I want to adopt a child and orphans.

Few days ago, we met Goat (not his real name la). He was once our flat mate. A very wild guy who settled down and turned tame overnight. He was without a kid for something like 10? years after marriage. Once in a while, we bumped into each other and each time, we would have an additional kid while the two lovey-dovey couple were as free.

However, both of us (my atm and I) never, ever asked people, “So when are you going to have one?” We thought that Goat, due to his previous relation with his old man, probably chosed not to have a kid. Or they are trying.

So, few days ago, we met him again and this time, his wife was carrying their baby girl. We were at the Giant Hypermarket. His wife was talking with my atm. I was paying for the grocery and Goat was at another cashier counter with a boy of about 10 years old.

A very nice looking chap. Of course, we were surprised to see a big boy that appeared out of nowhere. Goat told us that he fosters the child from an orphanage. As Goat had been our flat mate for some years back, this really surprised me. Goat is indeed a tame Goat now. Even went to the extend of fostering a child. My highest respect to Goat.

Several years ago, when we had only two kids, we also fostered two boys from the Salvation Army. Heh, I really tarak kerja, cari pasal. One Indian boy name Kumar and a Chinese boy name Mark. It was really nice to have them staying with us during the holidays.

I learnt so much from them. Kumar was really keen to buy a torch light. It costs only RM5. We wanted to get it for him but he told us he probably won’t have money to buy the batteries later on. It is very heart-breaking to see the two boys so interested in simple stuffs like a torchlight. They aren’t allowed to cart back lots of stuffs to the shelter home so that the other peers do not feel left out.

Usually, the children from shelter homes are not allowed to stay for long. For fear of them being abused etc. So, during the following Chinese New Year, we tried getting Kumar to stay in with us again but he declined. Well, things just cooled down and we never heard from Kumar again.

As an afterthought, I must explain why in my earlier post I mentioned about buying an RM4.60 (actually it is RM5.29) shampoo for John while I splurge more than 10 folds for myself. I know many bad apples are going to think that I am being extra mean and tight-fisted.

No, I cannot splurge things on John because in the first place, I had been discouraged (yes, discouraged) by the ‘authorities’ not to pamper people like John because he has to go through proper channels to get help. So, I don’t want John to be relying on branded stuffs. If I am not around (as in moved away from Penang or dead), he may ask people around him for stuffs of equivalent qualities. This will put John into a difficult position and people may bring the matter up to the ‘authorities’. I kena, John kena and I can be seen over-riding the proper channels and making things difficult for them. *haih, I wish things aren’t so complicated*

So, whoever dares to think that I am tight-fisted, I am going to take the whole one litre of shampoo and shove it up their arse so that they purge till eternity until they backside open flower. LOL.

Now back to adoption. It is very hard for us Chinese to find children to adopt. My Eurasian friend married to a Chinese man tried for years. Finally, she adopted an Indian baby. And that too, was a miracle because of some twists of fate.

Heh, I really do not mind fostering a baby girl. But with so many sons, no one in their right mind will trust a baby girl to me. Never mind, I will just go pray. (Nope, I can’t have anymore kids ‘cos my doctor said it will probably kill me so he ‘tied’ me up already. Before I was a Catholic, ok?)

Conclusions – There are many people out there that we can help. How about bringing some goodies to orphanages? Or spend time helping the kids with their homework? Shelter homes and orphanages normally welcome us, the lay public. We just need to make the first step. Ti-Ratana, where my deceased friend’s daugther used to stay also welcome visits from the public. Do you know that the children there sometimes crave for very basic stuffs like the latest toothpaste advertised on TV? Yeah, it is very *sniff, sniff* sad that things we took so much for granted, splurge on our kids are actually something they dream of.

So, why not organise a little group with your friends, colleagues, college mates, school pals and hunt those charitable homes down? Give them a call, tell them that you are very keen to reach out. Ask what they need and go with a cheerful face to meet these folks. Old folks just want someone to listen to them. Children need simple stuffs like stickers, crayons, colouring books and cheap things we can afford. Reading stories is interesting too. Don’t wait for the media to beat the gong, gain the publicity then only we want to do something. Each of us can chip in, regardless of how little money we have. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in another’s life.

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  1. Good blog Lilian ! People should help only because they care and its longterm not just once a year self gratifying feel-good visit. Some help only to gain credits from the “Big Guy” upstairs. To these children its more hurtful to have people come once a year , do their charity thing and leave and forget them than not to have to see these people at all.,

  2. Haha… those are so cute! Still remember my young (12y/o) cousin told me he is going to buy a Nokia 6680 this X’mas… kids nowadays… No blame to him, his another peer have Nokia N90 (like RM 3k something), and his mum said yes about it. -_-

    Ok, touchy part. I was dreamed my life after marriage will have few adopted kids. Dont want my wife to suffer from giving birth, and leave no reason for her to say :’after give birth few kia still expect me keep slim mer?’ hehe… But my parents always object: growing ppl not ur blood u will regret. Haih…

  3. Or, you can sponsor a little girl through World Vision.
    I am sponsoring one, but am quite bad, just pay but never really get involved like writing to her or sending her little gifts.. Aigh. My excuse is, the past 2 years, lots have happened, and I really don’t have much time.

    I better do so this Christmas..

  4. This is heart warming. I did thought of adopting a child before but I know it won’t be that easy….. Unlike adopting a pet, having a child requires real commitment and I mean long commitment. It’s easy to be emotional and get carried away…and regret later.

    I’m still thinking about it with my hubby. Yes, not forgetting the financial aspect of bringing up a child!! 🙂

  5. When Gordon is bigger, i will take him go do charity. I want to instil in him love, compassion and to share his love with the deprived. We must start them from young.

  6. thanks for the post, it was moving, yeah, we do the community thingy now and then inc visits to orphans and senior citizens. Cheers!

  7. bringing goodies is a pretty good idea yah….like, just contact the head first to see if they say you can bring variety, otherwise, everyone has to get the SAME thing (even something as simple as bedsheets, with the same pattern, but the location of the print varies a lil with each one, can cause massive quarrels it’s scary).

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