I am giving up on my Nano

I haven’t touch it for like, 10 days already. Fact is fact, November is a bad month. With the kids holidays, I am practically cooking round the clock. And picking up after them. By midnight, I am flat out. I can’t afford to stay up till 4-5 am.

So, there. No more pressure with 50K. I barely touched 8K.

Whine, whine, whine, lament, lament, lament. But heck, I enjoy every bits of taking care of kids. Even if I have no time for myself, no chance to go out alone (with or without atm), no chance of sitting down with a good book. People may see me online often but that’s because my broadband is on all the time and I merely jumped from picking up vomits to pressing a few keys on the computer and then, jumping to break up a fight to checking on my forum to washing dirty bottom to MSN to listening to what bearings and lubricants are to catch up with emails to teaching ABCs.

Ahh….thank goodness for all the drama on the blogsphere. They are sure entertaining on a mundane day of a full-time mom. They made my kids soooooo normal. And War and Beauty so tame.

6 thoughts on “I am giving up on my Nano

  1. Aiya whyla like that. Yesterday only, I scrapped my nano, and began writing a new one, now you want to stop your nano. Let’s write at least until the deadline no. šŸ™‚

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