Shit! I forgot the tampon!

Last night, I painstakingly took this photo of a tampon. Finding the right background and lighting to snap the photo.

Then, I use my ‘oh so difficult’ to manage touchpad on the laptop to crop the photo using some primitive photo editor. After that, uploading it to Flickr.

But I forgot to attach it to my earlier post.

So, I guess this photo deserves a post on its own because I had taken so much trouble to get it online.


This is to illustrate how small a tampon is. The size of my little pinky.

Sheesh, ladies (guys, click that red box with a white x, will ya?), so what shall I write huh? I guess I have nothing else to write about a tampon. Thank you very much for reading. šŸ™‚

Have a good weekend!

Added : Check out these bunch of guys discussing about used panties for their DSLR camera lense. LOL.

Lagi tambah : See how tampons look like on Christmas tree at

13 thoughts on “Shit! I forgot the tampon!

  1. This tampon is for the asian small chi-bye wan. If you have seen the Ang Mor porn where some can get taruh by 2 big dicks at same wan, this type sure drop out even without doing the squat. For Ang Mor Auntie wan, I heard the tampon bigger than Lin Peh punya arm la. LOL !

  2. # IB commented on December 17th, 2005: ^

    How easily the stupid are fooled.

    Who are you calling stupid? The guys who posted the above? Good gracious! You call a tampon HUGE. Guys, education please. šŸ™‚

    Lin Peh – Soli wor, I don’t know if there is an international diameter.

    helen – Hope it is a good one. Or else…I go find all the memes available and tag you for 365 days.

    ahpek – Medical discovery!

    Yvy – Same comment as yours.

    Zeo – LOL.

    Rodney – Yeah.

    Penang Podcast – This is the mini one. Got maxi which is the size of a thumb, maybe.

  3. Just for kicks, I had deleted all comments from IB aka Irritable Bowel because no one comes to MY blog to call MY readers and commentors, ‘stupid’, ok?

    So, don’t bother to drop by again. I am a dictator. I read only what I like and you are only allowed to write what I like to read. šŸ™‚

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