My new DSLR camera Dynax 5D



This new digital SLR is Konica Minolta’s answer to the Nikon D50 and Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT), a more affordable digital SLR aimed more at the beginner market. It’s both smaller and lighter than the Maxxum 7D and has fewer external controls (although those which are left are the most useful; WB, ISO, etc.). The 5D of course still features Konica Minolta’s unique in-camera Anti-Shake system which stabilizes the sensor rather than a lens element.

The Dynax5D/Maxxum5D inherits the revolutionary technology of the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D – the world’s first*3 digital SLR with built-in Anti-Shake technology and CCD Shift mechanism that is compatible with all Dynax/Maxxum system lenses*1.

This award winning Anti-shake technology was selected as “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004 – 2005” by EISA*4 and provides the equivalent compensation effect with a shutter speed 2 – 3 stops slower*2

Now it’s possible to reduce blur caused by camera shake, even when taking photos in dimly lit or twilight scenes, in natural light with a telephoto lens, as well as macro shots – without relying on a higher ISO setting, the aid of a flash or tripod. Anti-shake responds quickly to both broad, slow-swaying motion of the camera body and the higher frequency shaking typical of camera shake caused by the photographer’s hands.


Need to catch my breath first. 🙂

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ADDED – Our old, old, very first SLR Nikon FE 10 camera that had travelled the world (once upon a time). This one uses film! Antique indeed. There is some write-up about this camera way back in 1999. It costed RM1,080 back then.


31 thoughts on “My new DSLR camera Dynax 5D

  1. plink – Dun run, dun run! I already swear not to shoot people anymore.

    Jimmie – Choy…touch wood, touch wood. My Z3 is suspected to have CCD problem. Shhh….technical errors, ok? 😉

    jc – Santa will send you one if you promise to take pics of snow. I haven’t seen snow before except in Mines Wonderland! LOL.

    Wingz – Dun drool, I hate wiping.

  2. aiyooo… nice la!!! you bought another one?? tuh dier…..habisla now all the ah lians, auntys with bad hair and bulu ketiak all gonna kena thiak, thiak, thiak edi lor!! RUN>…..

  3. waaaahhh, respect respect! now Lilian is not only fast but very professional lei… and dangerous! hehehe… great buy, how much?

  4. alex – Wuah, dun be so evil la. Teach you something, go and take photo of the sun and in no time, your CCD also konked out. Hahaha.

    ah pek – I oso likeeee….ah pek.

    8dee – 🙂

    mahagurusia – This one cannot liao ‘cos the zoom is not as powerful as my Z3. If I want a power zoom, must buy super long lenses. That time, too obvious liao.

    JeremyC – Yeah, Santa is fast this year because I had been a good girl.

    JoeC – A little over RM3K. With 512CF card, photo filter (to cut reflections/too bright sunlight) and lithium-ion battery. Konica is cheaper than the other brands because less advertisements mah. This model is on the same level as Nikon D70S which is RM3K+. I can’t hold the Nikon D70S because it is too big for my palm. The day Canon gets Mawi to advertise, is the day I swear off Canon 350. 🙂 But the selling point is the anti-shake mechanism. This is very important for me because I memang teruk in this area.

  5. wuching – Hey, great mind thinks alike! I got it without the accessories for less than RM3K. Of course, this is after we hang out at the shop for two consecutive days, 2 hours each night and I cradled dunno how many cameras.

    Yvy – Yang ni, tak boleh point and shoot. So tak sempat nak tangkap basah. LOL.

    marlinda – Must thank the guy who sells ‘cos I swooned over the camera but never say I want to buy. We actually wanted to buy a Lumix FX8 (great camera, btw) compact camera as standby until my other camera comes back. So, you know la, I keep fiddling with the DSLR, ask questions etc etc. Last-last, the guy told the atm, your wife loves the camera so much, aiyah….buy la. And OMG, OMG, atm pun beli…..I seriously never expect it. Like a kid with a new toy.

  6. Waaaaa, such beauty!! Lilian will now have to share ATM with a 3rd party!! LOL

    Just in case you’re finding 3 person in a relationship too stressful to handle, I’ll be happy to take one off your hand. Do not mind taking Konica away to help you…. but, if you prefer, ATM also can. ** quickly run away before Lilian shoots me…**

  7. With this anti-shake feature, will definitely take great picture of my soon-to-be bulging tummy when i lie down. I LIKE!! And faster take pic of your adsense cheque for us to gloat and drool over, hehehe

  8. fred – When you get to my age, you will get all the ‘toys’ you dream of too. 🙂 So, just wait….

    Samm – Sure…when I expert liao, I go take photos for you. No charge. Maybe you got grandkids by then. Hahaha.

    helen – So, make up your mind and tell me which you want. Hahaha. The cameraman or the camera?

  9. Ah… next you’ll know it, you’ll get a new lense.. then a flash.. then a tripod.. then a bag… and another new lense..

    I’ve got bitten by the photography bug.. 🙁

  10. Rodney – Hahaha, I know what you mean. But the consolation is for Konica-Minolta, the Sigma lense for the zoom is only RM850 compared to Nikon which is RM2K. Tripod, I got liao. Bag – RM90 but I did not buy. Flash, I dun play with it yet. I can get ISO1600 so I guess no need flash so soon. Maybe the first thing is a macro lense.

    But you know what, there is one model from Finepix S9500 which is not a DSLR but looks like DSLR which is really great. It took photos in the dark! Fuwah, I almost bought it. But RM2.4K la.

  11. I don’t think you want to use ISO 1600.. its going to be noisy. If you want to do low light photo graphy get the Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime lense. You can take pretty good pictures in room light. Either that you can get the 24 to 70 sigma f2.8 which cost the same. I have the 24-70sigma and its heavy but takes superb pic at a bright room @ ISO 400. I’d still use flash if i’m taking action shots..

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