Kasi satu Kopi Kacip Fatimah Kauuuu…

Two nights ago…..

Someone message me on MSN me at 10.00 pm….

Someone : You seem to be sleeping early lately.
(usually, I am logged on to MSN till 3am)

Me : Really? I didn’t notice that.

Someone : Having hot sex every nite?

Me : Go die la. I have to wake up early morning so by night time, I dropped dead liao.

Someone : OK, go sleep now.

Me : Oi, only 10 pm la!


What have I done today?

Been out since early morning. Had taken probably 400 photos.

Two mosques, one Hindu temple, one Guan Yin Temple and one Catholic Church.

Been to Penang Hill, across Balik Pulau, shopping centre, food, flower shop, sawah padi (paddy fields) and errrmm…gee, I can’t remember where else. I did not go out of my way to take photos but since I had been dragged to these places, might as well make the most of them right?

Had eaten terrapin (sui yee), handmade paus, yummy delicious Cantonese fried noodles and dim sum.

Did not even have time to reply my own blog comments and only managed to reply one email, made one comment and responded to one forum question. Definitely no time to catch up on the latest happening on the blogsphere. Wassup, lately?

***********In the background*******************

Dear…..time for bed.

My reply – Not now, darling. I have blogs to write.

YAAWWWWNNNN…….Someone please make me a big cup of Kopi Kacip Fatimah. Fuwah, the other day, I drank a big cup at the highway stop. On an empty stomach. I walked out of the Tapah rest-stop with a high. My head felt light! It works!!!!!

So, excuse me, someone, anyone, everyone, I really have to sleep now. As in zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

ADDED : Want to know what I think about sex? Quick, go read Andres’s blog on his Q&A with me.

7 thoughts on “Kasi satu Kopi Kacip Fatimah Kauuuu…

  1. “Sui yee” is not a “terrapin”. It is another kind of turtle called “softshell turtles”.

    “Sui yee” has got a soft shell, hence the name. But “terrapins” are hard-shelled animals 🙂

  2. hey! have a good night rest. If you have been waking up feeling whole body cold, it’s time to put something on for a change? ;P

    thanks again!!

  3. Kacip Fatimah really works ah?? (** helen’s hubby goes, “want to try summore ar?? Die lor… lagi mahu…. **)

    Why r u suddenly so busy?? Is it bcos of the school holidays?? lol

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