‘Common enemy’ is friendship saviour!

I remember something that a wise, old snake taught me. He told me that the fastest way some people make ‘friends’ is by having a common enemy. We see this all the time. In school, workplace, social groups, community, political arena, families and yeah, in the market place too.

E.g. a bunch of Ah Sohs and Ah Peks who probably never talk to each other, suddenly share recipes because a new butcher they don’t like appear in the market.

When I was in school, I was the head prefect (girl) and sure enough, there were lots of groups that become close-knitted because of me. How nice! I create(d) friendships for others. So noble, ain’t it? I help save the world, now and forever. ROTFLMAO!!!

When I was working, things got too hot (due to office politics) and I lamented to this wise, old snake. He told me to take it easy. People who are lukewarm, not on good terms can suddenly turned chummy, buddy, hou heng tai chee mui until their hairs are all bonded together whenever they find a ‘common enemy’.

Ahh…don’t you agree with me? It is fun to watch the sheeps, blind ones going around in packs like blood-brothers just because they find a ‘common enemy’? They would share a bowl of cereals together, tend to each other wounds, pick the fleas, lick the asses, etc.

Got any ‘common enemy’ triad stories or examples to share? It will be nice to start Monday bitching about the workplace, marketplace, farms, wateva, isn’t it?

Signing off…. singing Akon ‘Lonely, I am so lonely’ – because I choose to.

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9 thoughts on “‘Common enemy’ is friendship saviour!

  1. Hubby was just on the phone with a friend. They have a common enemy who at this very moment is scheming his way back to being chummy with them. What to do? Both hubby and his friend influential ppl mah in their bzns, and the common enemy knows it. Infact, everyone in our line of bzns know it, fark. It’s actually funny seeing how lowly some ppl can act when they’re scheming, their tails are showing to the entire world, lolz.

  2. wah listen to akon somemore….. i was a prefect in my school days inc class monitor, funding director of Leo, BUT, i was the wise guy… i work for the underground… kekekeke…. cheers!

  3. sorry lah i have no triad story to tell but i do have a question; what does ROTFLMAO mean? i’ve been stuck down here too long i lost touch oledi!:(

  4. Wu Ching – Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off, btw, how stuck is your down there and for how long alredi, you poor thing? Mebe i can help….. ROTFLMAO…

  5. helen – psssstt…quiet, people can hear.

    samm – Hahaha, tks for saving WuChing from damaging more brain cells.

    wuching – Yeah, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, which is the ultimate LOL.

    JoeC – Akon? I was only joking. How does on go ‘underground’? Getting bribed by the gangsters?

    Samm – Hahaha, it happens in corporate companies. Especially when it involves huge tenders from the Gov. Wow, that time I can see all the biz men turn spineless. Hahaha.

  6. Kak, Makin `panas’ lah sekarang…

    weird eh… Kids hormones shot up?



    Pssttt.. have you heard Frankie goes to Hollywood?

    War…Huh.. What it is good for..


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