Tremors, again.

Oops, another tremors happen again. Time 10.13 pm. Location – Penang.

Very mild but detectable with my super sonic radar. Lasts for awhile.

Just for the record.

Added : It is confirmed, I am super sensitive to tremors. I think the Jabatan Kaji Cuaca ought to hire me to sit on a swivel chair all day and I can tell if there is any tremors. I somemore can blog it instantly. Who can beat that?

16 thoughts on “Tremors, again.

  1. 🙁 scary lar….

    did u by any chance get that tsunami predicted email? it’s been flying all over the place. sigh. even my boss sent it out to the whole office. yioh!

  2. Yvy – No wor. Paste it here? Create a bit gossip lor. But our Catholic Churches do not condone these acts of prophesies, I think. I read in the latest Catholic News some of these are pure b.s. (my own word, not the mag. 🙂 ) Some people are going overboard with these ‘revealations’ and ‘end of the world’ scares.

  3. dunno leh, i didnt read it. i was thinking if really oso, wat can we do right? i wouldnt C & P in here lar coz it’s not for sure n no one can b sure. but it’s not wrong for u to b extra careful. 🙂

  4. Just about 10mins after i read your post, my sis sms me and told me that the news came out on tv3 crawler. 6.5 ricter 565km north west kl at approx 1010pm.

  5. simon – wah, so long you never visit la. My kids gone to church camp, I damn free mah.

    sHee – Fuwah, that means there really is an earthquake? I must ping this to PPS. I dare not ping earlier ‘cos I sked I sendiri perasan ‘cos I was drinking XO with 100 plus just now. I thot I mabuk. LOL.

    Yvy – Actually, I look forward to the dramatic end, if any. Isn’t it glorious? Hahaha, ignore me. I have weird views.

  6. If you were stark naked in your bath, or you were midway to heaven in bed with your atm, and the tremors started, what would you do? finish the job on hand, or rush out in your full glory? hehehe.. sorry, was just pondering about this situation while reading your blog.

  7. Foodcrazee, Lin Peh & Ah Pek – Oi, oi, I go church on Sunday mornings la. You think I sked to answer meh? In case you all missed my old postings, here’s a gist:
    1st tremor before the tsunami – It happened early in the morning, I evacuated w/o bra and my contact lenses, ok? My posting went worldwide. My FILA embossed on the t-shirt saves me. 🙂

    The 2nd tremor – It happened when I was about to go to sleep, this time, I got time to put on la. Because I don’t want to be caught in the same situation.

    And to curious cats who never experience BIG tremors, you won’t know how panicky it is. Whole block of apartment people running like elephants. If any tongkua-taufoo, I think I just grab a sarong and run too. You really have no time to consider when the whole house shakes, including your bed, ceiling fan, aquarium etc. The kids’ safety comes first, any other thing doesn’t matter liao.

    Try searching ‘tremors’ under my search box and see? I sensed many tremors before this. Very ‘cun’ wan.

    MamaBoK & Kyels – It seems that natural disaster which was foreign to us previously, is getting more nearer now. In this one year alone (since the Tsunami) until now, I had experienced 2 large tremors and 3 small ones. I never felt this for all my 40 yrs of life, until now. And it will get even more common. Scary…

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