Between Dell and Toshiba, which is a better laptop?

I got a massive headaches running around town, forget to drink coffee and got caught in the rain because I so wanna capture that ‘fluffy white’ bubbling water.

I wish my atm would just give me the present, wrapped with a red ribbon, plonk it on my lap and I have a laptop. Finito. But no…….he is a finanace man, remember? So, he dragged me from shop to shop, website to website to pick MY present.

After days of searching and enquiring, we finally shortlisted two models. But yay, budget went from around RM3K to RM4K now.

Before I forget, I do wish to own that Toshiba Qosimo which Toshiba call ‘AV Notebook PC’. But no lar, siao meh, it costs RM8K. I am buying a laptop, not a TV la. The colour is so, so, so, so nice.

So, experts sekalian, now between these two, what would be your choice? I prefer Dell.

Dell 630M – RM4.2K (with 3 yrs complete cover warrranty but con is this has no card reader.)

1.73 GHz, 2MB Cache, 533 MHz FSB
14.1″ Wide Screen XGA TFT Display with TrueLife(TM)
512MB (2 X 256MB) 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM
60GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive

Toshiba M40 -P540 – RM4.5K (only one year limited warranty)

M40-P540: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology with Intel Pentium M processor 730 (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache, 802.11b/g), WinXP Home Edition SP2, 256MB, 60GB HDD, 15.4 WXGA TFT with Clear SuperView Technology, DVD SuperMulti Double Layer Drive (DVD±RW/RAM), Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 upto 128MB shared VRAM, Toshiba Express Media Player (instant-on CD/DVD), harman/kardon speakers, 5-in-1 card reader, IEEE 1394, 3x USB, 1-yr ILW (carry-in, part & labor)

My atm has a Dell and once, my kid broke his screen. Dell replaced it without question. That’s my reason in prefering Dell. Whilst, my atm prefer a Toshiba for its beautiful, beautiful clear view (or whatcha the screen resolution la).

Quick! Please give me some feedbacks so I can get this headache out of my head.

P/S : I had checked the net and apparently, the Toshiba model is hot and noisy and sluggish. And not much is written about Dell 630M. They cover more on Dell 6000. I don’t play too many graphic intensive games so it won’t be a big problem.

27 thoughts on “Between Dell and Toshiba, which is a better laptop?

  1. I would go for DELL bcos im using DELL now. On it for almost a month and no problem. Been using it for a year already. DELL got support every where, not like Toshiba, quite diff and the parts are expensive. Dell is fine,

  2. Check out the normal matte screens and those CSV glossy screens. The difference between a readable matte and a super glaring screen (due to flourescent lights and other light sources) should make you want to stick to old-tech matte screens. They’re matte for a reason.

    Toshiba after sales is good, can get a quote for battery price over the phone. Dell needs service tag, very leceh wan.

    All laptops are limited particularly by the HDD speed. So if you want speed, change the HDD to a 7200 rpm model. I chose my toshiba over a dell, because of the keyboard and build quality.

  3. Oh and btw toshiba changed the whole motherboard over lunchtime (a couple of hours) because i had a problem with the USB ports not detecting my mouse.

    Sluggishness is caused by the CPU running slower than normal (at 500mhz +/-) to save battery + operate cooler. Its normal in all speedstep-enabled lappies. My celeron based laptop (full speed all the time without speedstep) is consistently fast, but loses out in max-power to the pentium M.

  4. if you want to show off your notebook to ppl, Toshiba.
    if you want handsome Dell technician guy in sexy uniform goto your house when notebook break down, Dell!

    Dell better lah…

  5. If you don’t carried the notebook around, a 15.4 screen is nice. So why no get Inspiron 6000?

    And take note that the notebook is using Integrated graphic adapter, so it will take up some of your system memory. So if you configure the system with 128MB video memory, you system only left with 384MB RAM. I don’t think 384MB is enough if you do intensive photoshop works.

    Bare in mind that, new notebook come with lots of JUNKS software. I have seen a new notebook load up with 240MB of junks(so the usable memory is less than 128MB even the notebook come with 512MB RAM). So try to learn how to reinstall those hardware drivers without using the vendor “bundled applications”.

    So if you think of getting the notebook for photoshop, pump the memory up to 1GB and reinstall the operating system.

    For home user, unless you earn US dollar, I suggest you buy Dell Inspiron or Compaq Presario, toshiba is for those “loaded”. Don’t bother to look at the Taiwanese brand “Ac*r”.

  6. Few days back Rojakz was selling that hot Ferrari laptop for RM2300! I just bought a Dell laptop so cannot afford another one.

    As for my new Dell, so far I have no complains. :-)Toshiba’s price is out of my league. 🙁

  7. Dell. If you want better display, upgrade the screen. They have three options there. And now the promotion is on. You can get free upgrade to dvd burner and RM 300 instant cash redemption, free bag and so on. :p I can say Dell is very economic and has good service.

  8. i’d go for dell…since the maintenance guys are cute n come to service in uniforms. lol

    sorrylar, achelly i dun know but lcf started it so i just continue lor. 😛

  9. I would go for toshiba bcoz it has a DVD burner! which is good for burning lots and lots of anime and lots and lots of TVB series 😛

    but Tosibha only gives u 256MB RAM? that’s not enough for a laptop (tat’s the minimum from what I read somewhere)…so try and persuade for another free 256MB, or if u can wait, I think PC Fair is coming soon, u can get good deals from there 🙂

  10. Yvy – Yalor, that day the guy who came to my house to reformat my PC oso cute lor. Too bad I dare not take pic. Hahaha.

    surfnux – Yeah, they just added the DVD burner and extra 20GB so it is a worth buy.

    helen – He refused to sell to me. That KNNMCB Rojakz!!! Hrmmphh… Hahaha, no lah, my atm very wary because it was too cheap! Like that oso can? By the time he says ok, oversold liao.

    moo – I did consider Acer but later, see-see, not very convince because of who advertise for it. Hehehe, I mean, she is a singer, not a tech wiz, so I cannot be convince.

    LcF – Wah…your salesmanship very good. You understand the clients well. hahaha. But seriously, Dell’s phone support is superb. And they have next-day on-site repair. Great back-up for noobs like me.

    Andy – My hubby is going to get the Toshiba guy to see him on Monday. The plus point is getting the unit fast whereas Dell has 5-10 days waiting time. So, I am open to both options. If I can get it ASAP, it will be better.

    kcyap – My desktop is a Dell too. Works very well, never rosak for 3 years until recently.

    wuching – Ya, my heart is for Dell, just one click away but want to give Toshiba another look. In Penang, the retailers all don’t carry the model I want to see. We are waiting for the distributor to show us.

    Hin – Yeah, I did thot of that too ‘cos I have photos to download. But did not ask the price yet.

  11. Hey.. Lilian,
    I prefer the toshiba to be honest.. but Papa BoK say.. get the dell with 3 years warranty.. the card only cost like 15 bucks canadian..! or you can buy a PCMCIA card reader .. and it will plug right into it.. and you donch have to carry another piece of thing as your card reader.

  12. lilian, dell 630m just launched not more than 2 weeks. i read that model comes with 4 in 1 card reader?!!

    except my own 1st notebook, Acer (still working till now from year 1997) my used dell inspiron 4000, then dell inspiron 5150, dell inspiron 510m (now )and next monday my new inspiron 710m is coming 🙂

    make sure upgrade the memory to use only one slot. and get 1GB RAM (or at least 512mb RAM/piece) from market on the 2nd slot. then your machine can last much longer and sure able to support the coming windows vista next year 🙂

    dell far the service is good. they even sent me CD ROM drive replacement before i send the broken unit…

  13. I say Dell bcoz of the 3 year guarantee…card reader you can ask them to add for you or you can even buy an external card reader, thats no problem but 3 year guarantee for a laptop is a must have. If a laptop breaks down it will be very expensive to repair, thus the 3 year guarantee becomes sth like insurance lor…hehe.
    So far I have used 2 Dell desktop pc and one Dell Laptop , all I can say is, their after sales service is quite good and their products are of good quality although not comparable to Toshiba or Sony for that matter.
    Just get the Dell and you will be satisfied, 3

  14. Reason I brought Dell is bcoz my office Accountant. highly recommend after he himself does a lot of survey b4 buying(U know aaccountant la count here count there b4 buying anything).Last month my laptop battery mati, afternoon I call Penang next day battery at my KL office doorstep 3pm.
    Buy Dell la

  15. Toshiba laptops get really hot and customer service is decent. After 4 years, my boyfriend’s laptop works like a desktop – you can’t move it around. If you do, the laptop stalls.
    Dell has great customer service but a few Dell models have problems with their hard disk. I’ve actually heard of a lot of people having this problem with Dell. Although they don’t charge you for replacing it(if it’s still under warranty), it can be a pain since you lose all your data.

    Do think of what you’re going to use the laptop for, and figure out which one works best for your needs.

    – mayzy

  16. dell cos the warranty XD
    service also not bad really ;p
    and then u can customise and change lo online ;p

    inspiron 6000 is dam heavy and bulky (or maybe its just me)but i have it and lugging it to uni everyday isn’t very nice… -_-
    other than that it functions pretty good really

    toshiba the black looks dam sleek tho ;p

    but anyway i am a pc noob so this is the opinion of sumbody who’s just using it for everyday function and surviving uni

  17. Ahem – I never say I like to show off wor. ‘Cos I got better things to show off than a piece of machine. 🙂

    mX – This Dell 630M is newer than the 6000. So, hopefully it is not as heavy. That’s the bad point about Dell. We can’t touch and feel before buying.

    Mayzy – Wow, thanks for that input. Will take into consideration.

    9394 – Careful next time you don’t marry an accountant, wei. At least mine is a male. If a woman accountant, lagi susah hor? Hahaha.

    Dylan – I have an external card reader now. And my camera has a 1 GB SD card so it really isn’t that big a problem ‘cos I am not a photographer by profession. Hahaha. 1 GB can last me one 5 days holidays liao.

    leecs – Ya, but the one on offer here never mention any card reader. That’s why it is funny. I am too lazy to call up. It is not an option on the website too. Or maybe I missed it? Hmm…possible.

    MamaBoK – Thanks for that tips. My external card reader is a 6-point thingie and costs real cheap too. From Taiwan.

    CLF – See how the sales people talk to my hubby.

  18. Processors
    Learn More
    Intel® Pentium® M up to 760(2GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 533 MHz)
    Operating Systems
    Learn More
    Bullet Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
    Bullet Genuine Windows® XP Professional

    Bullet Intel® 915GM Chipset

    Learn More
    Bullet 256MB 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM standard, upgradable to 2GB maximum
    Bullet 2 sockets, both are user-accessible

    Media Bay
    Learn More
    2-Spindle system including hard drive and choice of one media bay device internally
    Choice of:
    Bullet 24X CD-RW/DVD1 Combo Drive
    Bullet 8X DVD+/-RW2 with dual-layer support

    I/O Ports
    Bullet 4 USB 2.0 ports (Universal Serial Bus) compliant 4-pin connectors
    Bullet IEEE 1394 connector
    Bullet Audio jacks: Line-out (external speakers/ headphones)
    Bullet Video: 15-pin monitor connector
    Bullet S-Video: 7-pin mini-DIN connector
    Bullet 10/100 Ehthernet LAN: RJ-45
    Bullet Modem: RJ-11 connector

    Learn More
    Bullet Height: 31.75mm – 38mm
    Bullet Width: 333mm
    Bullet Depth: 244mm
    Bullet Weight: 2.48kg3

    Learn More
    Bullet 6-cell (standard)
    9-cell (optional)

    Bullet Depth: 206.8 mm (8.14 inch)
    Bullet Height: 24.0 mm (0.94 inch)
    Bullet Width: 49.0 mm (1.93 inch) 6-cell
    67.9mm (2.67 inch) 9-cell

    Bullet 0.34 kg (0.75 lb) 6-cell
    Bullet 0.49 kg (1.08 lb) 9-cell

    Bullet Voltage 11.1 VDC
    Bullet Life span (approximate) 300 discharge/charge cycles

    Power Management
    Bullet Suspend-to-RAM mode
    Bullet Suspend-to-disk mode
    Bullet Stand-by mode (turns off LED and HDD)

    Bullet 5-in-1 Flash Memory Reader: Reads memory Stick/Pro, SD, MMC, xD
    Bullet 1 Express Card Slot (54mm)

    hi, just confirmed that come with 5 in 1 card reader embedded…

  19. I used to work for Tele-Dynamics and yes, the Toshiba Notebooks there are good. I am using a Tecra 9000 myself after we were “encouraged” to buy them for two years. If you are buying it under company, then go for Toshiba (in this choice). But if you’re SOHO (and have kids in the house), then go for DELL as its replacements of faulty parts are best as getting parts replaced from the former is like squeezing fungus from a stone (Its there but you have to work very hard at it)

    I have expected Notebooks, esp mine to last for only 2 years or so and now, it its third and a half year, its still going strong. And I abused it everyday.

    But one can still dream for a RM18,000 Panasonic Toughbook which you can run over with a car.

  20. hey..go
    search for the model u wanna to look for, will explain n comments in details..quite useful tips.
    i’m using Fujitsu C series, so far 4 yrs no problem. Good! if i were you, i opt for TOSHIBA! coz for quality prospect! no shit! =) anyway, up to ur own preference yeah!!

  21. hi!!!!!!!!!!
    i m very much confused at the moment . i m to buy a laptop soon.
    but could’nt make out btw dell inspiron 1525 and toshiba’s satellite series(fusion).
    i hope u understand my problem and give me the reply at the earliest!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. DeLL!!DELL is better!
    toshiba suck!
    my family bought 3 toshiba laptops at the same time with diffrnt model,but after 1 and half years..all of our laptop got a same motherboard prob..

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