Name me five Christmas songs and I will sing it on my blog!


A nutty idea came to me. I had been in the church choir for three years. I can’t read musical notes so everytime, I have to rely on my instinct and neighbouring members to guide me. The tune we sang in choir is not the same as karaoke, ok?

But hey, I am very persistent and very discipline. I never miss a choir practice unless I am out of Penang. However, when I sing ‘drum’, my kids heard it as ‘hump’. LOL. So, you get the idea…..

In Christmas mood, I shall record my own voice. I hate my voice. I cringed. But God gave me a voice, so I shouldn’t complain.

So, name me five Christmas songs you like…….
(promise to name only songs that really have meaning to you)



and see if I can find the courage to broadcast it on my blog.

Meanwhile, you can sing too! Join Tok3Tok4 Let’s Sing Song for Christmas Project. Fuwah, it is like ‘We are the (blogger) World Project’. Surf over to his site and start practising your White Christmas. It is going to be fun.

17 thoughts on “Name me five Christmas songs and I will sing it on my blog!

  1. hmmm… i can only think of one that’s pretty nice, the one starting with: Chestnut roasting on a open fire…

    It’s by Nat King Cole if i’m not wrong

  2. 1. silent night (my fave)
    2. white Christmas
    3. rudolf the red nosed reindeer (childhood fave)
    4. jingle bells (the only carol that my boiboi knows how to sing and hum)
    5. I’ll be Home for Christmas

    err can put more than 5 arh? :p

  3. looks like babe came out with all the commercialised songs…and dat is good too. Cant sing for fart.

    What about – Santa is coming to town

  4. i just want to hear one christmas song by lilian & its the ‘last christmas’ song by wham! years ago! c’mon lilian sing it for me! šŸ™‚

  5. 1. Jingle bell Rock
    2. rudolf the red nosed reindeer
    3. Jingle Bell Rock
    4. I saw Mummy kiss santa claus
    5. jingle Bell Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. 1. winter wonderland (I sang this for a radio contest once!)
    2. frosty the snowman
    3. silver bells
    4. I’ll be home for christmas
    5. o holy night

    season’s greetings!

  7. cool!

    how about…
    1) Christmas is all around
    2) All I Want From Christmas is You
    3) White Christmas (all time fave)
    4) Frosty the Snowman
    5) Good King Wenceslas (heard it from the movie Love Actually)

  8. I guess “little drum-mer boy” is out. – Hum-mer boy or Hump-er boy doesnt sound good. LOL
    I banned “grandma got run over by a reindeer” in my house

    OK here goes: Adeste Fidelis
    Angels we have heard on high
    O Little town of Bethlehem
    Do you hear what I hear
    Away in a manger.

  9. Here are the 5 songs (in addition to the White Christmas) that you should sing for me.

    1. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Boob
    2. I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus
    3. Jingle Bell Cock
    4. The Twelve Horny Days of Christmas
    5. Silver Balls

    LOL !

  10. To me, a first time commenter also, the 1 and only “O Holy Night” reveals all that is X’mas. Strangely a tear comes to my eyes EVERY time I hear/sing it. No joke.

    Congrats. Great blog.

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