SPM and term for catfight


Here’s wishing all the guys and gals sitting for their SPM examination – Good luck! Heh, you need that, I think. Mr. Kiasi, Penny, Andy and all bloggers sitting for the exam next Monday?

I remember my SPM exam. I wasn’t interested in the exam but rather, feel sad that it will be the end of schooling. Which spells the end of being in the same school as my first crush. Whom died a few weeks later. sniffs. No wonder, I never got past SPM.


If two females fight over petty stuffs, we call them catfights. But if the two are not females leh? What do you call two males bitching? I don’t know. I never go to ooniversity nor college. You tell me?

Errm…what was I saying? Oh yeah, SPM. Good luck! And today spells the first day of school holidays. I am doom…….Expect lots of rantings from 5xmom whom is holed up with two teenagers, one super-charged 9 yrs old and a toddler who thinks he is also 9 years old. bite nails For the next seven weeks.

11 thoughts on “SPM and term for catfight

  1. hmm…. my spm is very blur and foggy… very dark also…. hmmmm…. oh wait a minute…. i did not have my spm! that explains the lack of memory! hehehe, i ran to overseas to con’t my studies. cheers!

  2. Dec 6-11, there’ll be the LIMA air show in Langkawi. I think the boys would love it. aircraft = boys = they kinda link together.

    hmmmm what’s the term for guys fighting. BEAR FIGHT? cos they’re big huge guys whacking their big furry arms around each other haha!

  3. ahpek – My sons’ schools are those Saints school so their cuti peristiwa are for things like Good Friday, Easter. They never pay back so must study till last day lor. But they had ponteng-ed on and off la.

    kampungkai – Thanks for the LIMA tips. Hope we can go.

    king’s wife – Yalor, after one day only they complaint of bored.

    JoeC – Wuah, anak orang kaya la. Lucky you.

    helen – yalor, that’s what my blog is for.

    JeremyC – Hahaha, I need that (good luck) to stay sane.

  4. doc – This sounds like some shaolin kungfu movie title. I am thinking of something like playing marbles and got into fights, kinda fights. Pull hair, kick below the belt, scratch and call names etc. Anyway, this one is not in my posting. Soli, out of topic.

    Penny – Good luck again!

    Frank – tks

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