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Living up to JoeC’s Fastest Blogger name given to me, here is the report on the Penang Meet for bloggers and netizens.

First, nice to meet LiewCF. He came with two lengluis and a friend. Liew is every bit of a geek and not very talkative. Next, another new blogger we met is put3put4 aka KK. Oh wow, he is a grandpa! In fact, he showed me his new grand-daughter’s who is just 2 days old. It is always nice to see new faces at every blog meet.

The other regulars are Chee Aun, Lucia, Yvy, Jeremy, n305er, Christopher and Cmos.

I had to leave early because my toddler refused to tag along so I left him with the brothers. So, I was there for only an hour. Wish can catch up more because it is always nice to comment on each other bloggers. Like talking about Google Adsense, Chitika, Slimming Tea, Search Engine Optimization and Bloggers Alliance! Chewah, KK who is a 2 months old blogger asked if we have this.

Everyone is still having a good time at Ice-Ice Baby, chatting over cheese fondue, dessert, cheese rice, waffles and drinks as I am writing this.

Added : Toxicle half nekid with LiewCF

n305er full of pics blog

14 thoughts on “Penang Meet

  1. ya, i knew you would be the first one to blog on the meet.

    hey lilian, banyak terima kasih for the fondue. sorry at that time i didn’t know you belanja us. silly me thought it comes together with the set meal. thank you, kam siah, arigato.

  2. lucia – No prob. It’s my pleasure! I hope the shop use the extra RM9 (from my change) to foot the whole bill? ‘Cos I remember you said Jeremy said RM100 will be on the house (Ice-ice baby) and the balance shared. So, I just chip in the fondue and RM9 (balance) so people like Chee Aun no need to pay mah. And aiyoh, Yvy came all the way from across the mainland kena pay toll, so only right I belanja back lor.

    JoeC – See lengluis better than see auntie la.

    n305er – Your pics nice ler. I got some pics with full face. Who want, just email me? I mail for you.

    kampungkai – Kajang satay. I heard about it but never ate before. Next time I go, I tell you. You belanja.

    Samm – You come, I belanja.

  3. hey lilian…..thank u very much for the fondue. it was REALLY REALLY nice!!! no wonder u are the food expert. šŸ™‚ nice meeting with u again. u know, i’d like to attend mass one day at ur church. i’ll let u know when lar so that i wont feel so sesat when i go there. can? šŸ˜‰

  4. u see! how “fast leg & fast hand” bloggers of these days. By the time I reached home at 9:30pm that night, relevant news were oredy there and aunt 5xmon’s hands were the longest! baby blogger was still crawling and finally crawled to bed.

    27-11-05 4:31pm

    27-11-05 6:03pm

    27-11-05 8:00pm

    27-11-05 10:40pm

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