OOoo, I just discovered the Blog Thunderdome

Welcome to Thunderdome where we pit blog versus blog in a glorious fight to the death.

Two blogs enter. One blog leaves. The winner bears the honorable scars of battle. The loser is forbidden from blogging for a period of two months.

It’s about time bad blogging got punished.

Hey, isn’t it nice to have our own Malaysian version? Put two blogs together in one place, let the blogger fight it out and the kpc readers can freely throw rotten tomatoes and eggs and then, walk away. All in peace. But the

losing blogger will spend the imposed hiatus in deep contemplation on how to make their site not suck.

What is bad blogging? As defined by Blog Thunderdome:

“Bad blogging” does not necessarily equal “crap blogging.” It is very possible to have a generally good–yet flawed–blog. We at Blog Thunderdome like to expose those flaws like open wounds, pour salt in them, then rub vigorously.

oooooOOOOOO, fun, isn’t it? Huh? Fun or not?

BTW, I also discovered that mommy bloggers ‘have egoes bigger than Alaska’. It is a worldwide phenomena. Mama mia! (in case you nit wits who flunked Ilmu Alam or Geografi, Alaska is the biggest state in the United States of America) So, if you think my blog suxs, too bad. It is how Mother Nature intended us (mommy bloggers aka Hot Gucci Mamas) to be. Nyek.

So, who is ready for a Blog Thunderdome? Wanna fight? Come la. *go find broom and toilet plunger*

List some suggested ‘fighting partners’ like :

Menj vs. Rajan

(add your suggestion, I am too chicken shit to add too many)

23 thoughts on “OOoo, I just discovered the Blog Thunderdome

  1. me no fight, juz interested in finding out how my blog stand up to review…. but then…. who die and who made who the god of blog review?


  2. eyeris – Talk about that, I think safer you separate Miss July and Miss August to errmmm Feb. and Nov. don’t put next to each other or else the calendar got burnt. LOL.

    JoeC – From what I read on that site, they have this World Blogging Organisation (WBO). Hahaha, the angmohs really take blogging damn seriously but professional la. Want to fling mud, fling only in that dome. It is sort of like a group blog where they place the two bloggers to fight it out in words. That way, all the cheerleaders, add oil people aka chicken shits like us, no need to surf from site to site to check the developments. Also, the readers can fight it out on the same spot. How interesting hor?

    Lin Peh – You go find two feuding female bloggers and jump in lor. Most probably, you will come out injured.

  3. helen – Wanna fight with me anot? We fight over whether it is feet or stubby hands. LOL.

    egghead – Now, where is Mrs. Egghead. Let me call her.

    Samm – Everybody has the same opinion.

    Joe – Heh.

  4. simon – Yeah, those are nothing compared to the latest. So, safe I use their names mah ‘cos they never read my blog. Wud wanna bunch of garang mob bash me. I did put disclaimer – I am too chicken shit wut. Hahaha.

  5. buaya – I can just hear Tina Tuna’s We don’t need another heroes in the background while Samm, Helen and I fight it out. No, wait, we need more members. Zara’s mama and King’s wife will do fine. Muahahaha. Bring it on, old horses. The tigresses are waiting.

    zara’s mama – Yalor, I never got around to tweak that blog yet. Busy busy due to school hols. You will be our member. hahaha.

  6. Ok Lilian… we sapport u 110%, lets go to war! let us all take the plunge together…. hahahaha, tis the season. cheers!

  7. reminds me during secondary school time, girls would pull up the bra strap of others and let go, PIAK! (ouch) and guys will just whack their friend’s little elephant (so gay!) Aiseh, too bad cyber world cannot do any of that hahaha!

  8. There used to be a blog contest. More like blog “survivor”.

    And every week, someone with the most votes get voted out. The winner.. erm… Wins lor.. I forgot got win anything or not…

    Those blogs… Hmm… Malaysian Blogosphere is nothing like them… šŸ™‚

    But mostly they have morphed into webcam sites and some got into the adult cam business.. Some quit…

    Sad to see an entire blogosphere falls just like that…

    we should do well to protect our Malaysian blogosphere.

  9. n305er – So, you go set up the thunderdome and we all kasi dia orang lawan puas-puas lor. Then, come out and be civil again. Instead of running all over the blogsphere leaving nasty comments. Cool idea anot? Somemore hor, I can sit by the side and collect bets. Wuah, I can be rich like that.

    Hokkienlang – That one T.K.O. liao, no more. How about Hokkienlang vs. err….Cantonese?

    kampungkai – Wah, so garang wan ah, the girls. I never fight before. Swear!

    JoeC – ‘Tis the season to be merry, tra lalala.

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