Do you prefer a prostitute or mistress?

Ladies, married ones especially, let’s do a little thinking?

Assuming we have this special encounter with the Big One (our Creator) and he tells us something like this:

Woman, This is the life’s path I chosed for you. Somewhere along, your spouse is going to be unfaithful. I shall give you the choice of choosing the type:

a) He flings with prostitutes;
b) He have one serious relationship with a mistress.

Take your pick.

Now, let’s see what my choice is. I would prefer (a). (b) is a bigger betrayal. We were asked this question in our religious class once. My answer was : If your eyes caused you to sin, gauge it out!

For the men, I have a kisah benar to share. I had a colleague who used to frequent Haadyai when he was younger. Back then, rubbers were not favoured. He contracted some STD which eventually caused him to be permanently damaged as in not being able to function anymore. He can’t read his medical records and asked someone to explain for him and this other guy told me. Hence, I carried that secret knowledge for a long time.

Later on, he got married. Someone privy to his homelife told a few of us of his wife frequent attempts at suicides. At the same time, he was playing the playboy by going around with the production workers. One of the production worker leaked out that Mr. Playboy is the typical gentleman who would bring her to nice hotels, bought her expensive gifts and never take advantage of her.

Since I was the seipatphor who knew the background, I managed to string all them and have this to say : Don’t play-play, you may end up like Mr. Playboy- who- can’t- stand. Or even worse, another guy who died of a ‘mysterious disease’. Think karma, listen to your mama.

20 thoughts on “Do you prefer a prostitute or mistress?

  1. i’d say (a) – and i’ll provide the best condoms too. 3mm thick ones, hoho. add some chilli pepper and he can get going ledi.

  2. simon – No wonder nobody commented! Next time I ask you prefer Barney or Teletubbies la hor?

    Samm – Good idea! The most you spend on kais are RM200 bucks. For (b) it may involves a condo, car and gold card. Right?

  3. I am not married, but I would choose (A) too. But then again, are we REALLY allowed to choose in REAL LIFE? Sh*t happens..

  4. Seriously, if I were to be given this kind of choices, I’ll say womanizing is better than gambling. Gambling has no ends… womanizing, ha ha ha, how many women can a man fuck in a night?? 5, 6, max? … more like 2 or 3 on a good day with Viagra and Tiger parts..

  5. ah pek – I hope people dun get the impression that this lilian, helen and samm are promoting prostitutes for men! LOL!

    helen – Yalor, play object only mah. Cheap-cheap sumore, hor?

    pelf – Hahaha, of course, this is just ‘assuming’ type of question. In real life, every wife is going to tell you NO, WAY! and then, proceed to sharpen the knife/scissor/lock or buy what Samm blogged before. The birdcage!

  6. Helen…. poor tigers.. :~(

    Anyway… Since I’m a guy. for my wife (future that is) to see a prostitute or having another lover, I don’t know its between bad and very bad. Which one is better? Neither.. I’d take a camera.. snap some evidence and let her sign on the dotted line…

  7. for me b) LOL since hubby hates to manage his monetary affairs ( I do) his mistress wont even have money for coffee LOL

  8. “Think karma, listen to your mama”

    wow nice phase but shouldn’t it be

    “Think karma, list to 5xmoma”

    anyway interesting age old question.

    Seriously if there is ONLY this 2 choices, the answer hafta be A.

    Why ?

    A prostitute is most probably a short fling for a guy to satisfy his urges. No emotions involved just to satisfy the lust.

    For a mistress, yes, you need ‘invest’ in a fortune to keep her. What if there’s off-spring involved. I tell if kena this kinda situation, wife dem pening kepala lar… Children oso kesian. It’s gonna be a messy affair.

    btw if the guy kenot stand di how come he still can flirt with thr production workers ? the workers fancy a limb dick ?


  9. if you don’t want your hubby to look for prostitutes, satisfy him. after all home cooked food is always better. You have the edge over this matter coz u have first hand ‘contact’ with him most of the time. Think of new things to do and variations.

    Then let him take up a hobby. If he have no spare time left, the chances for his mind straying is less. I suppose a man with lots of money and spare time is bound to think of something to do…

  10. i have a story to tell. Hope 5xmoma dun think i’m cheong hei….

    I have a fren. He have his own business and the wife works for him. After a while i noticed the wife is like a full time secretary. She takes care of EVERYTHING for him. Calls, appointments etc.

    She even joins him in ALL his activities. Needless to say she’s like a leech lar, but then I just realised. If she does this, he wanna curi makan oso no chance. On the brighter side, isn’t it a dream for a guy to have the wife supporting him in everything he does ?

    *ponders again*

    of coz there are other ways to prevent a guy from straying but kenot post here….

  11. Want to drink milk? Why rear a cow when one can buy milk off the shelf? Sorry ladies and gents, I am not condoning any of the above. It just a saying from a wise man that knew and look up once upon a time. 🙂

  12. Aiyah, both option oso waste of time and money. Take the bloody money in one hand and shake it off in another hand. Same effect yet still keep the money. Hahaha

  13. hmmm…interesting. 🙂

    Men give sex for love and Women give love for sex. So in some ways, Pokemon is right? *shrugs* I suppose if you satisfy your partner, it should be alrite…sigh..sadly this isn’t so since we all don’t live in a perfect world. I on the other hand subscribe to the following:

    “Why have hamburger when you can have steak everyday?”

    Again, I could be proven wrong… 😛

    Now, my only problem is to find that steak….

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