I so wanna watch Emily Rose!

The last movie we went to was Fantastic Four. Midway, my atm had to take my toddler out for a stroll because toddler got traumatised by ‘car pain-pain’. He loves car and cannot bear to see a dent.

Now, there is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Which toddler sure cannot watch. And we never go anywhere without him. Not even for a few hours. Because we have no one to take care of him. Yes, we do but we chose not to. It is our choice. (in reply to Helen’s question why my atm and I can’t just go alone and watch.)

But I have the great urge to watch Emily Rose. Not so much for the horror factor but I am curious to see how the Catholic faith, blends in. I had read great reviews about it from a few Catholic sites like Celestine and others.

On our journey to be baptised as a Catholic, exorcism is part of our rites of scrutiny. The priest exorcised me and I remembered reciting something about ‘denouncing satan’ and things like that. So, I do belief in stuffs like these.

EXORCISMS: Prayers for the deliverance from the powers of evil and falsehood and for the reception of the gifts of the Lord, especially the Holy Spirit. Exorcisms are part of the rites of scrutiny.

So, now how? I am chicken shit and probably watch with my eyes and ears shut. I am pretty good at stuffing my ears with my thumbs and use the other four fingers to close my eyes. When the scenes in horror movies get too ‘kerng and chiqik’ (overwhelming), I probably need a big shoulder to pinch. And a muscled thigh to hang on to. (going with my older kids cannot. I need to manja with my atm. Again, in reply to Helen’s question.)

We tried visiting Uncle Ho for some cheap shot but all we see are black scenes so we did not get from Uncle Ho. And I don’t want to wait for another few weeks more to get the clear version.

I want my atm’s shoulder and a thigh to watch Emily Rose and I can’t. Sobs and pouts

Meantime, can you stuff your thumbs into your ears whilst your fingers close the eyes?

15 thoughts on “I so wanna watch Emily Rose!

  1. i’d rather wait for the clearer uncle ho’s version and watch all huddled up in bed safely with all my pillows and bolsters……. i wait……

  2. Keh, keh, keh maybe I ask my cell to lay hands on me and denounce the spirit of fear (u know charismatic church lar… everything also denounce.)Then I can watch liao. lol

    U sure uncle ho’s copy not clear meh?? I’ll find out for you..

  3. helen – My atm damn cerewet wan. Want crystal clear baru buy. I forced him to get Chicken Little for my kiddos or else they bugged me to death. Only one kid out of 4 wanna watch Chicken Little so we can’t go to the cinema. (just want to justify the support Uncle Ho’s excuse). Helen – Yeah, I read and went to the site you mentioned and did get a chill seeing the pretty face of the girl. God bless her soul.

    kyels & wzwz – Now you two gives me ideas. Tks.

    Samm – I have no TV in bed leh. That’s why I am still waiting for my laptop. Which my cerewet atm is still hunting. Today read got new Pentium D? instead of Centrino and he said why not wait. *roll eyes* I look forward to do everything in bed with a laptop.

  4. hhmmm….i would wait for the dvd too. i’m SO dying to watch it too. and am ready with all my 8 fingers n 2 thumbs to cover my face n ears when necessary.

    hope i dont get tramautised by it like what omen did to me when i was a kiddy. sigh….had nightmare for years n still scared shit of crows. blek!

  5. hey, oh gosh.. i really wanna watch it too. but i know i’ll suffer after that -_-”

    if you do watch, blog about it ya 🙂 facing a dilemma whether to watch it myself.. all the best!

  6. hello there ^^

    i kinda enjoy reading ur blog, esp the ones with ur opinion on kids, teenagers and stuff.

    ive watched this show 2 weeks ago, and its not that scary. its more of a dialogue driven movie. its nice, i liked it. =)

    dont worry, go watch it with both ur hands… one holding a cup of coke the other with a box of popcorn XD

  7. “I look forward to do everything in bed with a laptop” Gimme a break, what else r u gonna do in bed with a laptop, tell me, tell me, tell me…. Remember to get one with built-in viewcam ah. Then we can see what u do in bed oso.

  8. “Renouncing the Devil and all his works” is important before baptism because according to the Bible, Satan will not utter, even the slightest whisper, the name of Christ.

    So… it is actually a little spiritual filter of sorts before you get yourself really into the faith. if you have not been properly exorcised, then spiritually, the devil might still be able to disturb the church through you…

  9. it’s not as scary as people make it out to be. but it sure is interesting, that’s for sure. the way faith & science battle it out in the courtroom.

    it’s not going to scare you – much – but give you food for thought, probably. oh, and to pray that you fall asleep IMMEDIATELY if for some unknown reason you wake up at 3 a.m….

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