Oh God, I beh tahan liao!!!


Good God, I am going cuckoo soon.

I have one toddler who asks, “Where buy?” on everything. I hold a new broom, he asked, “Where buy?”. I open a new bottle of shampoo, he asked, “Where buy?” Arrggghh…..so many ‘Where buys?’ got me muttering ‘CheeBuy la’. And toddler replied, ‘Chee Buy? Nola….Tesco buy.’

Another two kids are pumping the biggest balloons and bursting them.

Then, two are arguing whether Good Charlotte is a gay or not. With American Idiots, Rancid wateva blasting in the background.

Some are using spray paints and painting footsteps on the parquet floor.

Others are using their bedroom door to learn graffiti. Arrgghh….

Not to mention the multiple meals I have to feed them.

After putting up the Christmas tree, my toddler had spoilt the blinking lights. So, I am very angry with the lights manufacturer. WTF they produce a train of blinking lights and if one short-circuited (or in my case toddler pulled out the bulb) the whole thing kaputed. Now, I gotta find which is the faulty light. And I can’t take out the strings of light because my baubles and silver threads are tangled.

And the dang tree will not fit into my living room because the new sofa set took up the only available nook I have for the tree.

BTW, ever have a toddler who thinks he is so independent that he poo on his own, behind my back (while I was preparing food in the kitchen, not because I was too busy on the PC, ok?)? And wear back his pants, walking around the whole house. Now, I gotta smell my way through to see if he leaves any territorial markings.

Thank God for blog where I can spew my dragon breath or else, I am going to jump out of the window. Only good thing is my windows are too narrow to fit my big bump. And it is against the law to throw things out of our corridor balconies. My neighbours wouldn’t like it to pick up pieces of me from their frontyard.

Thank you for reading! You have a good day too.

22 thoughts on “Oh God, I beh tahan liao!!!

  1. mudslinger….you’re SO right. that’s why i always try to avoid kids who have mouths like the chicken backside. non-stop talking – die lor…i go crazy when i have to answer, answerless questions over and over and over again. *runs far far away when talkative kiddy approaches*

  2. ‘CheeBuy la’. And toddler replied, ‘Chee Buy? Nola….Tesco buy.’


  3. “WOW, what a beautifully decorated tree!!!!” Love your X’mas tree!!!

    Your boy is asking u where buy?? Dun worry… by the time he is earning, he’ll definitely keep quiet!! lol

  4. Your son is trying to learn about spatial relationship of the merchandise and their geographical location. He is doing market survey.

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant! 😀

    Time to print out Penang map for him and let him mark out where the shopping spots are.

    In the future…

    Lilian : “I want to buy soap, kueh teow and rat poison…”

    Son : “Then I suggest you take this road… Less traffic here… then stop by here… the carpark this way… and then on the way, stop here to get my diaper.”

    Be proud.

  5. Phew.. what a long breath of daily complaints..

    Blogging is good huh? You don’t have to purge all these out to your ATM when he returns, and can be the sweet wife, and just listen to him whine about his day since you already whine to a bigger audiance. 😛

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