King Kong is now Queen Kong

Few days ago, I got this free t-shirt from the PIKOM fair. Nobody wants it. My hubby doesn’t want it, not even for his badminton rags. My eldest 15 years old son of course doesn’t wear un-cool t-shirt like this. “Those are for kids. Bleargh!”


So, I jokingly told fishtail in his very amusing, Left P0rn, Right Kong

BTW, if you need a King Kong t-shirt, I got one free one from the computer shop. Black t-shirt with white letterings and King Kong’s face. Match with the car.

(fishtail, note the little car I put on the t-shirt in the pic? I still remember your posting!)

But two days ago, I decided to took it out from where we chucked it to have a look. Hmm… says Toshiba Qosmio AV Notebook PC. That laptop has the best of the best resolution. I drooled over it at several computer shops. It is almost like watching some very expensive TV. The colours, the crispiness etc etc. In case you do not know, it is Toshiba’s latest model. Costing +/- RM10K (USD2.5K). But wth will pay that kind of money for a notebook when they can get a huge TV, right?

So much more than a notebook
Take it all with you: DVD, DVR, TV, MP3s, games, mobile computing, 17” Ultimate TruBrite display. Enabled by impeccable Toshiba technology.

So, I got a little vain. If I can’t afford the laptop, why not wear the T-shirt? Just like if I can’t afford a Ferrari, why not buy a Ferrari t-shirt?

There I was, proudly wearing a t-shirt with the latest laptop brand plus a yet-to-be released movie icons.

Triple Academy Award winner Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) directs the dramatic adventure King Kong, bringing his sweeping cinematic vision to the iconic story of the gigantic ape captured in the wild and brought to civilization where he meets his tragic fate.

But guess what my kids told me. “Mom, you are not King Kong. You are a Queen Kong. Your face looks like that when you got mad with us.”


Sheesh… Now you know why ‘Sons shorten their mothers’ lives.’

So, when you watch King Kong, remember the Queen!


And fishtail, sorry no more t-shirt. The Queen Kong has claimed it!

All hail the Queen Kong!

15 thoughts on “King Kong is now Queen Kong

  1. hahahaha!!!!!!why am i laughing? ‘cos i’m imagining the time when King Kong makes love to Queen Kong!!! Instant death sentence!!Hahahahaha!!!!!

  2. [[[“Mom, you are not King Kong. You are a Queen Kong. Your face looks like that when you got mad with us.”]]]
    wah so brave .. so close to Christmas insult Mrs Claus some more

  3. LOL… So scary ar you!! I now can imagine the poor Streamyx salesgirl running for her life!! LOL

    Dun call me stupid har…. I swear to my hubby I will never ever (10X) watch a movie like King Kong!! Why?? Because I felt so sorry for the beast. Unless they change the ending where the beast gets to go back to the jungle and live happily ever after, I will not go watch!! The beast was happily minding his own business in the jungle and those blardy ppl go and catch him to make a quick buck!! I can’t face it!!

  4. Helen has got a point: why disturb a poor creature just minding its own business? But just wait: the next version of King Kong will have the beast climbing Petronas Twin Tower with its wife (each climb one). Then we’ll really see the real Queen Kong, haha!

  5. i like the small little car there…sure my son will love it too…
    today is my son ‘s birthday leh *kekekeke*

    but that notebook as heavy as a desktop woh…can carry or not? or put a trolley?

  6. LOL… how did you feel when your sons told you this about Queen Kong? hahaha on one side u might feel angry/upset but on the other hand the kids were darn cute hehehe i know that kind of “kei sei” feeling 🙂

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