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Quick! Still left a few minutes to send some good vibes over to me. All the good wishes will be much appreciated. It is my 17th wedding anniversary today – 25th November. Phew….that’s a mighty long time to spend living with the same person, day in, day out, sunny days, cloudy days, thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions……Sounds of Music Days, meddling in-laws days, financial ups and downs, births and deaths, sickness and health and etc etc.

But 17 years it is.

Oh ya, I just lurve the above photo I took this morning. So beautiful ya? Can you see Genting Highlands on the top right? That limestone hill is somewhere in Gombak.

Ah…’s good to be back home.

26 thoughts on “My most beautiful picture

  1. Woww…Auntie Lilian..that’s a really really nice photo! You’re really good at capturing still moments like this !!

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!! Here’s wishing you many many more anniversaries to come…!

  2. [[Life Feel Says:
    November 26th, 2005 at 1:46 am
    sorry to say thisÒ€¦ the pic has room for improvement]]

    Aiyah why rain on someones parade??? If the picture is not up to par why not make some suggestions instead.

  3. hey, hv many happy returns of the day, hope the pic reflects your marriage in every way…calm and peaceful, everlasting……hehe. great!

  4. keatix – Thanks! You got my meaning, after all.

    romantic – Hahaha, thanks for the input. 6x, no way. Unless some miracle happens like the 0.01% in TL failure.

    Life feel – Sorry to tell you this. But my title, the pic and the meaning were hidden. Too deep for your understanding. Keatix got it right. You think this is a photoblog, as simple as that?

    Cherry – I lurve the reflections. I reflected a lot on my life with that scene. Life is so complete.

    CLF – I got a limit of 20KB in Flickr so I very kedekut with my pixels. Every day also must see if I exceed the limit. Very mah fan but wutodo, free account mah.

    crazymommy – Tenkiu πŸ™‚

    james – Yeah, long way already, and more to go.

    Wingz – Wuah….first commentor! *hands Wingz champagne*

  5. Lilian, I am not going to wish you any Happy Ani stuff, as I know you are already happy πŸ™‚ 17 years is short… Wishing you with many more great years to come. Bravo.

  6. Nxt time if got very good pic, upload it into best quality lor, like this one u said the best pic, worth to spend the bandwidth mar.
    In fact, now is near end of the month alrdy, few more days to go and bandwidth will be reset. πŸ˜€

  7. Wah, 17 years!!! How fantastic and fabulous. I must take notes from you, especially re: volcano eruptions. Congratulations and here’s to many, many, many more happy ones.

  8. got so nice place in KL meh? Really beautiful shot…

    ah, we have something in common..i also celebrated my 17th anniversary this year. how time flies….

    Happy anniversary to you and your atm!

  9. king’s wife – Yeah, it is in Kampung Batu. The park is call Batu Metropolitan Park. Really love the lotus ponds. Wuah…I got partners already. Sometimes, it is ‘lonely’ being the few bloggers who had been married for so long.

    Jane Sunshine – Hahaha, it is usual in every marriages, I think. Just need to get used to it and learn to reduce the eruptions. LOL.

    fishtail – Thanks and thanks.

    put3put4 – Tenkiu.

    CLF – Yahor, let’s see if I have space, I put on bigger pic.

    Samm – Muaks.

    mahagurusia – Wow, you really have a way with words. That’s very nice.

    simon – api anibeseri?

    LinPeh – Xie xie ni.

    MamaBoK – You bet! Lots and lots of work. It ain’t easy and not a bed of roses, too. Thanks!

  10. shit man, live here all my life also I dunno….thks.

    yes..”lonely”. like dunno where to fit in. it’s either with the hamsap los, or the young mummies with young, young children, and all the rest who talk cock! hahha… Got to blog-hop more…

  11. king’s wife – I only know because my son who is a skate-boarding freak heard about it from the skateboarding forum. It has the biggest and nicest skate-board park in Malaysia.

    I know what you mean. Hahaha. Gimme a five!

  12. i was not around on 25th (evening) so missed this out, so here’s a belated wish to you – happy 17th wedding anniversary, lilian!

  13. fuhhh i thot u went overseas for yr holidays!!! tengok-tengok gombak kekeke

    congrats lilian on yr 17th anniversary!!!! i baru 7 years… long way to go πŸ™‚ happy anniversary, wish u and hubby tim tim mutt mutt!

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