How do un-bad a bad word

Somehow or other, my little guy picked up a word he isn’t supposed to say. Abuden, he had screamed “Ahsoooooh” ala ‘Meet the Fockers’ ‘asshole’ style when he was one plus years old. He is superb with picking up words he is not supposed to hear.

So, I threaten him with a smack if I hear any more lanchiaus (a colloquial term in Hokkien for penis) coming out of his mouth. The rule of the house is – If anyone says it, he/she (that’s me) will get a smack too.

But sometimes, he forget. He has this special talent of turning songs lyrics into something else. (Hmm…mighty proud, I am) For e.g. He will sing, Lonely…I am so lan….. He sometimes stopped in mid sentence knowing that his three big brothers will scream blardy murder and summon me from the kitchen to give him a smack.

The problem is – When he uttered it, we started sniggering, laughing, holding back laughters etc and hence, he has so much thrills he would risk getting smacks. He probably feels like a stand-up comedian.

However, after too many smacks, now he has developed this good word-


He would go lan….good. Then, looks at me defensively and say “I say good word mah!”

Therefore, no more bad words, ok?

Say good word, say :


(create your own)

15 thoughts on “How do un-bad a bad word

  1. Early boomer. Not bad. I dont remember starting to cuss that early. lol.

    Btw, nice clean layout. I see the theme mia nama also dem techno. “Problogger clean”. Phwoar.

  2. Wingz – I long time oredi problogger wuat. How come you dunno wan? kehkehkeh. My template lagi dahsyat than problogger wan ler, because this is designed by Tim Yang, you know. Long before we learnt the word problogger, Tim Yang already problogger liao.

    helen – Aiyoh, you don’t the kind of things he did to his brothers. He is the master of the house.

    marlinda – šŸ™‚

    MamaBoK – I hope not!

    JoeC and JeremyC – Ei, you two twins ah?

    Yvy – Susu cap gantung!

    pelf – Sure!

    SoGua – What language is that?

    narrowband – yeah, nice theme

  3. i’m truly impressed by l’l Ah Matt !! such a ‘quick learner’ of the ‘keng chau’ words… how come he’s sooooo incredibly shy around me ? must be my face, i think i need to go get a mask – or dress myself as Santarina… perhaps then his true self will be on display for all to enjoy šŸ™‚

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