3 hours at PIKOM & my laptop is here!

I bought it!

Intel Pentium M 750
1.8GHz, 533 MHz 2MB L2 cache
14.1 WXGA wide TFT LCD
DVD burner
6-1 Card reader
XP Pro
6 hours battery life

and dunno what else la.

Include pen drive plus that TV output cable

Price before PIKOM – RM5,688 (got it for a lot less and with freebies too)

We spent almost 3 hours pondering to get a Toshiba with clear screen or this brand which in the first place, both my atm and I never like. Finally opted for ACER because other laptops don’t offer the Radeon ATI such kick-ass stuffs. Upgraded memory to 1GB with an empty slot for future upgrading.


Cool man, now I can utilise my Sony-Ericsson handphone blue tooth. (all my pics from the phone has NEVER been downloaded to my PC before!) And with the card reader, woohoo, so convenient.

However, I am still fumbling with the laptop. Hahaha, couldn’t even find the Delete key! I also do not know how to highlight, copy and paste!

This is 5xmom signing off from her bed. Yeah, I am blogging from everywhere now.

31 thoughts on “3 hours at PIKOM & my laptop is here!

  1. Nooooo….! Not an ACER! Well, I have my prejudice against them from past experience with their customer service. But the spec looks good. I would have probably gone for DELL. Fast fast take a picture of your notebook with your SE and bluetooth it over so we can have a look at the toy!

  2. wooohooo new laptop finally. hoho Acer did give good features lately. Nice bargain. pics pics pics… (ikut saje, so can see the pic)

  3. surfnux – Added liao! Yeah, they are damn kickass, no other brands offer. E.g Toshiba only half of its features and cheaper by RM500 only.

    gbyeow – Yaya, I know, I also dun like ACER because Siti Norhaliza promotes. Hahaha. But on closer look, the features are damn best ler. So, take a risk.

    moo_t – You bet!

    marlinda – Hahaha, cuma toy for me la ‘cos not like I am going to utilise it. This is the higher end one for working professional.

    Samm – Added liao! But ignore the mess behind it ok?

  4. Hish… still drooling jugak ni kak lilian. Next time, when my husband FINALLY decided that I could get one notebook for myself, then I could consult you lar for which one to get. Can one ye? Heheheh….

  5. cool notebook šŸ™‚

    good spec too. i have no problem with acer notebook, my 1997 notebook still able to boot up the win98 without any problem (NOT XP leh)

    wow with BT somemore, i am still checking on the BT pcmcia from the local vendor…

  6. wahlau, sungguh mensyiokkannya. what mess? got meh, mine now all covered by a piece of cloth. cannot see means no mess, correct onot, hehe. neway, great notebook u have there, their ferrari range is quite cun also.

  7. Wah…u so rich wan ah ? Can pinjam a bit ah. Lin Peh want buy new computer also la. Lin Peh still using the chi-bye 486 leftover la !

    Remember to post your home movie (like those MAS wan) for Lin Peh to see ! šŸ˜‰

  8. *jealous jealous*

    Get a mouse ler. I hate using the touchpad, too slow.

    The specs very GENG LEHH!! Makes mine sound so dated…. šŸ™

    But then again.. Mine was like a budget machine…

  9. narrowband – Yalor, I got mouse. But I want to act ‘cool’ mah. Finally, I use the free optical mouse provided. The specs really geng lor, so that’s why I forget about my dislike for ACER brand.

    samm – Okla, see if I got mood or not.

    Lin Peh – What you tokking? See what?

    Samm – My tower of books. Plus the cheap-cheap plastic drawers for the kids toys.

    ahpek – Maybe Santa Clause give you for Christmas, if you promise to be a good ahpek.

    leecs – Wow, a satisfied ACER’s customer, finally. šŸ™‚

    marlinda – Hahaha, can…..I almost memorised what brand with what specs. No thanks to my hubby who is so, so cerewet.

    Nikholai – As it is, I am already am. I have 6 websites, paid domains, isn’t that wide enuff?

    zs – I hope I know how to utilise them fully, though.

    gbyeow – That was for my photo only. Temporarily. BTW, I am blogging from my desktop.

    I got two desktops and one laptop. So can open internet cafe liao hor?

  10. Internet cafe, speaking of which, next, buy (if you haven’t) a WiFi modem and couple more lappies for your kids, you go wireless and probably share it with the entire neighbourhood. Wireless Taman.

  11. Nikholai – Hahaha Taman Tanpa Wayar. We already have wifi modem. In fact I have Linksys and Netgear routers. Who wants to buy the Linksys? How do you think I go around the house with a laptop? With a wire? LOL.

    MamaBoK – šŸ™‚

  12. Oh mom, I thought you had a 100 feet cat5 cable all along. NetGear is good IMHO however, the config part can be quite a hassle. LinkSys…I hear bad review. Ok, mom is indeed ubiquituous. Mom is watching!

  13. See the specs already drooling… Damn high end, wei!

    I just upgrade my desktop to 1GB DDR memory and you got 1Gig DDR2 for your laptop, you memang terror! 6 hrs battery life and DVD burner somemore. :O

  14. I spot at least 7 icons in your bottom right notification bar, typical OEM junks.

    Try this before you open any application(or close all application to do this).

    Press “Ctrl-Alt-del” when you bootup the notebook, select “Task manager”. When Windows Task manager appear, click Performance. Check the “PF Usage” number, if the figure shown is more than 200MB, then you have a lots of clean up job to do.

  15. Actually, HD is more important. 1GB RAM should suffice Windows consumption while HD, the capacity needs is more drastic that nowadays people don’t quite practice backing up stuffs. As things accumulate… šŸ˜›

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