Babe with hot car


The Corvette from the Chevrolet Evolution Roadshow by Hicomobil Malaysia. Very ‘chio’ hor? What about the model? Cute or not?

Reminds me of Prince’s song ‘The Little Red Corvette’.

Have a good weekend to all! It is a rainy day over here.

P/S : No, we are not buying. šŸ™‚


Toddler loves cars, especially cars with spoiler. An Ah Beng in the making, definitely. Another pic of the Corvette taken at night. We went there at night to pick up another son so. Toddler demanded, ‘mommy, heep, mommy, heep’ (mommy, take photo).

22 thoughts on “Babe with hot car

  1. That boy has potential to be a model ^_^ Just look at the expression on his face and his pose =D Cool! haha

  2. wow, at 1st tot it is RX8….
    hmmmmmm my son loves car also…police car, rescue car, ambulance, fire engine, road roller , bulldozer, dump truck, mixer, jeep…

    just now which watching Tv with me he saw some sports car in TVs…’ferrari ferrari’ hahahaha lucky is ferrari..if Proton then boh lat liao…

  3. If a guy doesn’t like hot cars – then there is something definitely wrong with him.

    Caught the roadshow in KL and took some pictures which I posted in my other blog

    Someone commented that it costs USD 68,000 in the US whereas it costs approx USD 450,000 here in Malaysia. Thats more than 6 times the real cost of the car.

  4. wahhh drooling… the first photo hor the model sibeh sexi!!! kekekeke

    my boiboi lups cars too dat he could remember most of the car logos and makes

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! I agree that the lil chap sure can pose, with tiptoeing and etc. He even asked me to take his pic from different sides of the car.

    But you guys know what is funny? Both times when I was there, no one bother to give the Corvette a look. Wonder why? Everyone with kids hang around the balloons decorations instead.

    Adam – My hubby told me he heard it is close to RM1 million. A left-hand drive one, this piece.

    can i drop by to ur hs n hav a bit of pinching? ahahhaha
    jz joking ^^
    wah,ur son…keat la!

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