Candles and crazy woman giving birth


I brought my camera to church today. Missed celebrating mass because my toddler was vomitting like siao early morning. Puke until yellowish stomach juices also come out. Lucky, he konked out and woke up all fine. So, I managed to attend my choir practice plus suprise birthday party for our choirmaster (followed by the bloggers meet) at noon.

I got the chance to snap the photos of these lovely, lovely candles.

Thanks to Celestine’s blog, I just learnt about the significance of the pink and purple candles.

The Advent Wreath is made out of evergreens (a symbol of eternal life and a reminder to us that God is faithful) and four candles (for each week of Advent): three purple and one pink. Purple candles to remind us of that this season is about being remorseful of our sins (penitential) whereas the pink candle is to be lit for the joyful Sunday in Advent


Well, count the candles? Nine long years! It is my number #3 birthday tomorrow (28th November). Nine years since my mom died. Giving birth to him was one of the most emotional. I actually kicked the ob-gynae, scolded him and later on, apologised sheepishly to him. My son came early. It was on the morning when I was supposed to join my siblings to pray the 100-days death prayers. So, I got mad with my ob-0gynae and told him, “You know? I am supposed to go pray my mom in the temple. I WANT TO GO NOW!!!!”

Now, it is farkingly hilarious what women in labour can do. I was spread eagle, legs tied to stirrups and my son’s head about to appear and yet I could yell at my doctor. It was my own fault that I went to the hospital at the last minute and had no time for pain killers. The pain was so bad I even had an out-of-body experience. I swear, it is one of a kind experience. I actually sort of floated up and can see with a helicopter view the doctor receiving my baby from between my legs. I was lying down so I cannot have that kind of view unless I had fainted for a short while. Or probably I really had died. Because I also told my ob-gynae, “I AM GOING TO DIE. SAVE ME!!!!!”

And my dear, dear ob-gyn, Dr. Ng KT of Penang Adventist (remember and jot down his name, ok?) told me, “Yeah, Lilian you will die. We will all die one day. But not so soon, don’t worry, not so soon……” Don’t you just love the man? Nay….he is nothing like Richard Gere (in looks) in the movie – What women want. Apekish, speckie but extremely patience. He even held my hands and comforted me through a miscarriage and throughout my 4- days ordeal in trying to delay Vincent’s birth. God bless that man.

Dang, I never intend to write the above damn mempersiasueykan (malu-fied) sendiri birth story but words just popped out. So, nah, see how crazy women can get when they are in pain. Even the Bible mentioned birth pangs and labour pains several times.

From the Ten Commandments – Commandment Number Four
THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT Honor your father and your mother,

“With all your heart honor your father, and do not forget the birth pangs of your mother. Remember that through your parents you were born; what can you give back to them that equals their gift to you?” ( 19 Sir 7:27-28)

Gee, this is only one of my 5 sangat dramatis birth story. I think if I relate all five, people will probably stop wanting to have babies.

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  1. aiyoo…you’re right lilian. VERY VERY the graphic lar. *now MORE sked to have kids* wonder if can ask mr stork bring for me instead?*

  2. Interesting. This is in the Qur’an:
    “And we have commanded man to do good to his parents. His mother bore him with great hardship and brought him forth in great pain. And the bearing and weaning are in thirty months until when he attains full strength and reached forty years, he said: O my lord! Inspire me that I may keep offering thanks for His favour which you bestowed on me and on my parents (and grant me strength) that I may do good deeds those of which you approve and make my offspring righteous for me. Truly I turn to you in repentance and surely I am of those who submits to your commandments in all humanity.” (Chapter 46 Verse 15)

  3. eh, halo…. me just got pregnant lah woi. and u here tell scary birthing stories. on purpose ah?? but then hoh, me caesar one, hehe… just lie down and wait for them to bring me bebe…

  4. Err… You forgot to mention the slippery amniotic fluid, gushing of blood, episiotomy, placenta and its membrane, the cutting of umbilical cord… and a lot of important things, lar…

    “But not so soon, don’t worry, not so soon……” … “Coz I don’t like to write postmortem report… Go do it somewhere else…”

    *run run run… stop. slap butt slap butt*

  5. nothing to mempersiasueykan about giving birth and scolding the gynae… I think all the mummies who went through vagina delivery w/out painkillers will understand. 😛

    For me, my husband got the wrath.. I almost wanted to beat him (if I’d had the strength) for the pain he’s caused me 😛

    Happy birthday to your #3..

  6. And somebody say, giving birth is woman biggest orgasm. 😉

    Some jokes about mother who gaves birth:
    The mother: “Oh, it is so painful, man, don’t ask me to give birth to another”.
    When the mother look the baby, she told her husband, “Well, I think it is better to give him/her a sis/bro”.

  7. happy birthday #3 kid of lilian!!! so nice eh yr cake, my boiboi would go crazy about it, he asked us to bring him to cinema again to watch chic little!!!!

  8. babe – We got the Uncle Ho’s DVD so saved us lots of bucks. Hahaha.

    Jeremy – Hey, thanks for the wishes.

    moo_t – Comparing labour pain to the big O? Ewwss…

    zara’s mom – Yeah, mine is lucky because he had to rush two sleepy kids aged 6 yrs and 4 yrs back to someone to take care (at 3am in the morning) and he missed getting the wrath. So, I took it out on my obgyn. HOHOHO, that’s probably the only time we got excuses to beat up the male species.

    doc – You missed out on the botched up epi, the swollen ‘cave’ and pus infested ones. LOL. I know la, all doctors damn hate to sign death certs and leave them to the M.O.s. No need to attend court cases, if any, later mah.

    king’s wife – Tenkiu.

    Helen – Hahaha, I get such thrills when relating birth stories. The gorier, the more fun.

    Samm – You been there, done that. But nothing like a real vaginal delivery. Or like me lagi best. VBAC for my #2. Fuwah, that one I can write a novel.

  9. rayhana – Yeah, there is a lot of similarities in our Christian Old Testament. Like Noah’s Ark, Sodom etc. Glad we see the similarities and not trying to argue (like some parties) to find the differences.

    Yvy – Hehehe, you can run but you can’t hide. It is only a short while for a whole lifetime of happiness a child brings us. So, sap sap sui.

    mX – Yakah? Frankly, I did not watch the show ‘cos it was way too boring. I am referring to the one where he is a ob-gyn and these women were in his clinic. Is that the right show?

    marlinda – OK, jadi siap. Bila ada masa nanti. 🙂

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