It is hard to be angry…

First, the disclaimer. There is nothing sensitive here. Nothing to do with any religion.

This little statue first lost his gold bullion. You see, it is usual for the god of prosperity (gop) to carry a huge gold bullion with his arm outstretched. But during the kids rough play, something dropped and toppled gop onto the floor. But gop did not break his big belly or his rosy cheeks. Only the gold bullion dropped off.

So, gop stays on in my living room.

Now, poor gop got made-up by my toddler.


My toddler drew the floor, walls, cabinets and furniture with a lipstick he dug out from my handbag until the whole stick was gone. I was very mad but couldn’t help holding back my laughs because toddler also drew on his own lips. Gosh, it was soooo funny. However, I was too angry to remember capturing those messy look on photos.

I only found out that poor gop had a thick mess of lipstick on his lips and belly several days later. I hope this pic not offensive to anyone. Gop is a symbol of prosperity in Chinese beliefs. I do like his rosy cheeks and smiling face.


Oopsie, typing error! It should be pinching!

And this is my little sunshine. The rosy cheeks and everything! Each morning I thank God for this little blessing. Each night, I double thank God.

It doesn’t matter that he is forever destroying stuffs around the house. He has gotten smarter. Each time he is doing something ‘illegal’ (like unscrewing some nuts and bolts, tearing some important papers, dismantling some gadget etc), he would scream ‘NO LAH!’ if we happen to pass by. That defensive look on his face is priceless!

Thank God for my little rosy cheeks.

Correction : I made a mistake. The pic above is the laughing buddha. I got it wrong. Gop is the one who is supposed to appear during Chinese New Year – Choy San. Laughing buddha statues are usually placed in Chinese temples but they aren’t prayed to, at least not as a main idol. More like a side-kick there.

10 thoughts on “It is hard to be angry…

  1. Your kid is soo smart… he knows even GOP values beauty more than money give him lipstick hehehehe. Only smart kids get into things…:) my kid used to drive me crazy with her concoctions in the shes 3 years ahead in her Chemistry LOL

  2. god lillian! i have 2 toddlers (one yr apart) and i know what u mean by tearing the house apart. sometimes i felt like been terrorized by them and have to beg for their mercy not to “bob the builder” the house.

  3. Hahah, sweet child. Mine likes to read our thick books. He loves to flip the pages continuosly and he can do that on the floor for hours on end.

  4. It’s tough to be angry, isn’t it? Looking back, there are only smiles anyway. I remember the time when my little one cleant the toilet with the toothbrush. Luckily I found it out, BEFORE using them šŸ™‚

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