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More bulu ketiak (armpit hair) with Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore

I feel like some perverts surfing for armpit hairs to satisfy my fetish. Kak Teh, a dear Malaysian blogger who resides in the USA mentioned about Julia Roberts and the premier of her armpit hairs during the Notting Hill premier.

Curious, I decided to check it out. Sure enough, there are lots of photos to fulfil our curiousity. Hey, I said ‘our’ because I am sure I am not the only one curious about them. I am doing for the sake of the guys and gals who commented in my previous post, ok?

The question – Can the attractiveness of a female celebrity overshadows her armpit hairs? Too bad, the answer is no. So says the news. The small clump of hairs sort of kill off the gorgeous look of Drew Barrymore.

So, gentlemen… prepared for some photos. I am not responsible for what happened to your lunch, ok?


Julia Roberts in 1999. Photo taken from the net. Oops, I lost the URL.


Drew Barrymore. Photo taken from

37 Responses to “More bulu ketiak (armpit hair) with Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore”

  1. eeee, i;ve lost my lunch and yesterday’s dinner… brrrr.

  2. mwakakakak… grossnyer… hheheh

  3. enuff ketiak lor! i’m going blind!

  4. Like it or not Julia is still the highest paid actress in hollywood… I doubted anybody see her as a sex symbol nowadays…

    As for Drew… I get more distracted by her sagging boobs 😛

  5. i want to cabut the hair!!!!!!!

  6. LOL!! at least drew’s one is not as bad as julia’s. the insect can still find its way out! LOL =P

  7. OK, Ok… women with armpit hair are gross…. While at it, Lilian, let’s do a piece on men with NO armpit hair… Gross or not?? lol

  8. I rather you show pic of hair from other part of those celeb 😉

  9. such a turn off! yuks!

  10. yucky!

  11. Eeeewwwkkkk..!!

  12. Congratulations. As I read this piece, my eyes wandered over to your Google Ads stuff. They were displaying things like “Pubic Hair Removal” and “Laser Hair Removal Ohio” and “Waxing. It works!” and the best of all: “Armpit Sweat”


  13. I am not armpit fetish. Why purposely check the chick armpit? As long as there is no bad ordour, there is a lots of thing to be “discovered” .. kekekkekeeke. Julia Roberts eyes is sexy.

  14. I have personally saw it with my own eyes a shanghainese flashing her armpit hair on my face by lifting up her arm while having a conversation with me, my friend and some guy friends.

    I think she must have thought it’s sexy to show off her hair.

  15. aiyaaaa lilian – kak teh in UK laaaah.

  16. armpit hair !!! SEXY!!!! I LIKE!!!

  17. Wingz – Go find a gorilla or king kong, very hairy.

    kakteh – Hehehe, ya tak ya jugak.

    allyfeel – Wow, that means Gilette and all the shavers have potential market in China!

    moo_t – May the force be with you.

    Anuar – I hope you curiousity works for me. Faham-faham sajalah.

    mamaBok – I actually applaud them for trying to be different. But I guess it doesn’t work. We women folks are still expected to be less hairy.

  18. Foodcrazee & king’s wife – Yes indeed.

    LinPeh – Go surf yourself.

    helen – You go do la. I sked kena flamed for ‘not being tolerant’.

    yvy – Ya, it looks trimmed.

    Lynnee – You need help. LOL.

    issy – Hahaha, yeah, they are rather droopy. Gravity is natural.

    Wuching – Ok, ok. No more liao.

    marlinda – Yalah.

    JoeC – Have you got your appetite back yet?

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  20. love those armpit hair

  21. […] As for me, I am from the old school. Hard to get old dogs to do new tricks.  *reaching out for the hair removal foam and starts to spray on my legs* […]

  22. armpit is the most sexiest part to me .. i can get horny by looking at that .. but the hairy one help me to vomit…

    furthermore i preffer to “cabut the hair rather than shave it”

    even i am male i got that hairy problem .. i hate that .. at least i’ll trim it

    i am a metrosexual …

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  24. julia roberts, one word : GROSS.
    for drew barrymore, god bless you, your armpit was MUCH better than julia’s

  25. julia roberts is very bad

  26. That’s nice. Julia more sexy with that thing. My respect her

  27. irritating hair!!!!

  28. women with armpit sometime dpt dilihat.. :mrgreen:

  29. ohhhh so nice welcome to our female armpit forum

    hot smell of sex

  30. I love gals with very thick hairy armpits. I wanna suck that pits and smell it…

  31. wooooowww…

  32. i lost my love to julia 🙁

    And´s last blog post..Anne Hooper – Great Sex Tips

  33. every women should keep armpit hair because it makes them truly sexy

  34. women look sexy with armpit hairs

  35. OMG! Why would anyone leave the house like that?! Soo…why would a celebrity like either of them leave without shaving!!! EWWWW.

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  37. RETCH~~~~~~~~~~~