My first Google Adsense cheque

Finally….after getting banned once and had USD250 disappeared in thin air…..

I got my first cheque from Google Adsense!

Too bad, I don’t have any camera so no pickchure.

BTW, did you guys install the Firefox extension for Google Adsense’s notifier? I have mine and it is cool to see the figures updated every 20 minutes. You can download the extension from Mincus Code.

So, there, proven that Google Adsense is great! Tralalalala…..

12 thoughts on “My first Google Adsense cheque

  1. Ah crap, you mean my visits here to read your substandard entries contribute to your income. I feel used.

  2. wyejon- Just re-apply, start on zero and work smart. šŸ™‚

    kiasi – can, can

    aw – Yeah, just like how you are wasting the earth resources, spending time doing these useless crap.

    jl – tks! the income are not from my personal blog though. It is a site that I had dedicated a lot of time, energy and sincerity in developing. Three years old site. But the Adsense only started a few months ago.

    mwt – Problogger? HOHOHO, I won’t ever dare to label myself that. I am a community worker, a non-profit venture.

    englee – Sure! Teh tarik on me.

  3. Congrats! The feeling of getting the first cheque from google adsense is really great. I got my first cheque but long time ago. It was only USD100 ++. Anyway, it will take a least one month to get the money into the bank in Malaysia.

  4. Yvy – Hahaha, be patience, be patience. My personal blog oso not much income wan ler. The golden goose is elsewhere. šŸ˜‰

    szehau – Yeah, I heard about that. I wish they have other method. Like PayPal, so I can just sign away with online shopping. I earn a bit from Chitika, they put into my paypal but I rejected ‘cos I don’t feel comfortable with the credit number thing. Hope I touch USD50, take the money and close my account. Nowadays, I get USD0 everyday.

  5. i know where you big golden goose is but i dun have ma so no choice lor, HAVE to practice patience lar. but at the rate i’m going maybe the chq will come in in 2 yrs time!! LOL

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