Hear ye, hear ye! I can predict lucky numbers and also Malaysia election prediction! Who wants to get the odds on winning?

On October 28, I gave Willwolf a lucky number. If he had bought it, each RM1 will earn him RM1,000.

But, but, but, Willwolf is gonna kick himself, I bet!

The number came out third prize on Magnum 4D draw no. 133/05 on 5th November, 2005.

Nyek, nyek, nyek. If Willwolf bought RM10, he would be RM10K richer. And I probably get tips from Willwolf. *sobs*

Now, who wants lucky number, go queue up. Very cun, sure kena wan.

Disclaimer : I am a Christian and I don’t gamble wan, ok? This is just play-play oni. Berjudi adalah haram untuk orang Muslim dan Kristian, ok?