Neighbour’s broadband, 3-column WP and Tiga

I have questions for Uncle Agony (of the techie kind):

1) My laptop detected an unsecured Linksys network. I use a Netgear. But the funny thing is this Linksys is a lot faster than my Netgear (screamyass, what do you expect huh?). I read before that someone in the US was sued for stealing the broadband of his neighbour. Errmm…dear uncle agony, is it ok if I use the Linksys since the Linksys is the one who trespassed into my bedroom?

2) I had been trying to figure out since last night how I accessed and managed to download this super kick-ass, three-column WordPress theme. It is called the ProBlogger Clean 2.0 designed by Tim Yang. I can’t seem to access the author’s site now. You can view the theme I use at MalaysiaBest.

3) Few days ago, I found one local blogger who pinged to PPS with a three-column WordPress theme called ‘Tiga’. But I lost his URL and can’t recall the name of the author. I only remember he is a Malay guy. I really like that theme and want to download it. Heloooo…..owner of Tiga theme, are you reading this? Mana pegi itu URL?

Added : Yeah, I dah jumpa! Tiga can be downloaded from here.

14 thoughts on “Neighbour’s broadband, 3-column WP and Tiga

  1. Yo Superblogger,

    #1, nah, as long as no one is monitoring it, use it to kingdom come… if they dun safeguard the bandwidth, its their fault.

    #2, downtime, yep.

    #3, okieeee, considering other themes?

    Atomic Boy

  2. JoeC – Psst…#2, not downtime. He disallowed Malaysian IPs. Long history, you don’t want to know. I act bodoh oso.

    #3 – Where got nice-nice, easy to install one, gimme? I am changing all my blog to 3-column ‘cos these old ones look awful on my laptop wide screen.

  3. #2, aiya, why soo like that ah… give give la, some ppl are soo “nose up”.

    #3, hehehe, dunno abt wordpress lei. waaahh, your labbie screen very big liao, can feed in 3 columns!


  4. #1: No laws in Malaysia about tapping bandwidth. My friends and I were tapping bandwidth when we were in Thailand as well. There are some Wifi AP monitoring tools around. Just can’t think of their names at the moment. Are you running on a 1MB Streamyx line or the 512K? If its the latter, there’s the difference there. Might also be that the AP point that you’re using at home is a little weak. Try boosting its power to get a better feed.

    #2 & 3: I think the point of keeping 2 columns is to appease the lowtech peeps of the world still running on 800×600 resolution.

  5. Hi,

    Tiga guy here….

    I’m actually still budak baru belajar…so donno about this pingback stuff….alih2 got loads of pingback in my tiga theme comments…is that normal or is my newbie theme broken…

    Will read more about pingbacks once I get home from work ;).

    Still pretty new at this blogging stuff…so if you decide to use the theme you can contact me (should I say ‘pingback me’) for help…

  6. shamsul – Hey, tks for dropping by. On WP, whenever someone quoted your post, it will appear as trackback in your comment. I notice your WP is on that Theme Viewer and I bet lots of people will be using it.

    gbyeow – Hey, tks for the tips. We have the RM88 package which is the 1MB (but suxs).

    JoeC – Nolah, he is a pro-blogger who provides very useful tool. But some problems with PPS previously caused him to decide to take this action.

  7. I read that in S’pore, leeching ur neighbour’s wireless bandwidth is an offence punishable by law!

    But here in Cyberjaya where I’m usually at, I’ve connected to numerous wireless network detectable by my PC. LOL.

    Since there’s no law in malaysia that governs this practice, well i guess u can start to terminate ur Streamy account liao? LOL!

  8. I knew a fren of mine who tapped into his neighbour’s network and he saved a lot on his bills but the thing is its not stable.

  9. #1: Theoritical situation – You access the Linksys router, it gives you an IP address. The owner of the linksys can then access your laptop because it now has a “direct” connection to your laptop. You are now part of his subnet. I am not sure if the neighbour of yours is smart or not lar. Its a risk you have to consider. Once he gets into your computer, there are plenty of stuff that he can do, worse is that he can install stuff into your machine to.

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