How ‘War & Beauty’ leads to looks and finger length.


Worry not. If a man with eyes so small that
you can’t see them when he laughes,
a skin so rough

like kaffir lime……………..

lime kaffir

can have FIVE (5) women falling on their knees to lust for him, then probably most guys will have at least a dozen SYTs waiting for them. Remember Ayah Pin? Hey, he is not handsome too. Yet, he got four wives, right?

Arrgggh…it is a mistake to catch ‘War and Beauty’. The series made my blood boil. (at 3am in the morning bcos I watch re-runs from 2-3am) The above guy is Bowie Lam. He is a tabib diraja (ancient doctor la) whose primarily purpose is to SERVE the emperor’s multiple concubines.

Here are the women who fall for him:

1) He has a perfect wife but he hardly returns home.

2) He only talks and confides to his mistress who is a prostitute.

3) He made the emperor wears a green hat, i.e. sired the child of the emperor’s concubine.

4) One beautiful concubine actually drank poison in small doses for seven long years so that she often fell sick, hence, having the kaffir-lime face guy to attend to her constantly.

5) Another concubine (that makes three concubines in total) had a crush on him so badly that she decided to dispose off concubine (3).

Sheesh…..Now my brain is corrupted. (If you want the spoiler of the series, just go to this site.)

As a responsible individual of the blogging community, may I point to the singles guys and gals (hey, only single ones, ok?) the following errm…so called facts?

The length of the finger is co-related to the length of ermm other parts of your body. The other one is how the length of the fingers is corelated to the aggresiveness (manly?) of the person.

Of course, sometimes you cannot believe ‘researches’ right? But you gotta believe Helen and her Doctors with Big Hands theory.

In conclusion, looks do not matter. Money does. And your fingers length, too. Psstt…Girls, look at the fingers! The fingers.

Ahhhh….I can just hear the single guys crunching their knuckles, pulling their fingers in an effort to make them longer and with more stubbles.

(The rainy season has made me write too many melancholy posts. This post is NOT a melancholy post. It is just a HUMOUR post, ok?)

16 thoughts on “How ‘War & Beauty’ leads to looks and finger length.

  1. Oh Samm, he is damn good! They are so right in putting someone not with looks as the tabib because it deals with feelings mostly. Wong Hei is another another that I like. Both Bowie and Wong Hei have real, low-tone, sexy voice ler.

  2. ahhh since you watched last night episode, care to fill me in on what happened? i fell asleep!! and i sOOOo wanted to watch it …

  3. Eh Lilian…did you check out his expression when he realised so many girls like him or not? shocked until dunno what to say. I couldn’t help but started laughing u know. I can imagine him going, “Damn…suddenly I just found out so many ppl likes me”. I find the scene was done in a rush. Damn funny.

    Gundik Yue fell for Hung Mo.

    I was telling my mom, “Fuiyoh, Hung Mo gets to bring back 2 gundik, Suen Pak Yeung another 2 (+1 wife waiting at home) but the king is left with nothing..maybe he can die with his evil queen wife..the queen can finally have her dream come true” LOL

  4. S-Kay – Yeah, they are rushing the ending too much. And cis, there is a lack of passion on Hung Mo (Moses Chan!!!!) side. Anyway, the whole series do not make sense because how can two hot blooded males with working kkc run around the palace hor?

    Samm – *weak in the knees*

    Pelf – Gundik Yue and Gundik Onn kongsi Hung Mo. I told you, this series is craps and that’s why it is so interesting.

    AL – Gundik Fuk committed suicide to protect her biological sister Gundik Yi Shun. At her dying breath, she confessed to like Tabib kaffir lime face and had been taking poison so that she gets heart problems in order to see him often. Sheesh, talk about dumb woman! Gundik Onn and Gundik Yue are now fren-fren and know they are both ‘arm-luening’ (crush) on Hung Mo. The permaisuri knows that Gundik Ying (?) is carrying the tabib’s child and told the emperor. Instead of praising her, the emperor got fed-up with the permaisuri for not taking care of the gundiks. Padan muka. And the emperor just ordered Hung Mo to kill Tabib. A riot broke out and….next series.

    The whole series are so adulterous!

  5. lol I never watch those TVB series but my mom and sis do. They will start cussing and scolding some fictionous characters over breakfast… Yep, my mom and sister is living in another world…. the TVB series illusion and fantasy world.

    You like Bowie meh?? BTW rumours had it Wong Hei is gay wor…. Sigh, like the Robbie William’s song, Supreme:

    Oh it seemed forever stopped today
    All the lonely hearts in London
    Caught a plane and flew away
    And all the best women are married
    All the handsome men are gay
    You feel deprived

    BTW, I love men with hamsap looks…. like Robbie WIlliams. Am I normal??

  6. the plot has taken a 180 deg turn. started as friends become enemies, then enemies become friends. So many schemers and damn syiok to watch. Tonight tai kit kook already…so fast. Dont miss it!!!

    btw, lilian, how come the permaisuri suddenly knows everything one? I missed beginning 15mins yesterday. Why the Mrs.Chui Koong Koong threaten to expose her ah?

  7. This series is just crap, but I enjoy watching crappy stuff.

    Btw, I don’t mind becoming the King with the green hat. I have thousands of pretty chics. (3 thousands – 5 = 2.xx thousands) kekeke…

  8. I love this show! I thought it was really good. It depicted the historical time line very well. The women were dressed properly according to their dynasty and the history of the sida-sida attacking the palace is also correct. Very good show. Acting was superb. Bowie and Lai Chi won awards for this show.

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