Stupiak biatch

We were caught in a jam. The car in front of us was driven by a dog! It is a Kancil. (I think Kancil Killer prolly gives ‘I told you so’ smirk 🙂 )

Imagine this – woman who is prolly too dog-face to find human companion. (I can’t see the face clearly, just making assumptions). She put her BITCH, yes a dog, on her lap while she drives. This is not any small, kampung road. This is busy Gottlieb Road and there was a bumper to bumper jam.

Damn! Why didn’t I bring my camera phone and my camera with me? I prolly wouldn’t be so annoy if she had not hog the two lanes, making it into one lane. Grrr…….

11 thoughts on “Stupiak biatch

  1. Sometimes we just cannot understand why would somebody allow their pets (esp dogs and cats) into the car.. Perhaps the doggie said to the master “I wanna learn driving.”

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Maybe the dog is her husband eh? hehe…or maybe she just need some sort of simulation on her lap to keep her awake…

  3. A dog driving a mouse deer? Oh dear, I thought that encounter between a mouse deer and a dog happened a long time ago during the time of Parameswara.

  4. My dogs are always in my car but never in the front seat ( too many airbags and also distracting) only back seat or back area ( station wagon) Only irresponsible owners do stupid things like that to show off. Another is to let the dog stick its whole neck out.

  5. WOW!! must have been a VERY VERY VERY well behaved dog. i cant imagine driving ANYWHERE with my pups in the car. OMG….thinking abt gives me shivers!!

  6. I take my dog with me almost everywhere but of course not on the front seat. Lilian, u sure it’s not a dildo shaped like a dog?

  7. Hahaha, you folks sure got fertile imagination! But that woman is really risking her life and endangering innocent people with her stunt. Then again, there are parents who put their kids on their lap and drive. Sheesh.

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