I came from a chicken egg!

Did you guys hear the KFC’s advertisment? The son asked the father questions and the father became speechless with “Where do babies come from?”

This evening, my 8 yrs old and I were alone in the car when the ads came on air. Without the annoying older brothers whom probably would spoil the fun, I decided to test him.

Me : Do you know where babies come from?

Son : Yess……

Wow, he sounded so damn confident with the Yessss….

Me : From where leh?

Son : Your pok-pok lor.

OK, he knows the passage way where he comes out from. We had repeated several times about how his birth took place.

Me : OK, but before that leh?

Son : You eat an egg and then, the egg become baby lor.

Me : (Holding back laughter) You mean I eat a chicken egg?

Son : Ya

Me : If I eat chicken egg, then, I hatch chicken mah?

Son : No lah, human grow baby, monkey grow monkey babies.

Me : No, son, humans, monkeys or alligators, we have our own eggs. Chicken egg is this big. (show the size) But human egg is this tiny, you can’t even see it. It is already in mummy’s body.

Oh well, my toddler interrupted our cosy talk and it ended there. He forgot the part about papa. Phew…. But previously, son used to follow me to the ob-gynae when I had my maternity check-up for my #4 and #5 babies. One of my ob-gynae is an IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) specialist and he has these huge, huge posters depicting the stages of artificial insemination. I used to chat with my son about them and he thought babies are made on the petri dishes. Well, the time will come when he has a clearer picture. Meantime, this will do.

On a side note, IVF specialists are always looking for fresh supply of sperms. Sperms must be made fresh whilst eggs can be kept longer. I was in the hospital long enough to know how they get their supply. (sorry, this is confidential) And I tell you, it is not something I would want to go through if I can help it. Especially, if a man is infertile and the wife has to use another man’s sperm. This is just my personal opinion, so don’t take offence. My opinion is always swayed because I had witnessed the trauma the parents of premature babies. (IVFs normally produce twins or triplets and sometimes, these babies are prematured and have a lot of difficulties.) Anyway, IVF is disallowed where my religion is concerned.

Babies are God’s gifts from Heaven.

8 thoughts on “I came from a chicken egg!

  1. WHO WANT TO BUY MY SPERM?!!9,999 ringgit per ml. free transfer of sperm included. buy one time, free three times!! first come, first serve.
    contact my agent, auntie lilian.

  2. Its been years since the thought of having babies crossed my mind!! I always believe kids are the greatest… as long as they are not yours. lol

  3. when i was small there was this book “Where do babies comes from”. It’s very graphic in cartoon form.

  4. ya, other people’s kids are always more adorable.
    i have bought a few of “how babies are made” books for my 11year old daughter but she refuses to look at them!

  5. king’s wife – The technical side of things is easy to explain. But it is so hard to illustrate the ‘how’. Hahaha.

    Max – So did u ask mommy, “mommy, are you going to make a baby tonite?”

    helen – Enjoy the retirement! I look forward to the day when I can leave the house without so many tagging on my skirt.

    ah pek – That’s what I joked with my hubby. No need to spend RM30K. Just give me and I will come back ‘filled’.

  6. when i was a lot younger, i thought babies appear out of nowhere like those babies in The Sims.

    then, after i discovered the TV and cartoons, i thought big birds bring babies to the house at midnight like santa claus.

    when i learned science, you can imagine how loud me “OHHHHHH!!!!!” was when i read about reproduction.

  7. i like the stork story though…always though those storks were in charge to bring babies for ppl. now i know it’s the work of another sort of ‘bird’. 😛

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