Why worry? Shop lah!


Woohoo! Guardian Pharmacy is selling the Sebamed face and body wash for only RM68. So, early morning, I grabbed one toddler (‘cos the rest are sleeping and my part-time helper is around to pull them out of their beds in case of earthquakes, fires or tsunami) and went shopping.

Blur me went to the Tesco shopping mall and realised that Guardian is in another building at e-Gate. Sheesh. But tadaaa….McDonalds is selling the double fillet ‘o fish! So it is coffee morning with a toddler minus the usual crowd.

Did a little shopping at Tesco. Do you know that the toileteries from Tesco are sooooo cheap? I bought a one litre hair shampoo for only RM5.90. Plus three bars of Lux soap for RM1.99. A packet of 3-1 Milo for only RM8.90. These are meant for John. Dear John whom I had to constantly remind to bath, wash your hair, wear long pants and proper shoes, or else nobody wants to sit with you. If you have read my earlier blog, you will probably guess who John is. If not, never mind.

Then, off to Guardian. I bought the Sebamed and feel good. ‘Cos I can get RM4.60 (price of Tesco body shampoo) of the same kind of stuff but it feels good to be a little evil and splurge. Grabbed two lipsticks (as above). Plus some VO5 hair stuffs. Nice!

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Must women prim themselves?

Do men ever wonder why we women spend money like water? ‘Cos it makes us feel good. After all, why work so hard to earn the money when nobody spends it, right?

22 thoughts on “Why worry? Shop lah!

  1. Oh I hate you Lilian! I would just love to shop too but no money no talk leh. So for the time being becos a bit tight on cash can only “gua gian” (mouth watering) and window shop.

  2. Do women ever wonder why we men earn money like fire? My mom only allow me to get a gf only after I get to earn my own pocket money.

  3. MG – The Sebamed is to ‘pou farn sou’ from my atm for making me angry. He made me angry, he gotta pay for it. Muahahahar. The lipsticks only RM12.88 la. Maybelline one. So, RM12.88 sure can afford la. Usual price is RM20.90. I like the Moisture Whip colour and consistency.

    maria – Every woman loves to shop!

  4. kiasi – Only if the colour is really, really nice. Usually not. Just like how men like to buy all kind of gadgets and never use them. šŸ™‚

    JeremyC – Actually, I do not really like to shop. No patience. But I like to spend money. šŸ™‚

  5. jeremy lets team up and go shopping. come. isetan klcc is having a sale tomorrow. i’ll be there 1st thing tomorrow when they open.

  6. The body wash and face wash RM68 is already expensive for me…. Yes, the Tesco shower/bath gel is cheap and smells divine… the purple one.

    Nice lipcolor!! Wei, post some pics of your lips in your new lipstick lar….. make sure u pout them like Amber’s…lol

  7. helen – sei lar, afterwards people said I fatt hou. Or maybe some old men wanking off. Oh, puke! LOL. I think I got my lips somewhere. Wait, let me get Xiaxue’s meme. http://chanlilian.net/?p=282

    maria – Wah…go date Jeremy for shopping. Visit his site, got his handsome face there.

    ah pek – Yes, yes, yes.

    Samm – Yeah, feels good when we don’t earn money but just spend. Of course, I am a very thrifty and low-maintenance wife all the time. Unless provoked.

    king’s wife – My hubby had been waiting for the sales. He said want to buy for CNY liao. (roll eyes)

    JoeC – Yeah, relieve stress.

  8. alamah! u kinda want to make your house becomes a mini market ah? When u buy buy buy, your hubby is aiyo aiyo aiyo leh!
    That’s why ppl say, earning woman’s money is easier than earning man’s money. It shows that women are weak of selfabnegation.

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