You want to know what is really obsence and vulgar?

News like these:

A RM2,000 mobile phone, a trip to Hong Kong and an ang pow – these are the rewards that 12-year-old (name removed ‘cos I sked kena sue) will get for scoring 7As in the UPSR examination.


Yeah, right, stuff your kids with monetary rewards from as young as 12 years old for a mere UPSR. Highlight it on national papers. Make all these 7As (5As for National Schools) like celebrities. Then, at the same time, lament that kids are getting too much tuition. Duh!

It is just a kid’s exam, for goodness sake. Kids are for us parents to pamper all year round, 24/7 if we can afford it. They are not dogs in training, perform a task, stuff one dog biscuit, pat-pat on the head, kinda beings, ok?

I don’t know what kids feel when they see their peers on papers like these. Isn’t that very disheartening? Say you failed to get the ultimate results and your parents tell you to f* off and forget all about that holiday, gifts and angpows? Lu si ginah bo lorh eong? Sui chai mo gwai yoong.

There are half a million kids who sat for the UPSR. I wonder what they are feeling right now? Those who did not live up to their parents’ expectations?

Back in my days, no one gives a damn to what you get in your exam. The newspapers never glorify exam scorers. Instead, I remember they have these bravery awards for school children. Come to think of it, how often do we see kids being rewarded for something other than exam results?

Bah! Where did I put that toilet plunger? (was my intended topic)

23 thoughts on “You want to know what is really obsence and vulgar?

  1. Don’t anyone dare come give me smart aleck comment like ‘what other people wants to do to their kids are not your concern’. This is not about one single person. This is how we are guiding our future generation. Give money. Bribe them. Ultimately, it is about money. That’s my main point.

  2. When i was a kid.. I didn’t even get a handphone! All i got was a stinking 2000 dollars and a trip to hawaii… stinking 4A’s ..


    I kid I kid…. Yeah i know.. seriously.. my upsr paper now can be my toilet paper.. so what will the kid get when s/he gets full straight a’s in SPM.. I wonder..

  3. I got an electric guitar for getting straight As in my PMR.

    I now am suffering from a dependance of rewards, like expecting a salary for work.

    Oh my dear parents, you’ve ruined me!

  4. G – Hahaha, lucky you. I never got any rewards, prolly why I never reward my kids also. I just give whenever I feel like it. Never use money as stick and carrot.

    Rodney – It is more the message told to the public – You ought to reward your child. And every kiasu parents will start doing it.

    Eliar – A PSP is awaiting at the shop. My kid (Std 3) just asked the shop owner, Oi, how much is your PSP? RM969. And you know what? I haven’t got the result from the school because he ponteng-ed too much and missed taking the report card. The PSP is not meant as a reward. Kehkehkeh but just a gift for his bday but disguised as exam reward. I purposely make him suspense only. He flunked or whatever, still will buy when the offer is good.

  5. when i was 12 and scored straight A’s in UPSR, i ran home from school to my mom and dad who hugged me tight, happily with tears flowing down my cheeks.

    That feeling was waaaaay better than the pizza hut treat that night (my family not rich mah).

  6. yeah..
    I was shocked and sickened too when I read that today..
    waa.. giving a 12-yr-old RM2000 handphone ??!!! And to publish that in newspaper ?? Why ?? Is that news worthy ????
    I already working also don’t get RM2000 handphone.. !! 🙁

  7. 4As in UPSR for me… all I requested back in 1996 was Internet connection to our lowly Jaring with a 33.6Kbps modem! woot!

    Now come to think of it.. I should’ve asked for 2k and a trip to somewhere. God am I stupid! lol.

    Really.. $2000, handphone and a trip for UPSR? I think the news is suppose to be sarcasm instead of gloryfying that kid. I first bought my handphone after Form 5 after working for 3 months during the holidays to call my parents back in Penang when I’m in University.. lol.

    You gotta love these half-assed minded parents though.. you just really have to.

  8. 5A’s for UPSR is no big deal. I never got anything substansial with those 5A’s.. No PS(1.2.3.SP.whatever version) or 2000 bucks to blow. Heck, I have yet to step foot into another country.

    The typical attitude that “results are everything” has just got to cool off (not die off totally lah.) Many successful people who exist nowadays were not that well educated anyway.

  9. Nowadays kids expect too much just for doing what is really their responsibility..i.e. to study and do their homework. From young, they were given over enthusiastic approvals and now when they are grown up , they get upset… cos the boss was upset with their work. boo-hoo..” I quit”
    My kid gets cruises and exotic vacations because she is our kid not because she did well in school. ( That she has to do for herself not for us) Getting A’s great hug from mummy and daddy. Maybe mummy might spring in $10 or a movie ..hahaha

  10. Tears rooling down my Mum’s face was rewarding enough for me when I scored straight As in UPSR and PMR eons ago 🙂

    There are half a million kids who sat for the UPSR. I wonder what they are feeling right now? Those who did not live up to their parents’ expectations?

    What about those who also scored straight As but their parents are not well-to-do enough to reward them with handphones etc.?

  11. wahlau….i was lucky enough to get a second hand walkman & even then, it wasnt a promise BEFORE the exams. dad just thot it would b nice. like most ppl, we weren’t rich n now that i’m working, i still cannot afford….no, not afford, cant even DREAM of owning a RM2k hp. really siao lar!!

  12. Bribe is SOOOO IN nowadays, eh? We do it to our cops (though i know it takes 2 to tango..) and now we wanna do it to our kids!!! lol

    We start em young, dun we?

  13. *shakes head*

    my cousin sis got 7As and i doubt her father will reward her for anything but he planned to celebrate dat wid her birthday this weekend. means i need to go shop for pressie arrghhh wat does 12 year old gurl dig these days?

  14. yeah… I pity those kids who have to work and taking care of other siblings with little time left to study… those are the ones who deserve our media glorifications… not some spoilt brat!!

  15. die lor…

    Straight A’s reward :
    year 1985 (my ujian penilaian) – RM50
    year 2005 – RM2000 handphone & a trip & ang pau
    year 2014 (my child’s UPSR)if she ever get it – at least RM10,000???!! & trip round the world???

    To my children,
    Veli soli, better no need sit for the exam lor – cause I cannot afford. But if really want to try and score straight A’s, I promise no scolding for 1 month!!

  16. Both my nieces also got straight As, but, no ah, we dun go give them extreme rewards like this. If give, pok kai oso, cos they score straight As all yr round, lol.

  17. boss n company oso never give me such rewards larrr..

    seriously a small nice reward will do lar but a 2K h/p (eh my h/p less than rm500), a trip to HK and ang pau…

    eh i can redo my UPSR ah ?

  18. i TOTALLY agree with what you have posted.

    what becomes of our future generation, we will soon find out. if i want to do something, i need a reward. if you want me to do something, show me a reward.

    and it’s always, material, monetary.

    it definitely ain’t gonna be a good thing.

  19. aiyoh, a 12-year old kid got a hp that cost 2x what my own one cost????

    mana boleh ni…

    during my time, if i even suggest to parents “ma, pa, if i get 5A for my upsr, u buy me expensive gadgets/toys/bring me to kai-kai overseas”… sure kena belasah kau-kau liao.

    cos my parents r of the generation who believe good result is reward enough.

  20. I am a parent too and my son got 5As and i did get him a hp but it only cost $4oo..but as far as publicity is concern blame it on the journalist and the parents who are just plain showing-off. On one hand they are condemning the education system and here we have them putting up this kind of headlines!!

    They are sure sending out the wrong msg to the kids!!

  21. let’s blame the media for this.. the editor espicially.
    What lah! This kind of story also want to tell meh?
    I kesian sama lain lain budak kampung.. score pun score jugak.. tapi wang takder.. apa macam mau buat..
    happy happy saja sama family enuff lorr..

    My handphone less than RM300 onli.

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