I so wanna kick, pinch, slap, box myself!!!!!

Because I dropped my KKC (i.e. my camera). My RM2.3K (inclusive of lenses and other accessories) precious camera which is less than one year old. My Konica-Minolta Z3. This is time, I dropped it right in front of my poor hubby’s face. (first time here)

The strapped got caught with the strap of a backpack when I stood up, intending to fill the camera with new batteries. Plonk!!!! And everything is now black. (some lenses inside must have dropped off, again)

BAWWWLLLLL!!!!! The only consolation I had was I had meant to bring it to church tonight during my choir practice to take the photos of the beautiful nativity scene. I want to take photos of the baby Jesus in the crib!!!! God, please, please, please let the damage be covered under warranty. Warranty expires December 29th. I had meant to take photos of baby Jesus, remember? šŸ™‚

Arrggh…….now I got to wait for months to get it repaired, missing Christmas, missing Chinese New Year and soon, soon, sniff, sniff, my toddler would grew up before I can capture photos of him with Santa and Lion Dance. He probably would have graduated from kindy or got married and have kids.

God, please make this quick and fast and free. Please, I promise to be good. I promise I won’t take photos of fat girls abusing kiddies rides or kinky aunties sitting on children’s swings anymore. I promise. Pleassseeee…….

While You are at it, can you ask Santa to bring me a Nikon D50? Pssttt…’cos I saw my darling husband surfing and reading review for D50. So, can you ask Santa if I deserve it, pleaseeeeee. Or easier, let my atm strikes lottery this weekend and saves Santa the trip.

Please send your condolences this way on the demise of my photo taking spree.

Shrieks!!!!!! Gosh, what about my nephew’s wedding in Cyber Lodge in Jan 2006? Now, I can forget about buying that long dress or tuxedoes for the kids. What good are they if I can’t take photos?

Slap, kick, punch, slap, kick, punch self, Slap, kick, punch, slap, kick, punch self, Slap, kick, punch, slap, kick, punch self, Slap, kick, punch, slap, kick, punch self, Slap, kick, punch, slap, kick, punch self……faints…..

16 thoughts on “I so wanna kick, pinch, slap, box myself!!!!!

  1. Some time back, while queueing up at the airport, I dropped my laptop on the toes of the fellow standing behind me. Those days, laptops weighed like bricks. My laptop was okay after that drop; I’m not sure about his toes though.

  2. My Canon IXUS 2 was spoilt few months ago and they replaced me with a new IXUS 50. Lucky me. Hee.. =D

    Maybe it’s a good thing? Hope that they will replace a new one for u too.

  3. hahaha!! poor auntie. slap, punch and kick. how kick yourself i dunno.

    Hey, thanks for the link to my story. you really my good auntie lah.

  4. Ayo… having the camera konk once is bad enough, but twice must be quite shocking. Hope you get it repaired (or replaced :o)) soon.

  5. OUCHIES!!! I’d be kicking and punching myself too if I were you. Haiz…..good luck with fixing up ur cam soonest. I cant imagine Lilian with her cam going thiak! thiak! thiak! ;(

  6. I lost my two month old Nokia 3230 to a snatch thief. Now I hoping santa would bring me N70 =).hehe..so greedy of me.. Never mind.At least you still have it under warranty..hopefully they have good after sale services though…some companies dont provide a very good after sale service.

  7. warranty sure not cover impact like dropping wan lah..all u can hope is minolta wants good customer relation to repair it under their warranty wan..aiyah..i pray for u too lah, i can understand, no camera cannpt blog like me loh!

  8. Don’t worry, as long as there is no sign of external impact(drop on carpet instead of concrete floor), you can bet the engineer can fix it. The camera are tougher than you though. The impact may displace stuff like shutter, some springs or belt.

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