Important message brought to you jointly by Rojakz and 5xmom

Following is the MSN between two bloggers regarding laptops. The laptop brands had been censored.

wingz says: oi ABC brand very good, not hot one

lilian says: u mean the machine heat?

wingz says: hot as in temperature

wingz says: my ABC tarak heat but i use my wife mia XYZ brand laptop, berpeluh my wrist (sweating)

lilian says: burn yr kkc LOL. mandul nanti.


wingz says: mch … who use kkc to type one ? (kkc is the colloquial languaget for the birdie)

lilian says: u put on your lap mah LOL

lilian says: kayu bahagia mah? (joystick)

wingz says: i never put laptop on lap to use … sue boil own sperm if put on lap sial

wingz says: telur separuh masak !!!!

5xmom : Or grilled sosej. LOL

wingz : Don’t play-play. The laptop melted the clear plastic from the organiser.


5xmom : End up with burnt balls.

lilian says: hahaha! I blog this hor? Community message brought to you by Rojakz and 5xmom.

Don’t put the laptop on your lap. Preserve humanity. Don’t boil your eggs. Keep your eggs fresh!


BTW, I think Wingz was not exaggerating about the heat emitted from the laptop. The brand name starts from C. Go guess.

20 thoughts on “Important message brought to you jointly by Rojakz and 5xmom

  1. I disagree. Laptop brand “c” do not emit that much of heat. In fact, i personally recommend it to anyone as a reliable laptop.

  2. Jacy – You go whack that Rojakz? He told me so wor. Anyway, it wasn’t in my list of ‘to-consider’ brand. Prolly the C brand got hot because of Rojakz’s porn. LOL.

    cyber-red – Two bloggers who eat-full-nothing-to-do on weekends.

  3. buggar i gonna have big big problem lei.U all should talk this topic earlier.No gonna put lap top on my lap n hope is not too late

  4. Nola, the C brand as I know it, is very problematic. If you ever get one, chances of it ending up in the mechanic shed is very high. I have seen many of my friends C brand laptop just kong on them, some more not even a week!
    But I know the C brand is very affordable with good specs but I dont recommend it on seeing so many failing machines. As for you, just pray that it yours don’t kong on you lor…touch wood.
    I personally recommend Asus and Dell laptops. I like Dell for their back up service and Asus for quality.
    Nice post 5xmom. Kinda got me back on my feet..kind of stressed out for the forthcoming tests and assg due dates this week,

  5. Hmmmmm, well, on the other hand, if what you alleged about the ‘C’ brand is true, it makes good alternative contraceptive. Of course the downside is it’s effect is irreversible… lol

    so, ppl who do not wish to shoulder the responsibility of parenthood, ask your man to buy ‘c’ brand laptop and place on lap.

  6. Rb – Ends with a C. MSN Rojakz better, I may have confused the two brands.

    helen – Oi, dun play-play. Langsung tak boleh pakai, you want meh? Mandul still ok. Mati pucuk, apamaciam?

    Dylan – Glad you find this funny. As for the brand, I think sometimes, it depends on our luck also. Like cars, some cars memang give headaches to one owner but ok for others.

    9394 – peepoopeepoo, 911 to the rescue! KKC on fire!

  7. hoho but I think since c is bought over by h*, it must have improved abit lo. :p hoho those pics are taiwan sausage ar? hoho so big one.

  8. fren got one C laptop. the shell is melted and now u get stained by black rubber stuff all over ur palms!
    i had a taiwan ciplak brand that lasted better than hers!

  9. my sis had a C laptop. Dang lots of problem lor. It would always shut down on by itself cos it was too hot….fan problem I think

  10. C brand hot meh? Must be some noob using it (arghh, don’t throw stones) 😉

    Ok, ok, I am using a centrino(don’t confuse it with celeron) notebook, more expensive(than normal Pentium 4 mobile processor in year 2003-2004) but emits less heat. It is also important to go into notebook CMOS and turn on the feature “Fans always on when runs on AC power”. And never ever block the air vent of the notebook.

    And take note of my previous comment on the notebook : Most notebook vendor install TOO MUCH JUNK inside. Those junks are the main problem of overheating, waste your eletric and force your processor works around the clock even you are not using it.

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