Weekends are for God’s stuffs

Damn, I wanted to introduce this blog on faith. So, I sat down and started writing faith stuffs. Midway, I realised I am crapping more than inspiring. One cannot write stuffs about God without really into it.

So, excuse me, I gotta get some things off my chest first before I can talk properly.

Let me tell you what I dislike about SOME Christians:

1) They like to bury you with commonly seen Bible verses. Like, ‘Let those without sins cast the first stone’ kinda thing? Come on, let’s not borrow Jesus’s words too much unless you are some holy man/woman. Jesus is too pure a man for us to copycat, ok? If you want Bible verses, go find a quiet corner, read the Bible for a few hours and take the verses that hit you most. Don’t simply copy from the internet and act like blardy clever and holy likedat, can ah?

2) They like to act, and I said A.C.T. fully according to the more famous Bible teachings. E.g. Love your enemies, neighbour, mother-in-law yadda yadda kind of LOVE. Face it, it is not easy so don’t try to act to love me, hit me below the belt and tell the world, that you are capable of loving. Go die lah, admit it, it is NOT easy to love. But at the very least, don’t go smear the good name of Christ by going around ACTING. I would rather have a distant, cold, stone face stranger than a smiling buddha with a scorpion heart (ei, this is a Chinese proverb, not related to Buddhism, ok?)

3) They treated Christianity like Bonuslinks points. For e.g. going around trying to convert people. Each time they did it, they felt like they had gain an extra point in reaching Heaven. Forget about wanting to earn enough Bonuslinks points to qualify for Heaven la. Just live on earth like how God wants us. A good example speaks more volume than a bucket full of saliva.

4) They can’t differentiate righteous and self-righteous. Righteous is knowing that it is wrong to covet thy neighbour’s wife and stick to not doing it, no matter how tempted your kkc is. Self-righteous is telling people that they are going to hell for coveting their neighbour’s wife.

5) They have this weird sense of revelling in their miseries. E.g., a person who lost her sight and then, went around repeating and repeating that she is privilege to be given the chance to carry Jesus’s cross. We know that. God taught us not to live in sorrows. It is inevitable that some of us have to suffer more than others. But to actually think that just because you lost your sight, you have won more favour with God and others who use their eyesights to ogle and lust are definitely going to hell – is well, very wrong.

I shall stop at five and not go right up to ten.


Have Faith is a little project which focuses on strengthening the faith and serving as a 1-stop christian center to all those who are hungry for God.

Have Faith is a group blog started by Centerpide. Many of the regular bloggers contribute to this group blog. Centerpide is a 22 years old guy, studying in Canada. He is from the same church as me – Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang. What a small world!

What I like about Have Faith is the unconventional way of sharing God’s words. I know many people wants to know more about Christianity but are sometimes, puzzled, boggled, confused and turn off when they read too much stuffs they can’t comprehend. So, the young people including Celestine, Cynical, Yvy amongst others are sharing real life, day-to-day stuffs interpose with God’s words.

Visit them and may God’s light shine on you. God bless the Have Faith’s team and may they have the wisdom to share His words and impart the beauty, simplicity and oomph of Jesus’s fantastic guide.


Remember that no one can influence you into any religion except what you want to be. Having a religion is like having an anchor in your life. It will keep you rooted, focused and provides you a peace that nothing in this world can provide. It is not difficult to actually ‘be religious’. Just open your mind and your heart and soon, you will find that life is not so crappy after all.

If you meet one or two cuckcoos who gave the religion, any religion, a bad name, remember that God puts these cuckcoos on earth so that we can discern what is cuckcoo and what is not. These baddies are here for a reason. Just like how God allows the Pharaoh to rule and not wiping the Pharaoh off earth’s surface. Or how some of the most scandalous people lived in the Old Testament. Or how some smart aleck tries so very hard to deny God’s existence with their scientific mumbo-jumbo and in the process, making one hell of a clown of themselves. Or how some people, though do not claim to be of any faith, possess these marvellous wisdom that rules over others.

Bah! Frankly, my dears, I do not care if I manage to get anyone to follow my religion. Because I have faith that God has planned their destiny, path, life journey, the whole nine yards and nothing I do or don’t do is going to change anything.

Having faith in the power of God is the most important of all.

10 thoughts on “Weekends are for God’s stuffs

  1. hie…stumbled into ur blog 2weeks ago n eversince that, i cant stop readin it.Bout time i show sum respect n give in comments. It is funny, mind-provokin, ‘religious’ and i learned alot about y there is these certain antics from women of certain age.no pun intended.
    I totally agree wat u said about certain christians (i jz accepted christ a year ago), those ppl shud really be given lessons how to be a good example to others, n not irritate them.
    neway, thanks for ur blog.

  2. LiLian,

    Your critical presumption are existential but lack prognosis. Quoting any part of the Bible for whatever reason except to blaspheme the religion, should not be probihited nor despised.

    At the same time you have promoted HAVE FAITH which is suppose to focus on strengthening the faith and serving as a 1-stop christian center to all those who are hungry for God. The Blog’s effort is applaudable and fella Christians will be proud of your group’s effort.

    But Christians need to truly understand the word of God and His desire of us. Failure to read his words in the light of His purpose of the creation will lead to abuses and misconstruction and misleading all others within the same daith and those who ain’t.

  3. During Mass a sigh of Peace is given “Peace be with you”
    We greed each other with the sign of Peace…
    But once outside the church after mass, the peace sign is FORGOTTEN as each goes their way “looking” up the sky without any eye contact.

  4. Lilian,

    I did thought of starting another blog dealing mainly about my own problems with Christianity. The sad thing about religion is ..it is hard to open up and speak about some reservations/doubts without getting judged by others as unspiritual, not having enough faith, etc etc. This is worse when there are those who deems him/herself the know-all and start giving instructions on how to overcome your doubts. I’m not saying they are ill-intentioned, it’s just that, these ppl are like parrots repeating after every verse in the bible without taking the time to know the person and understand their needs.

    I will go checkout the ‘have faith’ blog. It’s definitely great to have you back blogging!! Miss ya.

  5. helen – Actually, it is a great way to share the Word but sometimes, certain blog where the blogger tries to sieve through their inner confusions can backfire. For e.g. people may use it to chant their hate for the religion. I had seen many well-intentioned writings getting a bunch of atheists jumping on the bandwagon and chanted hateful stuffs about God when in actual fact, the blogger is trying to get close to the religion.

    nailil – Haha, I agree. I like the feel-good feelings after a mass and hopefully, can keep the feel-good aura for a whole week until the next mass. But you know, some fellow parishioner blocked your car and there goes the feel-good. Bad. LOL!

    Maverick – I understand what you are trying to say. But let’s look at it this way. Would you prefer another fellow Christian say something in this effect, “Hey, you sucks, I do not agree with your action/words etc.” or do you prefer him/her to grab a verse from Isaiah, Deuteronomy or any harsher words from the Old Testament and shove it in your face? There are ways we can say things and hence, there isn’t a need to take King David’s words or others to justify our thoughts. The way I see it, the person is only trying to show off or wanting to whack the other person with the Word of God. Word of God are meant as encouragement, motivation, inspiration, guide, all the feel good feelings and not as a tool to instil fears in others.

    Many people who uses Psalms, Proverbs, Gospel etc do not really take into account the scenario behind those verses. They use it so conveniently like it is some quotable quotes. This is more so on the internet because one can just copy and paste the Word. And we all know that copy-pasters sucks big time, especially if they copy-paste Bible verses. Now, do I make myself clear?

    Jacy – Welcome! Glad you do agree but you don’t have to agree with all my postings. LOL! Sometimes, when I look back, I do contradict myself a lot. But anyway, may your walk with Christ strengthens each day. God bless!

  6. I know what you’re saying, Lilian. But aside from encouragement and motivation, the Word is also “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”. Erm… that was copied and pasted from 2 Tim 3:16 – 17. Jangan marah ye?! 😉

  7. Hello Lilian. I’ve been reading your blog for months and I really love it. I could feel you write everything from your heart, unlike other pretentious people. Anyways, it’s great that I could learn more about Christianity here as I’ve always believed in this faith ever since young, even though I’m currently still a Buddhist. 🙂 Glad to have known you. Cheers~!

  8. But Christians need to truly understand the word of God and His desire of us. Failure to read his words in the light of His purpose of the creation will lead to abuses and misconstruction and misleading all others within the same daith and those who ain’t.

    I’ll be frank with you, to truly understand the word of God requires 2 essential elements – faith time. You can read the whole bible and yet not understand a word if you don’t have faith. Faith is what that makes the word come alive to people.

    And to know God requires time and patience, like what Lilian said, people these days are only using verses for their own purposes without truly understanding the meaning. That’s kinda like a superficial way of praying and believing in God.

    But you know what, at the end of the day, who are we to judge about other people’s relationship with God? People have their own ways of worshipping Him, whether their ways are right or wrong, fair or unfair, we have no right to judge them.

    But we do what we can and we try our best to provide and avenue of faith-sharing and reflections to people who are interested in God and people who want to come back to Him.

    Thanks lilian for promoting HaveFaith. 🙂

    Yours in christ,

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