, one can buy lots and lots of healthy foods.

Heh, I did not bad-mouth bird’s nest because I got shitted on the head. But it is really very wrong for birds to live with humans in small towns like Mentakab and Teluk Intan plus don’t know how many other towns in Malaysia.


6 of us were walking in Mentakab and 3 of us got shitted. I am the lucky one who got it on my head. Bless me!

9 thoughts on “It is not nice being shitted on the head

  1. Erm… I think now is the season lah. ‘Coz my mom said that those sparrows are from China. And now, China is facing winter there. So, the sparrows got no choice, they exodus to Mentakab. Only certain periods there will be many flocks of them.

    Aiyah, only the town got mah. Bukit Bendera that side doesn’t have also.

  2. kiasi – Yeah, only the middle of the town. Come from Cina? Sei chor lor, like that mah even more dangerous?

    wuching – Ya hor, got ‘chai’. But I don’t play 4D la. However, I do hint-hint to my hubby. Hahaha.

  3. yeah, it’s a frightening and traumatic experience having to go under that row of birds!! Worse still nowadays with all the hype about bird flu. Aiyah, my f’rite half boiled eggs also scared to eat already.lol

  4. I heard Pigeon shit also is not good. Even its on the floor. Inhale too much and there is a possibilities that it cause brain damage.

  5. I used to live behind a shophouse/swiftlet hub. The blardy owner blares those birdy’s-chirping-record over and over again, 24 hours a day. I can even recognise when’s the beginning and ending part of the record. It drove me(us) crazy, really. Luckily, we had the chance to move away(left as soon as our current house was ready). I pity my neighbours though. Plus, the toxic-smelling fumes from its next-door(same owner) is very, very worrying. Apparently, they make plastic there.

    tell u what, to this day, not even a bird nests there. Must be the smell…or the lousy record he plays.

  6. I am from Mentakab and the birds don’t bother me. Actually they are a part of my childhood memories. The birds post no danger to the people of Mentakab. We grew up just like people in other towns. Mentakab is not Mentakab when the swallows are having vacation in China and Siberia. Thanks anyway for your interesting article.

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