The three traits in men (women too) that you should beware of.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, hengtai cheemui sekalian,

Do you know that there are three traits that makes a person (usually men) greater than others?

1) A hooked nose.

Think Dr. M. Think Samy Vellu. (Don’t laugh ok? He is still in power wut.)

2) A short man.

Err…can’t think of anyone. But my hubby is. Samy Vellu also short hor? (I said don’t laugh.)

3) A curly hair man.

Aiyah, Samy Vellu again? (ok, laugh)

These three traits will make the man extra seh-mor (obnoxious). If a man have all three traits, i.e. a man who is short with curly hair and hooked nose, then, all hell will break loose.

Trust me. I got one ex-colleague who was in charge of Human Resources who is like that. He was most feared because of his snakey characteristics. The management hates him and the employees detest him. Yet, no one can remove him.

Once, he threatened me with ‘Every morning, before I come to work, I pray to Lord Murugan in Prai, Guan Yin in Butterworth and again, Guan Yin in Pitt Street. I carried the kavadi for 15 years. Whoever tried to defy me, they usually ended up in big trouble. Do you remember (name withheld)? He got into an accident because he disagreed with me over the (Workers) Union matters.’

Fuwah, like that man also got! I reported his threat to the M.D. (after I submitted my resignation letter) He got screwed. But now? Seven years later, he is still working in the same position. Conclusion : Stay away from people like that if you can help it.

I also have a relative who has curly hair and hooked nose. My friend who worked under this relative of mine told me ‘Wah, that one your relative ah? Die ler all of us engineers. He is very, very fussy one. Slave driver.’

But hor, if you are stuck with one (err…my hubby is short and almost hooked nose), do enjoy the company. They are great bargainers/negotiators, calculative, smart, sharp and damn quick witted.

Go look in the mirror and tell me how many traits you possessed? I have one – curly hair!

21 thoughts on “The three traits in men (women too) that you should beware of.

  1. yeah,yeah…. got high cheek bone man, square jaw man and horse face man…. all when dealing must be on guard. i’m safe to say, got none of the foremention features. *sirim pass* cheers!

  2. my mom also warned me the same thing.. but with an extra characteristic- botak!

    but then.. a botak man with shiny head (must be natural one lah).. damn kaya!

  3. waaa… lilian i must be the nice-est guy in the world.. my hair damn straight.. my nose also not curved one.. and i’m taller then your average malaysian.. 🙂

  4. 3 strikes also tak kena. Is it realiable? I know short men are usually more calculative. But I can share with you a BIG secret… somebody with a lot of experience pass this info to me. I will share this for the mere price of RM9.99, seeing it’s Lilian, I FOC.

    To know the size of his manhood, look at the man’s hands. Fingers are also good indicators. The key is to look for big, stubby fingered men. Long, graceful, artistic fingers in men indicate good length but inadequate diameter. That is why the hand is the first thing I noticed…..

  5. And for USD0.99 I can whispered that Helen is right. Never judge from the height. One loktor whom probably examined lots of dead bodies errrr…sort of support this theory from the biological point of view.

    Will comment about the rest later.

  6. I’m also short (compare with Caucasians), got curly hair (used to anyway), but fortunately got no hooked nose. So, where do I stand?

    Answer: Alone lah….hahahahaha

  7. Samm – Hahahaha, if we ever get together, we go assess all the men fingers hor?

    MamaBoK – Nvm, 1/3 is not bad.

    LC Teh – This one must ask your staffs or your wife. Maybe they got things to say like ‘aiyoh, very seh-moh wan’.

    Eliar – For Msians? I say men not over 5’6″?

    WuChing – Good thing.

    babe – Yaya, that’s what my mom used to call my bro-in-law.

  8. ah pek – You can never win with ppl like that. They are geniuses, sort of.

    Rodney – Hahaha, lucky you.

    simon – That one on women includes high cheek bones, eyes like fly up type and a mole!

    nerdook – As your mom and see?

    Eileen – Hahaha, stay away from Peter Tan.

    JoeC – Got SIRIM pass oso?

  9. hi, i am a person with one nose and two eyes…………………i think…. i am three dimensional and have 10 finger and 10 toes. I have curly hair on one side of my head, and stright on the other…. my hair is grey and i am 56

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