I got no religion, so says MyKad

The church provides MyKad card readers to check our religion. The card reader is just a small piece of thing like a keychain. After inserting in our MyKad, the digital thing will shows our name, address, sex, new identity card number, old identity card number and there I was waiting and waiting for the religion.

Nothing appears.

Which my son said I belong to ajaran sesat. Hahaha.

I wonder why they bother to ask us to fill in our religion in the form when they couldn’t be bothered to enter it into our details? And why can’t they put in boxes the major religions in Malaysia so that we can just tick the right choice?

Anyway, unless you are a Muslim (or a Catholic like me), we are pretty free to change our religion. So, it doesn’t really matter, right?

I can imagine one day, in the far future, they found me and MyKad floating in the sea or in some gory scenes like that. Then, they probably wouldn’t know how to give me a last rites. Again, it doesn’t matter to me because I will probably be in Heaven! (or the other place) So, whether they want to feed the fish or make organic waste with my body, so be it.

This Google search thread will lead you to many gripes about the screwed up cases. Sikhs are labelled as Muslims. No laughing matter, this one.

What about you? What did your MyKad says about yours?

27 thoughts on “I got no religion, so says MyKad

  1. I cant really remember. So long adi, but as long as they dont label me muslim, can lah. if not, hubby kena potong kkc, muahahahahahah.

  2. It is important for your religion to be stated in MyKad, so that the number of believers in a religion will be registered statistically.


    For practical reasons… 😉

    If statistically it registers LESS Catholics, therefore there will be LESS churches. On the contrary, if statistically it registerers MORE Catholics, therefore MORE churches will be built.

  3. Celestine – 🙂 I know that but I prefer to ‘stay away’ from the matter. I actually wrote a para on my own ‘conspiracy theory’ why our religions ‘disappeared’ but deleted it for fear of getting flames. I better leave it to our churches to deal with this. I dare not create a huge debate. Because some parties may even drag in the Catholic and Christian factors. I wonder if I had stated my religion as Christian, they would include it? ‘Cos I filled in Katolik in the form. I hope to check my hubby’s MyKad and see what he gets. We applied for them the same time and his religion has been Buddhist on the birthcert and also in the form.

  4. Lilian, Lin Peh is the gaoment la ! KNN…just because got lucky draw, you all go line up long long to get MyKad but got kena the lucky or not ? I think not leh ? hehehe..so Lin Peh wait la. I am very sure that I will not be the only one left by January la. See how first lor.

  5. Lilian: I am not sure if it is enough just by stating you are a “Christian”, apparently from what I heard: you need your baptism certificate as proof… 🙂

  6. i havent collected mine, tho the jpn website says mine has been ready for collection since oct 4 2005. hehehhh…

    kinda anxious to see what religion they label me as too…

  7. Will get soon!

    But as what I know, Greencard in US don’t specific religion, do they? They just note your blood type, incase any accident, they’ll get to know your blood type easily.

  8. you have lost your religion! err, did you check if you lost anything else in that kad? some kinda sophistication…


  9. Celestine: Actually there’s a consession that doesn’t require us to provide certificate of proof for changing religions (ref: NST 05 Nov 2005). Just need to state your religion. Additionally, no fine for changing the religion that was caused by NRD’s negligence (ref: Sun 14 Nov 2005).

  10. I haven’t bothered to check yet, and certainly I won’t buy one of those readers from 7-Eleven just to check. Maybe one day when I’ve absolutely nothing else to do, I’ll drop by the NRD and hope they’ve got a reader for people to use for free.

  11. my mykad states i am a muslim and a female. hmmm … don’t want to sound political but then kannn … why only record muslim on the mykad, other religion will not be recorded izzit. so can catch me if i berkhalwat or tak puasa izzit. religion is deep down and reflected by our words and daily act. by having it on the mykad doesn’t carry any weight – oh well – trying to do too much of over policing religion.

  12. Lilian you are not alone!!! The last time one out of town evengelist came to preach, he highlighted this ‘mistake’ to us. It seemed Christians all over Malaysia are plagued of this ‘mistake.’ Even my MyKad stated I’m a buddhist…

    It seemed if you are a Chinese, you will be stated a Buddhist by default. Do you plan to rectify the mistake?

  13. helen – Not sure la. You know how hard it is to deal with ‘these’ offices la. Maybe ‘losing’ the MyKad would be easier. hahaha, just joking.

    ninuk – Yalah, it can burden too. Best is not to state for everyone.

    fishtail – I hope you won’t be disappointed.

    gbyeow – You mean we can just go and ask to make a new one? I would like that ‘cos I look like a criminal in the photo that they took in a rush. Maybe after the mad rush is over.

    JoeC – No, I am not listed as male. hahaha.

    Kiasi – I dunno about the greencard. But if your religion is the same as your birth cert, then, you are safe.

    lynee – Yeah, it is interesting to know what we get as religion.

    celestine – I guess they had given in to pressure. Not every one who is a Christian has baptism certificate, I am sure?

    Lin Peh – Dun masuk lokap ha? “Chinese man caught with no identity card forced to do nakid squats”

  14. I don’t know what’s mine because until now I still have not met a policeman who knows how to use the card reader while they were checking my IC.

  15. i too havent checked out mine yet. as long as not muslim, i think it’s fine. if not, buta only kena tangkap basah!! lol =P

  16. IMHO. Mykad should not store the religion info. Even the government are not supposed to register the religions in the identification card. Only people who has no faith with their religion need this “registration” lock up.

    BTW, who need the pathetic 7-11 reader. If I buy, I want a reader do more advanced stuff.

  17. My wife and I (when we were still dating) were baptised in 1972 at an independent church in PJ which did not give out baptism certs. It does not exist any longer.
    Does anyone know how we might get a baptism cert?
    Does someone know of a “nice” pastor who might be willing to give us one after an interview to confirm that we are still practising Christians?
    If you have any useful information or conatct, please email me at

  18. Hi Andy
    I am not sure about other churches but for Catholic churches, one needs to go through one year of RCIA (like a course) and get the baptism. For those baptised not in the Catholic church and want to join the Catholic church, they also required to sit through a few of the RCIA (if not all of the lessons) and go through the Sacrament of Confirmation. The person needs to pledge the NIcene Creed (the one We believe in God..in Jesus Christ who was born of the Virgin Mary etc) and be confirmed into the Catholic church.

    Personally which church you choose to belongs to, will depend on your location, the convenience of attending church regularly and also the kind of beliefs you have. Though we are all Christ’s followers, sometimes, we differ in some of the nitty-gritty stuffs. Sorry, not much of a help but I hope you find a welcoming church to be part of the community. After all, Christianity is not about being a baptised person but a practicising, faithful Christian who serves the community. God bless!

  19. Yes this issue is so much true. Its not only among christians but hindu and buddhist are as well facing similar circumstances. The government has a solid aim on turning this nation in to a full fledge Islamic nation. To do so it needs to cater atleast 75% islamic population on par accordance to nominal acceptance among IOC members as a full Islamic nation. Thus such incidence like the MYKAD errors and false conversion of whole family by allegedly clamied conversion by one family memebr in to Islam. All this and more will eventually lead the law makers to claim on stronger propaganda on this Islamic nation issue in parlimen.

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