Two jakun on the loose -Creative MUVO MP3 player

5xmom : WAH!!!!! SO NICE! SO CLEAR!

5xdad : Give me, give me!


Pass to 5xdad. Put on earphone.


5xmom : Oi, you don’t have to shout la. I am not deaf la.

Kids : Duh! You two so jakun la.

5xmom and 5xdad : Of course, last time we all don’t have money to buy stuffs like these, you know?


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We bought this during the PIKOM fair for our #1. Sigh… technology has certainly advanced. When I was growing up, we had vinyl records. The kind which we need to change needles. Then, it was the walkman with cassette. At one time, there was laser DVD the size of a 12 inch plate. Then, the portable CD player. Now this MP3 player. What’s next?

Anyone got this? It has FM, MP3, recording and plugs into the PC. We heard Creative is more durable than iPod, true? Important factor because we are talking about adventurous 15 years old. Hmmm….does this mean I can record my voice and do podcast? Fuwah, next time you just need to listen to 5xmom bersandiwara. “ei, you change your underwear? you wash behind your ears? ………..”

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  1. Ade tapi tak canggih mcm kak lilian punya lor. No fm radio one. Beli dah lama, dah dinosaur compared to the ones kak lilian ada tuh. Beli like 3 yrs ago, and now my husband ada beli baru. Tak sempat tengok lagi pon heheh

  2. erm…now the newest = MP4 player. Can watch video clips, MTV..bla bla in a very tiny screen (the size of player just like ur mp3 player) Imagine!
    Hehe..i got one. n erm, it didnt come along with a magnifier glass šŸ™‚

  3. jc – Yeah, I saw the MP4 too but it is rather ridiculous hor? So small how to see. Already risking getting deaf, now risking getting blind. Luckily my son is not brand conscious and doesn’t bother about latest gadgets. We insist to buy it for him instead of him demanding it.

    marlinda – I baru first time dengar. Fuwah….cukup solid. Tapi kena pinjam dari my son if I want to use it.

  4. *smilin sheepishly* i have one but not because it is the latest gadget la. On promotion mah..only rm280 for 256mb. I hardly use it to watch video(i agree, it is ridiculous)..can main mp3..cukupla.

  5. i’m still stuck to the good ol’ walkman times. sadly my walkman died-ed edi. long long time ago and i never got to getting myself a portable MP3 player until now. but from the looks of it, i dun think i will need it lar. no time to even watch the whole stack of DVDs i bought, where got time to plug in earphones n listen music?? i only listen in my car. lol =p

  6. Welcome to mp3 world! i remeber my first walkman, bigger than a handphone liao… iPod is abit prima dona la, expensive and very sensitive, better get the many mp3 brand players, cheaper and if rosak pun tak susah hati.

    Hey, I found your food blog, I was quite baffled as to who was linking me… then I found out it was you. I love cucur kodok, yummy.


  7. Creative is good but expensive. Of coz Ipods dun kira lar, they are way overpriced.

    Another alternative is Apacer. Quality acceptable and price reasonable.

    I got myself the Apacer 512MB. Got FM, can record and of coz play MP3.

  8. I’ve got the exact same model. And it’s also white. Really very nice playback quality but not as good as my Sony.

    When recording (Can record up to 10 hours if your battery can last that long) remember not to shout or speak too loud near the mic or it’ll distort.

  9. Damn, i cant seem to use those things, envy. My ears are so small they have a hard time keeping the earphones in place.

  10. It’ll be great to hear your voice if u do podcasting!! The down side? You probably cannot do all the heavy cussing!! lol

  11. wah…new toy!!! šŸ™‚

    yeah, one thing i hate ipod is no tuner!!!!

    kekeke so still stick to my phone FM radio most of time and i am listening to mixFM thru internet here at beijing šŸ™‚

    but 256 enough meh?

    i missed KL..

  12. leecs – We got the 512MB and can take about 200 songs. It is a breeze to transfer the song from PC to the player. Just plug in, and drag and drop.

    helen – kehkehkeh, then I can give the proper pronounciation! Hahahaha.

    Samm – I have the same problem too. After one or two songs, my head also wanna explode liao. Good thing my son doesn’t glue to it.

    Gulengz – Yakah? We got the 512MB and haven’t collected another earphone yet. (the one with hook wan)

    Max – the above is RM330, I think. iPod is about RM400+.

  13. Jeremy – Yvy is right. They are rare now. Even the vinyls are much sought after. Auction it on e-bay. šŸ™‚

    WuChing – Yes indeed.

    JoeC – What? Now only you know I have a food blog? I also got parenting blog. But I never really interconnect them because I don’t want this 5xmom personality to scare off the readers from the other blogs. I am very nice over there. šŸ™‚

    Yvy – Yalor, life is not fair. By the time, we can afford things, we found that we have no time for them.

    jc – The unit we have is 512MB is only RM330 lor. For that kind of fantastic output, really ‘tai’. It can shut off all the surrounding noises.

  14. Creative is OK. It’s a Singaporean brand. The quality is good and they have many different models. FM tuner is not necessary anymore, since there are podcasts and video podcasts now. iPods are worth the money now with the ability to play videos on its 2 inch 320×240 screen. I love mine! I’m anti-Apacer because the MP3 players are bad. Mine had to be replaced twice.

  15. some of the mp4 players i own are made in China, they are good too.-*”

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