8 easy steps to convert MP3?

Yvy asked about sending her voice recording over to Lin Peh for the project ‘Let’s sing a Christmas song’.

Here’s the short steps I used. Can anyone tell me if there is a better shortcut?

1) Record voice. Can borrow someone’s handphone or MP3 player. Get them to send the file to PC.

2) Sometimes, these files are received as .WAV format. It is a big file. So, need to convert them to MP3 which is a smaller file.

3) I don’t have the software to do so (or if I do, I probably am not aware of) so I download Audacity. Download a folder call lame(something). This folder did not come with the original download.

4) Once Audacity is installed on the PC, it is just a mere open file, export (convert) to MP3. Save file as MP3.

5) Email the file to Lin Peh at xymalaysia [@] yahoo.com.

6) To put your recording online, just upload your file to your server.
If you don’t have your own webhosting, try putfile.com or streamload.

7) On WordPress, just blog as usual.

Insert code:
(yikes! how to put the code here without turning into html tags? 🙂 Learning….learning…)

(Can someone tell me how to make the thing not to autostart? What code?)

8) Tadaaaa…live on the blog!

Lin Peh – I still cannot record yet hor. Because on my desktop, I have to put the earphone into my Edifier speakers and I can’t find the hole! LOL!

Added : Go grab the VCD title Vatican Christmas Concert from Artist Gallery at RM14.90. It is those old, old Christmas songs with Bryan Adams, Charlotte Church, Dishy Sasha, Dionne Warwick and puke! Tom Jones who looks like a lobster. A concert held at the Papal Seat (the Pope’s).

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  1. Hehehe, the thing is on the floor mah, so I lazy to squeeze under the computer desk to search for the lubang to plug in the earphone. This Lin Peh lor, say must not have background music, so I got to plug the earphone to get the right tune and record the voice. You got take part anot? Season of goodwill mah.

  2. Lin Kon have 2 options:



    Normally, the hole for mike to go into is dwelt at the lover body of the CPU. U gonabe bent down your head or make a squatting position to view the hole!!

  3. Lin Kon have 2 options:




    Note: remove those [[[ ]]].

    Normally, the hole for mike to go into is dwelt at the lover body of the CPU. U gonabe bent down your head or make a squatting position to view the hole!!

  4. Oppp!!! the html didn’t show.

    Lin Kon have 2 options:

    embed src=”file://…../…/lilianlove.mp3″ autoplay=”fault” hidden=”fault”


    a href=”http://www.unknown.com/lilianlove.mp3″>lilianlove.mp3.

    Normally, the hole for mike to go into is dwelt at the lover body of the CPU. U gonabe bent down your head or make a squatting position to view the hole!!

  5. Windows Media Player 10 has built in MP3 ripping. With MP9, you’ll need to download the ripping plugin. That said, there are many tools for media conversion. My brother-in-law recommended one but I can’t remember the name. Shall go back and dig it up…

  6. gbyeow – I think my WMP very laubeh (old) one. I only know how to rip songs from the CD only. Nothing more.

    yuin – I have iTunes oso but never know that I can do so. Hahaha, I go one big round to learn. That’s the problem with women like me. Lazy to read manuals. Until now, I only utilise 20% of my laptop capability. Never open the manual to test it to the max.

    My ACER can open 4 windows plus one transparent window at the same time, on the same window. Very canggih for copy and paste job, you know? But that also I never use it. Very hard to teach old dogs new tricks. LOL.

  7. Not sure why you made yourself so trouble. Can’t you just use Audacity to record it then export as MP3 file?

    WAV file is not really a big file size. Anyway, most MP3 player or voice recorder is in WAV format. Some WAV format may not be converted to MP3 format by Audacity.

  8. I don’t have a mike so how to record with audacity leh? So, I record with Creative mah, then transfer to the PC lor. But what I am supposed to record for the Christmas song is to record only voice while listening to the music so I get the right karaoke version. That’s why need to do go through long process.

  9. Your steps are correct.

    Can use mp3 player to record also if you have one with a mic. The wav convert to mp3 software, Lin Peh use cdex. Just do a search on it. Lin Peh find it very easy to use for ripping cd and convert wav to mp3, pluse gostan balik

    About finding hole…here’s the story:

    Last time got this innocent kid dunno how to do it on wedding night so he asked his daddy. The daddy told him to off all light, use your hand to search for a hole where it’s surrounded by hair and plug you didi into the hole. However, the kid came home drunk on his wedding night, walked wrongly into his daddy room, off the light, hand move around and found daddy’s beard and taruh the daddy mouth ! LOL !

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