8TV Malaysia’s Most Beautiful…kreakk ptuii, b*tch*est woman

I don’t know why we Malaysians can’t be more vocal about stuffs that happen around us. There are so many things happenning around us that affect us that we can make a difference.

Don’t just wait for something major like the Polis DiRaja Malaysia and that girl video (heck, I don’t know what is happening because I haven’t read the papers and PPS since Tuesday but wanna act pandai only) then only want to talk about issues like these.

Let’s start with one simple programme like 8TV Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Woman contest.. My God, what is happening to our local reality shows? I for one, NEVER watch 8TV. In fact, I never watch any local shows. Come to think of it, I hardly watch TV at all.

But I caught the programme yesterday night because I was bored out of my head in Micasa. Hell, if you want to see women’s ugliest sides, just watch 8TV.

They fought over simple stuffs like hairs. They cried over inane stuffs like not being able to find the right accessories. Gee, goodness, these are not a bunch of 16 years old. Some of these are women with adult children.

The prizes awaiting the winner are BIG. RM100K, an apartment and many biggies. So, competition is extremely keen. Therefore, nice young ladies (Muslims, I think) ended up uttering the f word (it was censored but I suppose it is a four letter word) on national TV. One super bitchy woman wearing a tudung was voted out because wow, she is really bitchy. One Ah Soh was….hear this, pissed off because she was dressed to the nines and the show producer pulled a prank and brought these bunch of women in their little black numbers to a mamak stall.

Come on! You are all suppose to display ‘caring, friendly and dunno-what-shite good qualities’ to prove that you are all beautiful women. But the kind of crap they dished out is sure to put women many notches down. I tell ya, no man is ever going to respect us women after all those shit-flinging on national TV.

*haih* Anyway, if people enjoy watching shit-flinging, it happens everywhere, no? Right here on the blogsphere too, right? So, go on, shame us women folks. Nothing is new to me. I have better, more meaningful things to do with my life.

29 thoughts on “8TV Malaysia’s Most Beautiful…kreakk ptuii, b*tch*est woman

  1. Seriously, I never watch any local programmes nowadays. No, I’m not LC, it’s just that I’m kiamsap. Pay damn Astro so much so, must hentam cukup cukup!! lol

    SO, Malaysia had finally caught up with those reality programs shit sweeping all over the world….. ?? No wonder those ladies found it fashionable to swear one word or two…. It’s in, I supposed.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you. Our Malaysian TV channel are too overloaded with pseudo-reality TV series. Why psuedo? Because all the bitchiness are all ACTED out. If everyone so kuai-kuai, decent, then who will watch…tidur lar!!!

    I actually did a short review The United States of Malaysia…review of Americophilic Malaysian TV stations (delete this link if you want to; dun wanna be accused as blog pimping: http://howsy.blogspot.com/2005/07/united-states-of-malaysiareview-of.html).

    All these pseudo-reality TV series are only to kopek all those mui-mui chai and ko-ko chai or even si lais (no offence here) for $$$ by stupid fucking SMSes.

  3. Apadar Helen, hentam cukup-cukup on Astro, kekekeke, they repeat every show with 6-12 hours cycle so don’t sweat it lar… the controversy on our loathed PDRM has been building up within Malaysians like the Amanah Saham Nasional ad in the 80s, “sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukiittt…”, now we can reap the aftermath liao.

  4. Harlow….come back liao ah ? Why no call Lim Peh when in KL ? No cool la. Anyway, Lin Peh no watch TV wan so cannot comment much. Just curious…they got make those “beauty” mud wrestling kah ? If got…sure Lin Peh Watch ! (probably record it somemore)

  5. Hmm..I wanted to watch it but from the looks of it, it doesn’t look good. Will try to catch it. Weird that they whine and cry over small stuffs. I think they’re merely exaggerating because they know they’re on national TV. If it’s really their character then i dun know how the made it through

  6. Malaysian reality TV all crap lah, y bother. But, sigh…. Gordon likes watching the ads…… sigh again…. And welcome home…. back to your smelly pillow, hoh

  7. I actually watch it because its a blast!Couldnt be better ‘scripted’ with strange looking and badly behaved women fighting for the crown. Who says all locally produced comedies are bad.

  8. Hahahaha! Thinking my cousin in law is working in 8TV…. should tell him that. EVen the chinese show that i happen to watched with my wife – A STEP FORWARD is showing ppl how to catch snakes and iguana and then cook them up in curry. Dam and all in NAtional TV.

    Lillian, come up the hill.6000 feet up…can meet lar..

  9. i think that programme is so lame. And what puts the judges in a position to decide who is beautiful and who is not? we seem to be taking one huge step BACKWARDS with this show…

  10. king’s wife – Yeah lor, people seems to abandon everything just for the sake of money. So sickening. And I haven’t even watch Fear Factor yet. Wonder how I would rant if I do.

    fishtail – Boleh…..we boleh cuss, bitch and turned all $$-eyed also what.

    foodcrazee – Aiyoh, I dem sked of going up Genting. Very frus because I cannot go into the casino as no one looks after the kids. My hands get itchy whenever I am there. Once, I almost hit the jackpot. Earn RM1K instead of RM300K. Just one more digit. 8TV must have hit on a goldmine, I think. The prizes sponsored are very attractive. And two ex-Miss Malaysia are the judges. Yasmin Yusof and Arianna Teoh. Hehehe, both also so old liao.

    sic6sense – They made my skin crawls. Imagine grown women sobbing and hugging over one silly accessories. Not like they got some terminal diseases or something.

    Samm – Yalor, I missed my smelly pillow more than my blog.

    S-Kay – I also wonder how they got through. Firstly, they have no looks. As in they look normal. Secondly, they have nothing to shout about like some great achievement. Thirdly, they are so, so bitchy. My God, can you imagine quarelling ALL the time over stupid, inane stuffs? Shudders, these are mothers and grown women.

    Lin Peh – Fuwah, you always so humsup, who dare to call you ler? Hahaha, dun angry hor?

    mob1900 – Finally your comment got through. My Spam Karma (spam filter) dunno ‘killed’ how many of your comments. I really have no idea why. Sorry about that.

    howsy – Thanks for sharing that link. Yalor, kopek the money never mind but influencing those easily ‘buffalo’ ones. Like that Mawi, dunno why can become such a superstar overnight also. Soon, it will probably be cool and hip for mothers and grown women to publicly quarrel, yelling bad words and be drama queens.

    Asyraf – Tell that to the masses. Maybe some of us can judge what is right and what is not. But the majority are ‘monkey see (on TV) and monkey do’. And that’s the reality.

    JoeC – Wah…thank you! I fast-fast write hor? I am the fastest blogger mah. Hahaha.

    helen – Yalor. First the housewives have Wah Lai Toi, HK tais-tais to imitate. Then, they have Desperate Housewives to follow. Now, they got super bitchy Malaysian Housewives to tell them it is ok to act like that. Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    BTW, folks, do you all know that I was one of L’Oreal 8 Women of Excellence last year? We, the 8, really have impressive achievements as in doing community works, careers in male domain like aircraft engineers, disabled woman, illness and etc. I must mention this or else, people accuse me of being sour grapes pulak.

  11. omg…the first that came to mind when i saw the advert was, ‘wtf??? THIS is wat a BEAUTIFUL woman is????’ personally to me, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder n REAL beauty lies within n not some physical/outer look that is gonna last some 20 yrs (that is with max botox injections n goodness knows how many plastic surgeries). i couldnt get over one of the clips during the ad that went, ‘….because i’m voluptuous.’ egad!! *eyes bulge out* can one actually OPENLY, on national tv ADMIT that??? wah, i think very the daring leh….*feeling disgusted, will NEVER watch that show*

  12. hey i read ur blog and cant help but to put in my 2 cents worth. i watch the show coz one of the girls i sort of ‘know’ her..she does not know me….she used to message my bf in Friendster that’s how i know her…i tot she is someone who loves flaunting her assets (judging from pics in Frenster)…haha well mebe becoz she really has them…i tot she was shown in awkward positions when she could not do bumping…coz of heavy busts??i kinda pity her coz it was aired on national tv and to have others laugh at her…now i got so hooked to the show becoz it s just so comical! at the end of the day someone is rewarded and for what???? as long as u r not TOO bitchy u can get a reward already ah? i watched America’s Next Top Model and I tot the girls are crying over stupid stuff…but our Most Bootiful lagi stupid…..i have not seen any bootiful side from any of these ppl….and i think watching the show makes me feel so so much more beautiful than all those girls….cant wait for this week’s episode man. :)~~~

  13. Malaysia’s Most Beautiful should be renamed to Malaysia’s Most Bitchy. I watched the show first time last time. It was full of crap. So and so threatened someone else and later proclaimed that she is actually a lovable person. Blah blah blah and that chick Jessy, seriously, knows no shame; perhaps she can’t even spell ‘s.h.a.m.e’. My god, if she wins this contest, doesn’t it mean that bitchy arrogant chick is the best thing in our country? So what makes the rest of us? Ugly Malaysians?

  14. Fantastic to see people watching and having an independant opinion about the stupid program – Malaysia’s Most Beautiful.

    yes i know i look bitchy on it, that’s due to editing, but you would too if you were locked up with that bunch! NOTHING intelligent happening there… I thought we were gonna be tested with real challenges – Well this is Malaysia so maybe shopping is considered a challenge for most women, but no me. Glad to be out and away, “free from the farm (animal farm)” – anyone wanna take my place??? Be my guest!

  15. I have watched a few episodes of Malaysia’s Most Beautiful and I find that all the contestants to be really dumb especially on the Revlon PR Episode. They can’t even get the objective of the challenge right and made a fool of themselves on national TV. Their ideas are so damm lame and silly! The worse thing was Jesse even got rewarded (SPA) for losing. If I am the judge, I will do it “Donald Trump Style” – YOU ARE ALL FIRED! I hope this show does not end up in foreign countries because it will make Malaysia Women as LAUGHING STOCK!

  16. that “you are fired!!” line should be said to people who came up with this ditasteful idea, and also to whoever who auditioned this girls.

    even if it’s for profits and they insist to go ahead with the show with a bunch of far-from-beautiful girls, they should at least change the core theme of the show. instead of trying to decide who is beautiful, make it something like moulding a girl to be beautiful, cultivating some heart and grooming skills into them lah! not throw these girls into situations that would make any sane person flick a middle finger, then at the end crown one as “MOST BEAUTIFUL”. ugh.

    thanks for ur comment. was good to know one of the contestant seems human however bitchy she appeared.

  17. First of all,i would like to say that this whole reality show of Malaysia’s most Beautiful is crap.In the first place…i do not think the judges themselves are eligible to be judges.They are all from the so -called “entertainment” circuit and none of them are “professionals”.There should be a panel of judges from other fields as everyone has their own preception on “beauty”. As for the contestants,they are a disgrace to Malaysia! To me,none of them deserve to win the title.The whole show was an embarassment! Some of them actually talk like Retards!I think,whoever that comes up with this idea for 8TV…please,choose your JUDGES and CONTESTANTS wisely,so that next time we Malaysians will not dig a hole and stick our head in with embarassment when we watch a reality show like this

  18. yeah…i dun watch 8tv. They can call themselves channel for fakers. Like a bunch of ah bengs and ah lians tryin so hard acting like a sissy yuppies. And ntv7 also beginning to following their path…

  19. I totally agree with your opinion.

    I just watch the final just now and I am totally out of control to voice up something here. I think this competition didn’t properly designed and all the contestants as what Yasmin Aziz said, they couldn’t find the most beauty among the participants.

    The contestants in this competition does not really show the reality and criterias of a beautiful woman as what is always repeated in the show, the consistency of outer beauty and inner beauty. All the contestants failed to convinced that they have beauty in both sides. What we see is the ugly of a human when they only have the mindset to win a title and the luxurious prizes, they will act in the way which is totally out from their natural personality.

    They don’t show the consistency in a friendship. They lack of confidence, knowledge, and I think they don’t even know how to interpret the word “Beautiful”.

    Come on Malaysian, recently there are more and more these kind of competition shows…Don’t we have other things that we can put on to show?

    That is really suck…If you would want these kind of shows, please make a quality one.

    In fact, Malaysia is a multi races country, we should show the unique of our culture, people, religions…not always copy the shows of western countries.

    I think Malaysia’s most beautiful women is the most unhealthy competition show…they are all so “unreal”…

  20. you are so right. it’s understandable they don’t have the look. but there are no inner beauty, talent, poise; whatsoever. thy shouldn’t have shame all those beautiful women in Malaysia out there with that irksome show!

  21. Call me shallow, but I’ll rather watch a bitch fest than some show on how to be beautiful inside 😈 But then again, I’ve never watched the show so I wouldn’t know how petty the fights are..

  22. haizzzz…y so worry about that??just watch and diam…
    we are malaysian maaa…”say” MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! haha…

  23. Guys…..are they beautiful??? I think better 8Tv change the tittle, and make it more easy to understand for those people who watch that Tv reality show…wink wink~~

  24. Honestly, Are you that hateful and disgusted of your own country? Geezz look at other countrys like Japan or U.S.A theyre blardy proud of what they’re country has done in media, politics and economical wise. And you have the so much hatred towards your own country. I wonder if you would feel ashamed if when people from the US or Japan see such upbringing of disloyalty. If youre not Malaysian. and IF youre Singaporean. Then I shall say thats farrrr worst than being a Malaysian. Cos If Singaporeans look down on Malaysian standards. No offence, Singapore came from Malaysia. So youre part of it, Your Nasi Lemak, Rojak, Ice Kacang and everythin else that you so call named it ”special”…Aint special enough krn tu tak asli pun. So you should seriously look into the mirror before you even try judging people. Think back dude…CAN YOU DO THE JOB? *raises eyebrows*

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