Do you believe in HORRORscope?

The bookshops are having brisk sales of ‘Chinese Horoscope for 2006, the year of the dog’ or ‘What’s in store for your zodiac sign in 2006’ or some other blood-sucking ‘thy future is in thy hands’ books.


Then, there is palmistry, numerology, eight pillars of life (phat chee), fengshui, tarrotcards and the dubious fortune-tellers by the roadside.

I have never been to fortune-tellers before. Too freaked out to know my future. But I do know bits about palmistry, numerology, fengshui (me lilian too, remember?), phat chee and I do dig horoscopes, both Chinese and the western zodiac signs.

Everyone loves those positive vibes, don’t they? Like these words

  • The Dragon is one of the most powerful and lucky Signs of the Chinese Zodiac
  • Dragons possess a certain natural, charming charisma that ensures they can always influence their peers
  • This Sign is truly blessed, too; Dragons are considered to be very lucky in love! The Dragon’s friends are always keen to hear what this firebrand has to say and when it comes to dispensing advice, the Dragon has the floor.
  • (got more but dunwan you people to say I kembang sendiri 🙂 )

    And I live up to the perfectionist traits of a Virgoan.

    HOWEVER…..I don’t believe in horoscope. Not anymore. Do you know that those horoscope you read in the newspapers are generated over and over again? The cycle is every 3 years (so says my church member). So, there. Do you still believe?

    Well, I must admit that when we are just into a relationship, it is fun to seek out the other partner’s zodiac sign, birthdate, Chinese horoscope and then, look for compatibilities. When, there are similarities, probably you will be dreaming of growing old with Mr. or Miss Right…..because the horoscope said so.

    I did marry (not intentionally chosen but fate?) the sign most compatible to me, a rat. And yeah, I do dislike a few people who are born in the year of the dog. But then, I won’t get my panties in a twist over them. Nah ah, now I prefer to believe in God’s will. Takdir Tuhan.

    Now, who is born in the year of the dog? (1958 , 1970, 1982) Woof, woof, beware of the dragon. drag *spits fire*

    Psst…but if someone can read palm, tell me ya? And if anyone wanna get your fengshui read or phatchee calculated (this one very hard la, a lot of calculations), shoot your questions. I don’t charge and I don’t give guarantees also. I am only a copy and paster, remember?

    15 thoughts on “Do you believe in HORRORscope?

    1. Find a book la, plenty of info in the interweb…. but a few tips here:-

      1. if the center palm can retain water then the person knows how to save, the more water the better but the palm position must be on a flat position.
      2. a single continous horizontal line right across the palm is longevity, the deeper the better.
      3. thumb bending, if said thumb can bend all the way backwards means that the person is very CRAFTY.

      brought to you by the good people of Five Dragon Palm Association, plz send donation by calling 1800-PALM-ALOT.

    2. chewyx is a dog! My dragon is angmoh dragon ler. Spitfire type. Bible one.

      JoeC – Heh, tricky question. Only those who knows palmistry will notice something on the palm.

      Kiasi – Good!

    3. lilian, read my phat chee! i was born on 29th aug 1965 year of snake & i think morning also..please please read my phat chee! 🙂

    4. I was pretty much into palm reading when I was younger. Yeah a nice way to hold the hands of a lot of girls 😉 You just need to tell them that you could read palm and several would just outstreach their hands to you. However, I don’t believe that you can fortell the future from your palms because it changes according to your actions.

    5. long long ago when i was a teenager, i was crazy over horrorscope. ‘ineherited’ it from my elder sister who was crazy over it and bought many horrorscope books. but thank god i don’t take them seriously. i don’t read the daily horrorscope (telling you what will happen and all that as i believe it is nonsense. oh and now i just learned from you lilian, that those readings goes round and round in 3 cycles!). but the books on horrorscopes were quite good and some, i must say pretty accurate like when it describe the traits of those born under the different zodiacs.

      at least i know i know what it says of me – arian – is true – stuborn, impulsive, disorganised, generous, kind. ahem! 🙂

    6. heh heh, I was into it when I was schooling and in love. Needless to say, I did everything to find out if the boy is the fated one… ‘sam sai shue’ (3 generation book), cards, palm, face, temple to ask for chim, all the works lar!!! Luckily I stopped after I finished school and joined the working force. (and also broke-up with that guy)

      ** Christian talk ahead. If tak boleh tahan dun read on** Lilian, I do enjoy the freedom of being a Christian the most. It is just too tiring to live in bondage. One stupid palmist tell u this and then the next one tell u another thing… the bondage is endless. Nowadays, I no longer care if I want to attend funeral lar, go visit somebody in the hospital lar, even accidentally stepped on somebody’s roadside altar….. I have nothing to worry. Thank GOd!

    7. i also read horoscopes cos i kpc, just for fun. have never visited any palmist or fortune teller. dun want to know the future and dun need anyone to tell me that “something bad” will happen at such n such a time…
      YES, the dragon is the most powerful! another one here…

    8. Lin Peh can read palm but need to touch touch baru can chun. If you want the really chun wan. Must do a whole body read. Palm itself can tell about 60% of your fortune onli ! LOL

    9. I’m a Buddhist i don’t believe in all these nonsense.
      Why is that so cos, got to live your life everyday ,where do you get so much time to worry.
      My philosophy is “Shui Yuan” .

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