Pssst…care to peek at my Nano and find a name for my heroine?

Ahem, I put a few para of my Nano online. I am not going to dedicate a blog for them nor putting them on my main blog. Don’t want people to stumble on my blog and thinks that those are my life stories. *aiks* Those are FICTION, ok?

Anyone interested can click on my Pages (link on the sidebar). Categorised under ‘My Nano’.

But I would appreciate if anyone can give me a nicer name for the heroine. I had changed the name a lot of times. How in the world I chose a name ‘June’, I also wonder.

9 thoughts on “Pssst…care to peek at my Nano and find a name for my heroine?

  1. Wah, I’ve just read your teasers. All I can say is NICEEEEE. It sounds like it’s going to be some teacherxstudent story, but with potential to explore a lot of other themes.

    June is all right. To me, if it sounds right, it’s right. But maybe if you want to change her name, name her after a favourite author or something. Nice and universal. I like Florence’s suggestion of “Julia” though. It does sound nice.

  2. 9394 – Kamsiah but Yvonne is Yvonne, the blogger and also another Yvonne, the writer. So cannot la.

    cynical/florence/helen – It is Jade now. Don’t ask, I just love initial J. ‘Cos my first boyfriend names was John. kahkahkah.

    korokmu – lullaby? Hahaha, silap-silap turn to CCBai.

    q – Hey it is a good idea, you know? Saves me from typing extra characters.

    Eliar – Yeah, thanks for the tips. I got Jade.

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