Few days ago, I was sitting at these step-like seats at the skate park. Two young mothers were sitting one step above me. One has a toddler and the other has her baby in her arms. I was sort of leaning and resting on my elbows on the steps.

Suddenly, my crazy toddler decided to pounce on me. I lost my balance and sort of fell backwards. At first, it was funny because toddler loves to give me a big hug and strangle me at the same time. It is our usual game where we would giggle and gaggle.

But what greeted me when I looked up freaked me out. Oh my….an armpit full of curly hairs. Puke!

Please lah, you are only a young mother. What is so hard about getting that two patches on your underarms clean? Shave it. Cream it. Pluck it. Epilate it. Wax it. Mousse it. Whatever lah. It takes just a few minutes!


I had wanted to do a review on hair removal methods but can’t find my photos at the moment. Probably next time.

So, look hard at the above pic. Women armpits aren’t suppose to have hairs, ok? Anyway, that model in the photo is the hairless armpit of my almost 3 years old. You wish! I will never show my armpits to the world wide web. Not even from my dead body. Armpits are pretty sacred nooks, right? I must thank my mother’s good genes for being hairless.

Guys, what will be your reaction if you have that perfect dream girl in your arms and fulamak! her armpits are full of hairs?

Pssst…ladies, don’t be too lazy to spend minutes getting rid of those hairs. It is ugly and the hairs will harbour bacterias which cause body odour. But hairs on male armpits are pretty turn-on, no?

Gee, I hope I don’t get flamed for writing this? Lately, some people are so touchy. They may even say that I am a sexist and a prude.


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