Of Christmas, disabled carpark and KLCC Aquaria


Why? It is one month to Christmas and the shopping malls haven’t put up their Christmas decos. Grrrr….

Christmas is such a fun occassion, isn’t it? From Singapore Orchard
Road to Hongkong tallest Christmas tree to Bintang Walk. Been there before and the magical touch is simply amazing. Everybody loves Christmas lights and baubles, don’t they. Doesn’t matter if they know who Christ is.

So, why aren’t malls like Mid Valley all dolled up? Heck, it is damn poting stim when I walked in there yesterday. There I was, with a toddler who can sing ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and I had no tall-tall, nice-nice tree to show him as I promised. Sheesh…..


It was a big mistake to decide to detour to Mid Valley on a Friday afternoon. There wasn’t a single car parking lot available. We probably circled in there for nearly 20 freaking minutes. Every single one of their car parking lots reserved for people with disablities was full. Can you imagine that?

So, I told myself. Wow, either KL have very independent disabled people who drives or KL is full of fucktards. It is the latter, of course.

KLCC Aquaria

This is the third time I offer to bring my kids to the KLCC Aquaria. And these kids still rejected my suggestion. They say, “What? Go see a couple of fishes swimming in a tank? What for? Never see before meh? Not that you can eat the fishes. Watch National Geographic can already la. Waste time only. Give us the money to spend on other things better.”

So, that’s about all that I know about KLCC Aquaria. Sorry, SK. Kids refused to go out eventhough I have free shuttle van to go to KLCC on Friday. We meet up next time, ok?

10 thoughts on “Of Christmas, disabled carpark and KLCC Aquaria

  1. i agree with lin peh, they are most likely mentally disabled, lol. actually ah, u wanted to go to aquaria more than ur kids lah.

  2. Hmmm… well it IS kinda early for the deco to be up… but my college has already set up a mini christmas tree in the mid of Nov d!..lol… boy does time pass by so fast!

    Do not go to Mid Val, KLCC, 1 Utama or any major shopping centres when it’s the holiday season… especially the SCHOOL holiday season… will be packed with ah lians and ah bengs owning cars that will make ur heart beat faster when they blast their audio system…

    Aquaria’s nice… better the one in Sg actually… price?…okla… RM28 is u got MyKad, RM38 if u dont…the interior looks nice… but ur kids r right, National Geographic shows more fishes than Aquaria..=P

  3. weird, even not public holiday day here in china but my apartment management already put on all the nice light at the garden….
    but MV still got nothing?…hmmmm

  4. king’s wife – Yalor, I wanna go take scary shark pics mah. But these kids, so picky and refused to go. Said they have seen enough aquariums already.

    leecs – Yalor, only the shops have. Christmas is a good time to get people to shop mah. Why not lure them hor?

    Sphinx – Big mistake lor. We thot Friday so must be ok. Seems like no one has to work, only shop.

    Samm – Yalor, I bored to death after watching 5 DVDs and nothing else to do lor.

    LinPeh – Hahaha, you are the second guy to tell me that. Aqua = ah kua

    CLF – Saved me RM90 (for 2 adults and 2 kids). Glad we did not go too.

  5. is it just me or is midvalley just so darn sssllloooowwww in outting up all the festive decorations?? they were also in hot water regarding the deeparaya celebrations, kan?

    well, @ least the stores have their own xmas decorations up…

  6. hey… u should check out Mid Valley Megamall now, its soooooooooo super duper Christmassy, it’s like something out of the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”!!! Beautiful white Christmas, your kids will love it! ;D

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