I interrupt your boring afternoons to bring you yummy…

Yummy and oh so hot………

Moses! No! No! No!

Not that bad tempered guy who carried two stone tablets with the 10 commandments. This Moses Chan Ho. Same surname with me thim.



This post is triggered by Simon’s Top Ten Hongkie Addiction Symptoms .

Few days ago, we were at Uncle Ho’s DVD shop. I got dem tiu-ued because the red hair Ah Beng quickly shoved some Korean movie, starring that Bae Yong Joon. Damn, I feel so insulted. What does women see in that lame, ghey Bae har? Do I look like a fan of Bae ah? We can find every Bae, Beng and Bah around la. Yet Bae seems to be very hot wor.

More than 3,500 screaming middle-aged women besieged the arrival lobby at the airport as Bae emerged shortly before 2 p.m.

Ewwsss…..Bae reminds me of who you know? Nerdy, young, doctors who just finished medical school. The kind who followed the ob-gyns around, looking at their very first batch of poks-poks. (Doctors, please don’t take offense! For associating Bae with your profession.)

I am sure a lot of women are going to support me that Moses Chan is HOT. The kind of man we secretly arm-luen (thanks to a blogger for this term which means having a crush on). He looks distance, sort of like Louis Koo or E-Kin Cheng. Yet, Moses is a little bit older and less Ah Beng than Louis or E-Kin.

He is starring in War and Beauty now. I hope I did not get addicted to Wah Lai Toi again. I like the way when he talks, without much expression. And the time when he acted as the Emperor. Wah, dem pahwerful.

Tell me you arm-luen Moses too!

25 thoughts on “I interrupt your boring afternoons to bring you yummy…

  1. Yes I do!

    In fact I was very surprised that he could carry 2 different characters so well – the Emperor (Perish in the name of Love) and now a slave in the palace (War & Beauty).

  2. YeaHHHHH!!!! I arm-luen Chan Ho too!!! He is VERY “ying” & “man” especially when he acts as Emperor.

    Ha!Hahaha… I also arm-luen Fong Chong Shun, Chan Kai Tai, Kwok Chun Onn(Ah Wong), Cheong Kar Fai…

  3. I’m a fan of Moses too! And Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai are good ones. Was hooked on ‘Perish in the Name of Love’, and more recently – War & Beauty. WLT is scarily addictive, I tell you.

  4. serious a? can still arm luen at this age wan a? no offense, think I stopped the practise after Alan Tam and when I stop following chinese serials – thats like after I started working. shit. dont mind me, i am the sort that goes round telling people who care to listen that love songs are all damn lies. where got so romantic in real life wan.
    but Moses is man and i thought the korean actor (whoever) was cute too. hehe.

  5. wah gambar so steady man… but my wife say the other actor (the one that always acts as CID chief) better actor la…

  6. Haha! I love Chan Ho big time! I swear he better win this year’s TVB 38th Anniversary awards or I’m going to scream at TVB executives… (yeah, as if I can)

    But anyway, Lilian, you should see Moses now! Bald headed. But ever so “ying” anyway… and he is best at his comedic roles OOOH! And the doctor in Healing Hands III.

    (I’m convincing you to watch TVB!)

  7. Yes, I like Chan ho. He is very MEN and YENG…his broad shoulder and nice body…
    *Uhhh imagining laying my fingers on his yeng chai arm. :PpP* Whao..Shiook!

  8. i like him too.. Lilian..!! but then i think hor.. PapaBok.. still more manly .. and handsome leh.. kekkekeke!! donch throw rotten eggs at me.. hor.. hehhehee!!

  9. MamaBoK – Wah…do you get TVB series down in Canada?

    Allyfeel – I like it when he play the humourous parts without looking like a clown.

    WuCHing – But worth a peek so you know the ‘other side’.

    Debbie – Where, where? Got photo link or not? I no follow TVB series very closely because those times are spent with hubby, shopping, going out etc. But yesterday, he got lured into watching with me. I reward him with a reflexology. Hahaha, I told him he got a concubine better than the wongseong.

    kiasi – Ok, I know.

    Samm – Aiyoh, you made me blush!

    Jamie – Yeah, give me too. Hahaha, better than Brad Pitt.

    simon – I know who you are talking about. That guy, I dunno his name, is a very good actor but he doesn’t have the looks. Eyes too small. But I like his voice. Low-low like Wong Hei. Ugly a bit never mind.

  10. Woohoo – Mr. Buaya is gonna buaya-ing Mrs. B with a turtle-neck and lallangs at the back. Lucky Mrs. B!

    Mrs. B – You know what? Women shouldn’t forget that part of crazy, silly, fluffy side of ours. Otherwise, we age too fast! Go drool on a few more actors. Kwong Wah I oso like but he a bit kayu in acting. See the effect on Mr. B?

    deborah – Yaya, Perish In The Name of Love! I still play the title song now. The one with Steven Ma, right?

    Tongkat AhLian – I got one guy which I do not know the name. Very handsome with a mole near his lips? Eyes big-big. Not very famous, usually co-acting only.

    minishort, pelf, annie – I did not know he got so many fansi. Can start fan club for Hottest HK TVB actors. Hahaha

  11. Haha, I agree that he has this ‘aura’, speaks with confidence all the time. He acted very well when he played the Emperor in Dai Lui Fa. I was impressed.

    This time around, War and Beauty, I told my Sis “Eh macam not right lar”. I couldn’t hold back my laughter when I saw who played the Emperor in War and Beauty. I thought that since the concubines yearn to be with the emperor so much, he must have some ‘macho’ factor lah.

    Anyway, the series don’t require the emperor to come on screen much, so it’s all good lah. Lam Po Yi (Tabib Suen?) plays the Mat Romeo again, as always.

  12. narrowband – Wah…thanks for updating me. I just watch for 2 days and only start at 10pm so I still see no head, no tail. Agree the Maharaja is very turn off but then, he is not important hor. And whom is Tabib Suen after? Yi Shun (Charmaine?)

  13. I dunno who is he after :p I think there’re many people who has finished watching the whole thing, as early as last year. (I’ve got a friend who watches alot of TVB series). I’m not interested to know the story in advance, tak syok lah got spoiler :p We watch and see who he after lah, k? * Grins *

  14. narrowband – I bet it is Yi Shun. LOL. He seems like a playboy ler. I thot all those who masuk the Maharaja’s forbidden city have to be kembiri? Damn, this is the only time I regret not able to read Mandarin. I guess all those concubine stories must be damn hot. LOL. Plus history of China.

  15. Hey.. Lilian,
    yes.. we do.. šŸ™‚ it is call fairchild here.. the tv station. šŸ˜‰
    papa bok subscribe for me.. a long time ago.. so that i donch miss home so much.. šŸ˜‰
    that’s why i need to say.. my papabok.. still the bestest leh. šŸ˜‰

  16. I’ve watched War and Beauty last year. Er.. wont tell you who Bowie Lam (the tabib)is after lah.. spoiler oni.. later everybody kill me.. but it’s very very nice (war and beauty).

    If you really love Moses, Aunty Lilian, you should watch the latest TVB that he’s starring in called “The Charm Beneath”. Also known as Yeen Chee Sui Fan (cantonese, literal translation is lipstick, powder – just in case i spell the canto wrongly huh..) I am downloading now (hehehe..) pirated wan lar.. through http://www.btchina.net šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I’m more than happy to share around, but pls dont tip off the authorities huh…

  17. This guy consider not really handsome type but just that he can act very WELL, and his “Man” look both are the reasons make lots of auntie like to watch his show or…… even become his fans.
    Sincerely, I hope he may know how to control his own personal life such as “relationship” with ladies.
    Is a kind of image to us as well.

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