I hate dentist. But I really wish for a perfect set of white teeth like those celebrity sexy smile and their rows of celebrity sexy teeth.

Good Lord, why do You put nerves in our teeth?

Why hard enamel like that gives killer pain?

Why not just make teeth un-decayable and no stain? Why can’t I have a set of celebrity sexy teeth like those stars from Hollywood?

Saves me thousands of ringgit.

Plus none of these toothaches?

Dear God, You love me. Please put into my path, a charming, handsome, gentle, bearded, smells great, dentist who’s an angel. A male one, please. Bengali, Indian, Chinese or Malay. Old or young. Doesn’t matter. So long as he can sooth my pain, fears, phobia and cheap. (Oi, charming is not humsup, ok?)

Argggh……KNNCCB %#@&@*!#!!#! I hate dentist
But I have to see one sooner than later. Chant after me….I hate dentist,

And I want to have celebrity sexy smile with teeth that has been treated with celebrity sexy teeth whitener. I have heard so much reviews on celebrity teeth whitener but I do not know if they works or it is scam.