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Have you heard of BlogsMalaysia yet? No? Go here:


You can get some specially hand-picked, worth reading stuffs submitted by bloggers.

Make it your daily read ‘cos you do not have to sieve through lots of blogs to find something you like. What you find in BlogsMalaysia are blogs and news that are recommended by members (you should join too) and hear this….

sieved by at least 6 (or is it 4?) eat-full-nothing-t0-do individuals or in short, editors. Heh! So you can bet that what you see are really carefully chosen news/postings/inane ramblings/humorous stuffs etc.

Please sign up as members and start feeding BlogsMalaysia with interesting reads. There is a catch here. Unlike how things work around our current Malaysia blogspere, we do not ‘PING’ our own posting. We submit things written by others. There are lots and lots of great blogs out there which we may not know of because they do not join part of the ‘community’. So, if you find gems worth sharing, please submit it to BlogsMalaysia. Let us widen our horizon.

Hope to see some familiar faces on BlogsMalaysia soon! If you need more clarifications, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

14 thoughts on “Go sign up with BlogsMalaysia

  1. Ah, thx, lilian. i see that u’ve submitted my post. no wonder i see so many “blogsmalaysia” appearing on my onestat. I registered long ago. but now, cant seem to login liao. tried many times, still fail. can go dig my pswd for me?

  2. Different ppl will have different taste. Is there a guidelines for us to determine whether a particular blog topic is worth reading?

  3. CallMeJT – Actually, I don’t think there is. Just shoot. If you don’t see your submission being published, don’t take offence or take it personally. There are 13 eds and we only need two to suspend a submission.

    Bryan – LOL, I had signed up 4 times!

    helen – Throw in some stuffs, will ya?

    Samm – Just sign up as often as you like. LOL.

    moo_t – Something like that, I suppose. ‘Cos I don’t visit tomorrow, boing-boing, slashdot and heck, I don’t even what they are!

    midnitelilly – Dun worry, Penang got many kampung guys. You come, I intro? LOL.

    Samm – Did it bust your bandwith? LOL.

  4. funny u shud say that. one of the guys who inspired my post is a penangite here in KL. hahah… but if there are more cute ones like him on the lil island, i’d move up! *grins*

  5. hmmm anything goes. we’ll come up with a post regardin how votes are submitted later, when ivan cleans up the bugs and polishes the whole thing.

    thanks for the support!

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