Killer Stare to get rid of pests


Imagine this : A beautiful waterfall. A row of calamansi lime trees with lots of calamansi limes. Flowers everywhere. Nice rocks to rest our tired legs. Plenty of space for the children to run around. Great play equipment, suitable for children of all ages. Fresh air.

And this certain family has to fark it up.

The baddies : Two morons, as in the father and mother. Three monkeys as in 2 boys, age 5 and 7 years old and a girl age about 10 years old.

Morons urging the monkeys to “Throw! Clever!”

(Idiots, even the monkeys roaming in the jungle also never find throwing things as some intelligent action la.)

Morons clap hands.

Monkeys continue pulling (not picking but yanking) lime fruits off the poor trees and throw them into the river that forms from the waterfall.

Female moron showed the monkeys “More here. More here.” Indicating another tree full of calamansi limes. And it goes on……..


Meanwhile, at some distance………

This blogger aka 5xmom was so delighted to see a waterfall gushing out of the hillock nearby after a heavy rain. The waterfall had disappeared for a long time due to the drought and development.

“Come, sweetheart, let’s go see waterfall!”

Toddler running along the path with mommy.

“You know what is waterfall? Water falling! From the hill. Neh…You see or not? Let’s see where water runs to, ok?”

Toddler saw huge waterfall that never exist before. Run faster with stubby legs.

***Potong stim music like broken record****

Woman and toddler found the morons and monkeys at the crime scene. Woman stop short at her path. Observes. Toddler followed. Woman gives killer stares. Sharp piercing look at the kids yanking the limes of the trees. (Trick – never stare at the adults and make eye contact. Stare at their kids! Make them nervous.) Woman stand with legs firmly planted on the ground, hips senget a bit, showing the ‘I am going to stand here until……’. Hands folded. Mouth gave a slight twitch (like kena stroke lil bit). Continue staring with digusted looks.

Male and female morons realised that one wacko is ready to eat them alive or lash out a parang. Whole family moved on. It is their lucky day because woman did not bring along her super-zoom, super-wide angle Konica-Minolta, Z3 4.8 MP, 12X optical zoom camera, anti-shake, 1GB SD card with video or else….


***Back to happy music.***

“Darling, you see or not? They plucked the fruits from the tree and throw. Wrong lor, understand or not? Darling cannot pluck flowers, cannot pull trees, you know? Why ni? Not nice mah. Remember hor? Pluck flowers and fruits liao no-no, if not, no more nice-nice hor? ”

Toddler deep in thoughts and replied, “Mommy cannot heep-heep, no flowers.” (heep = take photo)

5xmom, “That’s my boy!”

MESSAGE HERE (must put conclusions or else some morons are going to accuse me of throwing stones at that other morons or being too free and lepak at parks, ptuii!) : People are stealing flowers and plants from the public park because they think that nature owes them. People have no respect for nature and public properties. I had seen people plucking blooming water lillies and lotuses from the public park gardens. Isn’t that so disgusting? And doing it with the children around. So, whose fault is it when these kids grow up and think the Government or public coffers are free for the taking?


Toddler says, “I no eye see adults who have no brain to think.”

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Say, “Yay!” to 5xmom, the public enemy #1 against public pests.

10 thoughts on “Killer Stare to get rid of pests

  1. Tell me how? The azan subuh is sounding. I slept at 10.45 pm and woke up at 4.30 am? It is 5.30 am and I am hungry, can’t sleep and thinks coffee is heavenly. *strangle self*

  2. One more thing, folks. Got pests? No need to go put what-what button or go around talking so much. Just stare and keep quiet. It works better that way.

  3. yaaay, kasi sama dia orang dengan sambal, belacans dan chili padi! gua guna sheildtox bila ada pests….. kalau banyak terror, gua guna baygon, sure mati wan. bwhahahaha! cheer!

  4. eh, i only killer stare when ppl gave me funny looks when i breastfed Gordon in public last time leh, hehe. Works all the time.

  5. JeremyC – Yalor, so kesian the tree being yanked like that. Got people plant it so well, they water it, put fertiliser etc. And these people treat it like dirt. Ish!

    melvinfoong – He wear bandana punya pasal la.

    wuching – šŸ™‚

    JoeC – Yay.

    Yvy – Yalor, I did not bring my camera on rainy days, that’s why.

  6. Lilian, the leng jai on the pic is hot. Wonder he looks like father or his gorgeous mother ler?

    The moronic parents ought to be shot!! I’ve seen before blardy bitch of a mother telling her kids to throw stone at stray dogs. Lucky we are staying in Malaysia. If in US, blardy hell i sure call police to lock them up for mistreating animals.

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